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Ubuntu Royal Grunge

A Grunge-y wallpaper for Ubuntu.

I combined a grunge version of the Ubuntu logo with the Regal Blue wallpaper I found on InterfaceLift.

If you would like different logos, different sizes, different colors, or something else, please sound off in the comments.

As always, your comments and favorites inspire me to continue onwards.

EDIT: Added 1680x1050 version and Source XCF.

(NOTE: Sorry If I mis-categorized this. The only entry suitable was MAC & PC OS, so I put it there. There is no real Linux category there, and it's weird considering MACs are technically PCs. If you have a better suggestion for where I should put this, tell me in the comments.)
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A monochrome or green version would look neat, but I can just do that myself with a quick edit in GIMP.
this is my favourite wallpaper, really well done.

Would be awesome if you could make this wallpaper but with the gnome logo instead? it would integrate a lot better for anyone using an icon set with the gnome logos instead of ubuntu (eg I'm using a very popular black&white2 icon set)
Thanks for including the .xcf file so that we can use the logo with any wallpaper.

Don't get me wrong it looks great with this but I can't help changing my themes several time a week lol
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Your welcome.

As for the changing themes, I have that problem too. I'm always writing themes and making backgrounds because I can't help changing themes. It's just on occasion I actually decide to release something.

Thanks anyways!
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Hmmm... nice! U should create style for Ubuntu, i'm sure, that then it would be one of the best! :) Chill and GL! :)
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