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Eight?? U okay bud? by Tecna-assassin13 Eight?? U okay bud? :icontecna-assassin13:Tecna-assassin13 2 0 It's a STEPLADDER! || Narumitsu by Tecna-assassin13 It's a STEPLADDER! || Narumitsu :icontecna-assassin13:Tecna-assassin13 1 0 Legendary Bikini Models: Groudon by Tecna-assassin13 Legendary Bikini Models: Groudon :icontecna-assassin13:Tecna-assassin13 0 0 Fem!PkmGOtrainer X Maxie (WIP) by Tecna-assassin13 Fem!PkmGOtrainer X Maxie (WIP) :icontecna-assassin13:Tecna-assassin13 1 0 SNK/TG : How hard can it be? (Line Sketch) by Tecna-assassin13 SNK/TG : How hard can it be? (Line Sketch) :icontecna-assassin13:Tecna-assassin13 5 0 Small Cargo ship (??) Hammond X Oliver FLUFF SCAN by Tecna-assassin13 Small Cargo ship (??) Hammond X Oliver FLUFF SCAN :icontecna-assassin13:Tecna-assassin13 2 2 Zombies Run character sheet by Tecna-assassin13 Zombies Run character sheet :icontecna-assassin13:Tecna-assassin13 0 0 Zombies Run! OC Runner 5 by Tecna-assassin13
Mature content
Zombies Run! OC Runner 5 :icontecna-assassin13:Tecna-assassin13 1 2
Survey Corps Angels- Heichou by Tecna-assassin13
Mature content
Survey Corps Angels- Heichou :icontecna-assassin13:Tecna-assassin13 5 0
Chell O'Croft ABANDONED DUMP ART by Tecna-assassin13 Chell O'Croft ABANDONED DUMP ART :icontecna-assassin13:Tecna-assassin13 0 0 Draft AOT OC: #0496 'Spirit'  by Tecna-assassin13 Draft AOT OC: #0496 'Spirit' :icontecna-assassin13:Tecna-assassin13 0 0
We are One-Reader X (Erwin,Levi,Sasha,AME Trio)
As you go through life you'll see
There is so much that we
Don't understand
And the only thing we know
Is things don't always go
The way we planned

Sometimes, you wondered what is true happiness.
You felt light most of the time- if not just normal. Like you were always feeling..neutral most of the time. 
Sometimes the occasional leap in your heart would lead you to either a soaring feeling, or a tumbling feeling, or a drowning feeling. 
But there were so many times while in the Survey Corps when you would hear about this mysterious thing called 'Happiness'- an elusive feeling that many capture a glimpse of for a few seconds or a few days until its dashed away from them. 
Just a three days ago, you came back from the battlefields; you were spared the physical pain, but the emotional pains- you certainly weren't. You crawled out of bed just as the sun was peaking over the horizon and Wall Rose. Slipping on your uniform and straps, you made your way downsta
:icontecna-assassin13:Tecna-assassin13 5 4
Attack on Titianators: MiKasA- Ackermann (doodle) by Tecna-assassin13 Attack on Titianators: MiKasA- Ackermann (doodle) :icontecna-assassin13:Tecna-assassin13 2 1 Me in AOT by Tecna-assassin13 Me in AOT :icontecna-assassin13:Tecna-assassin13 0 0
Burning Desires: Erwin X Reader (Part 3)
You awoke from your slumber, a smile played upon your plump red pucker after that dream. It has been a few days since your injury; and another pitiful defeat. You got word that Erwin and his expedition (or what was left of it) were returning to camp, and secretly you were glad. As long as he was still alive, you were content and burning aflame. You heaved yourself up into a sitting position, hissing in pain as your arm stung and your head and heart pounded. You tried to pull yourself out of the bed to find Erwin (and some food).
“Hey take it easy (f/n)! You’re no Titan.”
You turned your spinning head around and met the truffle colored eyes of Squad Leader Hanji.
“Oh, hey Leader Hanji. How long was I out? What happened?”
She shook her head and hauled you back into the bed. You were still dressed in your uniform; now crumpled out of its pride and stained in blood.
“You were out for three days solid. Sheesh what luck you have. And you came down with the
:icontecna-assassin13:Tecna-assassin13 12 10
Modern Wings of Freedom by Tecna-assassin13 Modern Wings of Freedom :icontecna-assassin13:Tecna-assassin13 3 0


Warm by the fire by khkairi12 Warm by the fire :iconkhkairi12:khkairi12 171 31 Clara Oswald X Randall Brown by WhouffaldiStuff Clara Oswald X Randall Brown :iconwhouffaldistuff:WhouffaldiStuff 34 4 Clara/12~Pretty Woman by WhouffaldiStuff Clara/12~Pretty Woman :iconwhouffaldistuff:WhouffaldiStuff 27 1 On the run by zillabean On the run :iconzillabean:zillabean 394 84 PL vs AA is coming!!! by zillabean PL vs AA is coming!!! :iconzillabean:zillabean 569 179 Turnabout August 21/31: Ace Attorney: Civil War by Reshiramaster Turnabout August 21/31: Ace Attorney: Civil War :iconreshiramaster:Reshiramaster 12 22 Base 159 by tessa4393 Base 159 :icontessa4393:tessa4393 264 39 Phoenix A. Hobo by BrokenTeapot Phoenix A. Hobo :iconbrokenteapot:BrokenTeapot 770 172 Second-class passengers? by BrokenTeapot Second-class passengers? :iconbrokenteapot:BrokenTeapot 667 86 Ace Critic by gaucelm Ace Critic :icongaucelm:gaucelm 463 72 Like a Gentleman by KimuXGemini Like a Gentleman :iconkimuxgemini:KimuXGemini 134 53 London Expo MCM October07 07 by StickmanRVR London Expo MCM October07 07 :iconstickmanrvr:StickmanRVR 133 166 Miles by eERIechan Miles :iconeeriechan:eERIechan 254 66 Little Miles by maesketch Little Miles :iconmaesketch:maesketch 389 21 Ace Attorney - Prosecutors by kuro-mai Ace Attorney - Prosecutors :iconkuro-mai:kuro-mai 1,168 50




Eight?? U okay bud?
I'm sooo fucking embarassed asf looking back at my old work.....
Anyway here is some Eighth Doctor - a bit crappy though...
IDK if he's snapped, suicidal, or gone Yandere on our ass. 
It's up to you to decide. 

I don't own eight or DW - the BBC does 

BTW does the splatter of blood count as 'Mature' or is there not enough? Plz let me know. 

(Note, I might upload the other version of this...) 
It's a STEPLADDER! || Narumitsu
I haven't been back in Deviantart for a long time. Here's my art work. 
But anyway I got back into this fandom. And this image was in my mind. 
Also can you guys suggest a few tutorials on how to improve my art? 

Tools: Firealpaca, The cheapest Wacom tablet on the market. 

Journal History

Which Top Gear Presenter Are You?

Jeremy Clarkson

[ ]You are tall
[x]You like speed (I do have a habit of speeding around round-a-bouts and corners when I'm startled) 
[ ]You are very outspoken
[ ]Petrol is the only fuel for you
[ ]You have compared cars to celebrities
[x]You look for the quick and easy way of doing things
[ ]You hate flappy-paddle gearboxes
[x]You don't care what people think
[x]You hate Speed Cameras
[x]You don't care about what you wear


Richard Hammond

[x]You love Porsches (My uncle has a Capernum S. It's bloody amazing when speeding around the suburban areas! Handles pretty well)
[ ]You have had dental work (most notably teeth whitening)
[ ]You've had a near-death experience
[ ]You couldn't remember the near-death experience that you had
[x]You like animals (I have a dog named Elvis) 
[ ]You have named a/your car as though it is a person
[x]You are short (in comparison to other women, plus I hate high heels, so does that count?) 
[x]You like motorbikes as well as cars (Yes! After I get my driver's license, I want to have a go for a Motorbike license!) 
[x]You love your family
[ ]You drive into things


James May

[ ]Safety first approach to things
[x ]You have little or no sense of direction
[x]People strangely find you attractive (Although there are waaaay more hotter, smarter women out there, somehow I attract a few guys...IDK how I do that?) 
[x]You are careful (I'm fast but careful. I try to do checks as quickly but as thoroughly as I can. Depends on how excited or rushed I am) 
[x]You plan and calculate your way through things (even if they go horribly wrong in the end)
[ ]Speed isn't your idea of fun
[ ]You can fly a plane
[ ]"Bigger is better" you say
[x]You like your luxuries
[ ]You have been fired/expelled for doing something funny


The Stig

[ ]You don't speak in public
[ ]Nobody knows how you really look
[X]You are an excellent driver (I have an L-plate, and so far I'm driving pretty well with whatever car I'm given) 
[ ]You have no fear
[x]You get bored easily
[x]White and/or Black is the only color for you (Literally my favorite and only colors) 
[ ]You are jealous of Lewis Hamilton (Who the hell is Lewis Hamilton???) 
[x]There are strange facts about yourself (Fact: I still have my security blanket which I had since infancy. And I still sleep with it...)
[ ]You have been described as not human
[ ]You show little emotion


Some say that I was conceived by three parents. And although of them never did each other, somehow one of them ended up getting pregnant and giving birth to her (*cough* Jezza's swollen belly makes him kind of look...pregnant....just saying...Who knows, maybe James gave birth to her, or Hammond. IDK). 
All we know, She's called the Seit. 

(Yes, hint to my real identity- my last name is Seit!) 


Billie Baker
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Current Residence: Planet Earth
Favourite genre of music: Pop
MP3 player of choice: I-pod!!!
Personal Quote: "Earth without art is just 'eh'..."

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What Type Of Dere Are You?
What Type Of Dere Are You?
Hosted By Anime

Which Ouran Highschool Host Club Member Would You Date?
Which Ouran Highschool Host Club Member Would You Date?
Hosted By Anime

What Ace Attorney Character Are You?
What Ace Attorney Character Are You?
Hosted By Anime

<center style="font-family: Times New Roman, Times, serif; font-size: 1.20em; font-weight: bold; color: #d75116;">Certificate: Test results</center>
<center style="font-family: Times New Roman, Times, serif; font-size: 1.20em; font-weight: bold; color: #d75116;">What Supercar is right for you?</center>

1001For 38 % you are: You need the MERCEDES SLR MCLAREN. It suits your need for a comfy, practical, long distance grand tourer because you travel a lot. It also can give you that automatic transmission you want. But on the weekends, nobody wants to challenge you at the track.

p.s. You are a show of. That is one big reason you need this car. You like to hop out, pop up your gull-wing doors, and strut with your chin held high to the door.
28 % of 12200 Quiz participants had this profile! Profile A

Take this quiz: What Supercar is right for you?

what top gear presenter are you?
Your Result: The Stig
Some say... he's scared of ducksand he has no understanding of clouds... all we know is he's called the stig. You are the guy who never speaks and alll he does is drive fast.
Result Breakdown:
89% The Stig
46% Richard Hammond
41% James May
22% Jeremy Clarkson

Quiz URL:…

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