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Found this while digging through folders!!! :laughing: I did it last winter, then forgot about it...:faint: I'm sure this weather will be coming here pretty soon!!!
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Looks like my backyard! I come from Milwaukee where I lived all my life until a year ago. Now in Central Michigan with the same weather. We love it though and have the Looking Glass River in the backyard. The different seasons are great! :)
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Beautiful shot. I just don't want winter to get here to fast not after last season it was a KILLER
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Thank you Sheley...I don't either, yes it was!! :hug: :snowing:
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Cool one Barb ! :giggle: :D :hug:
Hope we get some snow here, In the winter we do snow clearing and removal, It sucks to work twelve hour shifts without a day off possibly for weeks , a month, or longer depending on the weather. but, in snow we get time and a half, and Sunday is is always double time for us, so.........$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
I tough it out ! :D
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Thank you Fred! :D :hug: ...I think this will be another wicked winter and you will have your time to *play* in the snow and make $$$$!!!!! Just be careful!!! :hug: :heart:
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Thanks Barb, and I'll try, I almost got killed last year when I was plowing the parkway, the plow caught a drainage grating and it flew up and smashed the windshield, thank God that it also hit part of the cab otherwise I would not be a part of the wonderful world of customization ! :D :hug:
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Holy crap!!!! Does that happen often or was it a 1 in one million type of thing? Must have been frightening!!! :hug:
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Not too often, It was a little scary, but it happened so fast that I didn't have time to think about it. They were going to let me go home, but, I knew if I didn't go right back to driving it might be harder for me to get over it! :nod: :D :hug:
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*I knew if I didn't go right back to driving it might be harder for me to get over it!* I'm sure it would have been!!! :hug: :heart:
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a perfect wintry scene!
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Yup and I'm sure lots more are coming!!! :faint: :snowing:
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Looks very nice.
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Thank you Butch!!! :hug:
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Wow!! ...You know I love these photos!! ...It seems to me.... :giggle: ...a Holga! :aww: ....Drops are so beautiful sometime! :nod: :hug: :teddy:
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I know you do!!! :D ...well, a fake Holga maybe!!! :laughing: Yes they are!!!:hug: :tmnt3:
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wow! so pretty
gosh im so glad we aren't in winter anymore
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Thank you!!! We are on our way to winter, wish we were going to spring!!!
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Wonderful pic!! I like it very much!! :rose: :hug:
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Thank you very much Giorgio!!! :hug: :sun:
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You are welcome Barbara! :rose: :hug:
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