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Discord comm
Simple sketch I made for a friend over on Discord. They were debating on what they wanted, and they decided on a doe, so I offered myself to design their character, and this is what led up to. Hope you guys enjoy this small sketch.

I made this on a tablet, my first tablet, never really have used one until recently. So I'm not exactly used to it at all, but I'm getting the hang of it.
Made a shark lass for myself. I got told it was shark week? I didn't know, but I guess this is here now, and I have my own shark!

Hope you guys enjoy!
Let's go back!
I've recently been feeling 80's like. So I decided to make a little commission to a great friend, and I went all out.

I've gotta say, I really like how Aesthetic and oldschool this looks. Most likely my most favorite piece so far.

Hope you all enjoy, happy driving down the lane!

I hate the fact I couldn't make the title look like the words above.. dang it deviantart
For those who were wondering "Where is Cion?" There's no Cion, it's her. I have changed some.. and I've decided that this is me, not Cion. There is more of a backstory than meets the eye here, but I have yet to start writting a small story about how this came to be.

Nonetheless, I hope you all enjoy this piece.

Note: Lineart and background color was made by the artist name on the bottom right, I colored the rest.
Nari [Colored] (Shading practice)
Oh boy, it sure has been a while since I last uploaded something here. About time I get at least something out there.

This here is a drawing I couldn't upload before, but now that I had the chance to color, and upload it, here she is. This was a simple shading practice. I'm trying to progress my skill in the digital media.

I hope you guys enjoy this piece!

P.S. I also would like to point out that the colors are not accurate, due to my "monitor" or in this case T.V. screen has much brighter colors than normal, so the colors on this will look far more darker and inaccurate than the normal colors it should have, please understand, thank you!


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Cyan Starrion
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Puerto Rico
炊抖$$$$$$$$$$$抖洞创抖抖抖创碢ut this
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创创创炊抖抖$$抖洞炊抖抖抖洞磞ou love

My saying... or something: "Don't try to get comments on your artwork to get opinions, be proud of them yourself."

Techno is an E to A rated furry artist... mostly E rated... but be aware... this is no joke

My birthday badge

Cion, OUT!!!

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WARNIN'! I troll... without knowing ._. so I'm pretty much a derp o3o but don't blame me for that :3 don't take me as a meh-ish guy, I'm not that kind of person, I like to make friends with anyone basicaly, I don't care what you are, girl, boy, bi, gay, MEH! I'll take ya'll as a great friend, but just to be clear I'm straight. Some peeps call me funny idk why... maybe because I'm derp? o3o idk they call me an ignorant... :shrug: don't know either, lame... pffft how am I lame? idk...

Note: Don't spam, troll or hate on me, that will not be appreciated at all, I'm easy angered if you mess with me just don't please, I can take a little trolling, jokes and stuff but... no just no, you'll get blocked emediatly ._.

I'll love FURRIES and WOLVES for evah and evah. If you don't like it DON'T WATCH IT!

Kind of music I like: Techno, Electro, Dubstep, Hardstyle Techno, Chiptune Techno, Complextro, Drumstep, Glitchstep, Rock... a little
I like classic music as well... hardly I do like it... don't bother me about it xc

Kind of art style: hand, pencil, paper and eraser

Nicknames I've gotten: Techno, Cion, Techy, Tech, eddy? :shrug: , you'z all can call me however you want I'm good with it :D

Fav electronic music artists: Klaypex, Knife party, Zomboy, Dubsidia, Skrillex, Uppermost... (more will be added)

Thish ish mah fav peepsh and who I consider brothers and sisters of mine :3 : :iconjinxxed-mutt: She's like my young sister, I love her a lot :iconiloveitplz: :iconloveylombax: This is mah bro for life, I rly don't care what happens, he's still mah bro :iconmagnesboy2012: This guy is amazing as well, another bro of mine :icontheindigowolf: This guy... AMA TROLL YA FOR LIFE XD, no jk jk he's an amazing writer and frind or let's say, brothah! :iconlunarlcreations: She's epic, just epic sis for me! :iconnoctuscorde: I love this guy, his art, his personality and everything :iconaurorahuskie: I dunno what's being up with her lately... I rly want to know how goes with her :c :icondarkenedhelix: EPIC MAN IS EPIC!!, you'z da best :D :iconarxielle: SHE'S MAH HUGGABLE HUMAN!!!, she calls me teddy... cuz I'm huggable so if I see her, she's getting the hug of her life, TEDDY WILL COME AND HUG YOU HARD ANGEL!!! :iconjirounamakii: He's really awesome guy, he's really friendly, he really likes to talk. You could actually fall talking on something that you like that he might like! You could check his art, and... give him a chance! :iconking-coer: Her art is awesome, she's very, VERY friendly, I love how she draws, go give her a watch, give her your love as well if you want!! x3 :iconcattinypaws: He has great talent! His name is quite awesome too, you should go give him a watch!

I'm thinking of who else k [mind crancking up slowly]

PewDiePie Fan Button by ButtonsMaker passion stamp by MechaBerry

Dubstep Fan Button by ButtonsMaker I REFUSE Stamp by RoxyOblivion

Minecraft Fan Button by ButtonsMaker DUBSTEP stamp by conceptions

Garrys Mod Fan Button by ButtonsMaker I love techno stamp 2 by ewotion

Halo Fan Button by ButtonsMaker Stamp: Glowsticks by Lorena677

Stamp - I speak spanish by elytSoN I Have A Dirty Mind by parliamentFunk
Hey there. Long time no activity here... yeah I know. It's... been a while since I did something here. I've been... a little "busy" haven't done anything to upload here, even if I wanted to do so, I just... ran out of paper again... hoorah me. I'll be trying to upload something soon... or maybe not, since I don't have anything to use to take pictures of what I do, and what I have is not suitable for this place (I think?), so I'm not uploading anything for a while... still. Anyway, How've you all been doing? Don't know anything about you guys... of course... So... going to another question... would you guys even want to see more work from me? I haven't really felt very inspired lately. So I'll leave you guys here, it was nice "doing" something here once again.

This was Cion speaking. Cion, out
  • Listening to: Hardstyle

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Hey. I know we don’t talk much, but how ya doin’? Hopefully well.
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Hi, it's been a while yeah.. I've been doing pretty good, just here and there... somewhat abandoned deviantart. I don't usually check my messages here, I'd rather use another method, telegram or discord. How about you? Everything been okay on your end?
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I use discord as well! 

But anyway. Yeah! All good! I'm in college, got good grades and whatnot. Still got my bf, etc etc

Glad to see you're alright!
TECHNOWOLFe621 Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That's good, glad to know you're doing better than I am lmao. I'm kinda needing to get a job soon and haven't found any. Cyan#0443 is my name on discord if you wanna add me
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