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LS Nimbus

*Update - The theme is now compatible with SD devices.
*Update - Added a non-weather version of the theme. It's located in the Extras folder.
*Update - Fixed the issue with two leading zeros appearing in front of the time at midnight

This one draws inspiration from several sources: Chancellorr [link] , adambobbyburgers' New Leaf [link] , some elements from MadLockscreen, and some from Frost LS.

The font I am using is called 'Geo Sans Light' from here: [link] . If you choose to use a different font, you will most likely need to move things around on the screen a bit.

Search for 'var locale = Ann Arbor, MI' to change your location

Hit the DOWLOAD link -->
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How do I install?
hello, is it possible te keep the last online informations when the phone goes offline ?
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Update for iPhone 5? :D
how to i fix the black box around the slider?
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Oh btw: lockInfo or any other widgets don't work.
So is it possible to add them via theme, maybe?
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Is there any way to get the informations back (for example, when I reveived a message: a part of the text, and all this stuff)
I love your theme, but I don't get any information on my lockscreen
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Amazing work! Any chance of this for android? ;)
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I am new to this so HOW DOES THIS WORK? :O help!
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Hey! Can u send me link of theme plz? cause my cellphone don't show bottom 2 download :( thnks u!!
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I'm still getting the black box around the slide arrow. How do you remove it?
thanks so much, it works perfectly. you said search for var locale= ann arbor, mi. is that a file in a folder? i can't find it. should i be looking within the LS Nimbus theme folder? Thanks a ton
nevermind, i got it! thanks again!
Sorry I'm an idiot. I'm using iphone 4s verizon iOS 5.0.1, enabled ls nimbus. Looks great but no weather icon. Help?
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great lockscreen, but even after trying everything listed in these comments, the weather icon won't show up. i've renamed the weather source in the lockbackground html file to yahooweather and moved the icon folder into the main theme folder, still only getting the blue question mark icon.

3GS with iOS 5.0
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err, nevermind, I made a bonehead mistake. xxbleedingxx's advice works fine.
Where is the download link?
I think my phone is retarded
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Hi I put it in the ifunbox but when I went into winterboard it didn't change to it. Any ideas?
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/var/stash/Themes.Y8f9n3/LS Nimbus [or 'Frost LS']

- Go into the 'Private' folder, cut or copy the 'IconSets' folder, and paste it to the 'LS Nimbus' folder (take it out of the Private folder).

- In the 'LS Nimbus' folder, open the file 'LockBackground.html' and modify the following lines:

var locale = 'Ann Arbor, Michigan' <--- change this to your location

var source = 'appleAccuweatherstolen' <--- change this to 'yahooweather'

**Should work normally after these steps.
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