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The Black Swans Application



Update Jan 2016: Changed them to their rightful natures and traits.
Update in May 2015, now Cadavre is much more visible.
Update: Moak redesigned for group purposes.

Did it now because of STUDY. D:

ERHERHERHEM now over to my 7TH TEAM HAHAHAHHAHA I'M not nuts BUT I DO have a plan with all this. It's not just many randoms dudes popping up! So stay tuned!


Team Name:
The Black Swans 06.04.2014 - 0Merit/1Strike 2st

1st member:
| - | - | - |
Lonely - Mischievous

Poison jab | Needle arm
Double team | Growth

Water Absorb- Water type moves hitting him will convert from damage to healing

2nd member:
| - | - | - |

Naive - Likes to relax

Pluck | Soak
Uproar | Agility

Keen Eye- Its accuracy cannot be lowered, and he ignores the other's evasion boosts

New team

BAAAAAAAAAAAAH I HATE THESE PICTURES WEEEEEEEH except Cadavre's.... he's okay... I guess. Though the eyes D:< I like the shading tho
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AHA finally, I've been looking all over for this. Couldn't remember who made it. |D

Though, unfortunately I'm afraid I don't come bearing good news. Seems your Wingull is a bit too far from what we can consider acceptable. I'm afraid you'll need to remove Moak's black mask and darken the blue portions of his body to make him more recognizable.