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Soarin Eating a Pie

By TecknoJock
Soarin Eating his pie.
Done as a Vector in Illustrator.

Vector File: [link]

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic © Lauren Faust and Hasbro.
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strongbad-joe132's avatar
Man, Soarin really loves pies.
Jesper6's avatar
Love Soarin'! He's such a goofy pony.
candygirlblanc23's avatar
he does love pie i wonder if i can have a bite soarin
candygirlblanc23's avatar
And what does this have to do with anything
TVnGames's avatar
Well you asked Soarin for a "bite". I thought you might understand it. XD
TVnGames's avatar
candygirlblanc23's avatar
is this a link cause i can't click on it
TVnGames's avatar
Yeah. I don't know what happened.
ChainChomp2's avatar
Used it here: [link]

Thank you for making it!
TecknoJock's avatar
Glad you could find a use for it. I like the steam overlay.
cooldude10000's avatar I hate pie, thanks a lot!
kiki-chan319's avatar I want pie. :P
ForgottonKeyblade's avatar
As much as i love Dashie and Soarin, I would feel simply awful ruining this perfect couple!
ctponies8's avatar
PieXSoarin' beautiful...I-I think I'm going to cry. :( IT'S SO TOUCHING!!!!
RarityLuver214's avatar
Somepony sure loves pie!
Chrismilesprower's avatar
Wow he's seem desperate for that pie.
spikestormify's avatar
why does he love pie so much, spitfire sounded like soarin's pie being ruined is a terrible thing
SuperSkyFandomsLum's avatar
Great job on Soarin. ^^
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