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Shadowgate Box Lid update

Update on the shadowgate box i've been working on for a while now. I'm still thinkin' if I wanna leave the right side blank or fill that in with text...

...text is such a pain in the ass for woodburn.
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This looks excellent!
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Oh my frick, I love this!! I MUST MAKE MY OWN!!!
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Go for it!  .....OR if you ever want....I DO offer to make them, too!
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Stellar work there! Woodburn you say? It looks hard to do.
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TO be honest, it's no different from Inking. It's just something you get the feel for after a few practices. I just recommend doing a piece or two at a time. Usually more than that and your thumb will start feeling the heat from the pen.

Glad to see so many Shadowgate and Uninvited fans on DA.
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Sadly, I'm too busy with my velvet paintings to tackle another art form. It does sound fascinating. Keep up the good work ;)
You should do a wood sculpture of Dirk the Daring.
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Shadowgate is love. I was so obsessed with this game. It's a shame it never got more attention than it deserved. A sequel besides the N64 version would have been nice.
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The N64 game wasn't bad, but it lacked all the crazy deaths that the nes one had.

I'm still waiting for Wii to add it to the virtual console.
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I agree - as far as the original ICOM games go, the N64 game felt a little too easy and hastily thrown together. It was almost idiot-proof. The most entertaining death that I remember was falling and hearing your character scream.
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You, sir, have won many Internets. Although this guy always gave me nightmares as a kid... motive enough not to die in that game. :( XD

I say leave the side blank. Leave it up to the viewer's imagination what they had with them before they died. =P
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Hahaha, thanks!

I hear ya. Good god, I use to get nightmares when this game first came out, and then it became one of my favorite NES games of all. Crazy 'tis.
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it looks so empty, though D:
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Interesting idea for a piece of wood-I like it great job!
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