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Season 1 Explorers June task - Subseed forest



Had to redo because of group purposes.
I decided since I used so much time on this and not probably going to want to redo it as a real craft, I'd just say this is not a placeholder anymore. Hopefully this reaches the requirements.

 Looking back at it now though... it isn't quite the best story I've done till now, but I reached the size limit at length.... so ehm yeah. They gave us so much cool stuff, I could have done better.... but oh well, I can't always do everything. Btw I included this secret thingie, and it's included in the journal where the objective is. Not the venonat. But something else. Go ahead and try to see it if you wish. :>

- Locate the entrance to the new dungeon path and alert Gavina to its presence. The Subseed forest is a maze of trees, and getting lost is a very real risk. An Intelligence stat of 3 OR an Agility stat of 4 should be enough to avoid most pratfalls. Finding the entrance without disturbing the native bug Pokemon will award teammates with a MERIT. Wanton bushwhacking and defacing of innocent nature will incur a STRIKE, but will forfeit all rewards. Gavina does not reward disobedient scouts.

Team Flower Power:
 (+Apricorn necklace)
The Black Swans:

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Hey again, sorry this took so long getting to. Were you still planning on finishing this? To qualify as successful, you need to depict your team actually having found the stump, or something that clearly implies that they did, such as leading Gavina there. You add any kind of illustration that does so, or you can finish it in writing, but you'll need to fill out the written app if you do.

You've got a week from now to make any additions. Then just resubmit it to the Atlas (Don't remove it from the group!), and you'll be good. Sorry for the trouble, and best of luck!