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Verse's Badge |DoC| by TechnoSchnauzer
Verse had ventured outside when she heard the sound of a cat. Most likely a kitten considering the pitch. It was far too cold for any small animal! Even if it wasn't a dog it probably needed a place to keep warm.

Tater Badge | DoC by EquestrianJade
The atmosphere was eminently crisp this particular morning. Tater's girl's mom had let him out into their backyard to go potty and as soon as he stepped foot out onto the wooden deck, his muscles quivered against the cold wind. He hurriedly rushed to the frosty grass to do his business. After he finished up, he kicked up the grass behind him and made his way to the short picket fence that surrounded their yard. It was more for decoration than it was to keep him in. He would never run away, he had no reason to. Besides, his girl needed him.

Just as he was about to head back to scratch on the patio door, he heard a distressing call from a small animal. The brown bully breed's cropped ears twitched as he listening closer, attempting to locate the source. The cry was high pitched and shrill, signifying a need for help. It was far too cold for a baby to be outside today, he needed to find it and rescue it from the surely lethal weather! The cry reminded him a bit of what a cat would sound like. Was it a baby cat? He had only met a few in his lifetime and found them very intriguing, even if most of them didn't like the big pit bull. He had actually seen a few around since moving over here to Canidale.

His tail wagging and nose sniffing, the brown canine pushing past the creaky gate and out into the small neighborhood he lived in. He glanced back at the house-- he'd only be gone for a few minutes. And with that, he trotted off, his tags jingling as he went. As he grew closer to the whimpering kitten, he caught the scent of another dog on the breeze and it wasn't long before he spotted the source. A wire-haired terrier mix was standing a few feet away from him. Tater began to wiggle in excitement to meet a new dog, this would be his first meet up with another dog here in Canidale!

He approached the terrier mix with a big ol' lolling pink tongue and a tail that was wagging a hundred miles an hour. "Hey there! I'm Tater," he exclaimed, following the terrier's gaze until he saw a kitten in the distance. That must have been what was crying! "Oh, there it is! Did you hear it as well?" he asked, turning towards the kitten but looking back to see if this new acquaintance would want to join him to go comfort the crying child.

Verse's Badge |DoC| by TechnoSchnauzer
Verse had been carefully picking through the sheet of snow, scared she'd step on some ice and break something. If she broke her leg how was she supposed to help the poor thing?

Finally, she saw it mewling in the snow. She picked up her pace and slowly stopped seeing Tater.

At first, she panicked. What if he wanted to kill the kitten? She tried to act like she never noticed 
Tater. If she ignored him he might not cause any trouble.

All her worries were lifted as he asked about the kitten.
"Yeah, I did!" She quickly started making her way to the tiny ball of fur. "I think it's in trouble!"

Tater Badge | DoC by EquestrianJade
Tater's tail slowly came to a halt as he watched the terrier seemingly ignore him. Perhaps he hadn't greeted her in the correct manner. He scolded himself mentally for a moment for being a bit too rambunctious but his doubts were quickly quelled when the black and tan dog finally replied. His tail set back into its normal mode and he trotted towards the terrier mix. The brown pitbull wanted to accompany her to check on the small kit, nodding in agreement to her statement. The thing was surely in trouble. No mother was in sight and no siblings! That was awfully odd for cats, they usually had more than one baby.

"I wonder where his mother went to," he pondered aloud, reaching down and gently sniffing the orange ball of fluff. The smell confirmed his assumptions of it being a cat but Tater could also smell another creature on it. It almost smelled like the pigeons he would chase in the park when off-duty but not quite. Had a bird tried to take the baby away? His wet nose had brushed up against the skin of the kitten and he quickly realized that the kit had little remaining warmth.
He laid down next to the crying baby, careful not to accidentally lay on it.
"Maybe if we both lay next to it, we can warm it up. Then after that, we can go look for his mother?" he suggested to the terrier. With both of them there, they could warm the kitten up quickly and hopefully find it some milk with haste. As little as Tater did know, he knew that babies needed food very frequently. He had seen the pups in the hospital he had resided in when recovering from his injuries. The vet people were constantly coming in to feed them. The pitbull just safely assumed it was the same for baby cats as well.

Verse's Badge |DoC| by TechnoSchnauzer
Verse nodded in return and cuddled by the kitten with Tater.
"I remember that my aunt had a litter while I was growing up. Mom had me and my sisters help her take care of them."
She nuzzled the kitten again as it mewed again.
"I don't think it could drink milk out of a bowl though..." she sighed. "And we'll need to help it go to the bathroom." she furrowed her brow thinking about it, she had always dreaded that part of helping her aunt.
She thought hard about getting food first, she'd cross the bathroom bridge when she got to it. "We'll need to find a bottle for it to suckle on." Quickly liking the kitten, she popped up again. "I bet I could find one in somebodies trash."

Tater Badge | DoC by EquestrianJade
As the two dogs gently smooshed the kitten between them for warmth, it's cries decreased in frequency, obviously a bit more comfortable than before. It began kneading into the dog's fur, hoping for milk but no luck. Tater listened carefully if this dog had taken care of babies before then maybe she was more qualified to know what to do than he was. Tater agreed, this kitten was probably far too young to be drinking from a bowl like a grownup cat, it was only used to suckling. Tater's brows furrowed when she mentioned helping it go to the bathroom. Babies need help going to the bathroom? What an outlandish thought, he had not known they needed help with that sort of thing. But he was willing to do whatever it took to keep this kitten safe and comfortable.
"Well, I've never done anything like this before but I will do whatever the kitten needs," he replied, giving a gentle lick to the kitten's tiny forehead.

"Well, actually I was thinking, I saw this mother cat slinking around this area the other day. She didn't have any kittens with her but she appeared to be full of milk. Maybe if we find her, she'd be willing to share some of her milk or maybe even care for the kitten until it can fend for itself?" he offered, curling around the kitten some more slightly. He wasn't sure if his take on the situation was logical or even the correct way to go about things but he was sure that if they could find the mother cat, suckling from a teet would be far better than sucking from a bottle found in the trash. But Tater didn't know much so he wasn't exactly sure but the pitbull's heart and maternal drive was telling him what would be best. If they couldn't find the mother cat, they could always try the bottle though.

Verse's Badge |DoC| by TechnoSchnauzer
"You did! Where? That'd be a much better option than us trying to take care of it. We just gotta hope the mama will take it in." Verse furrowed her brow at the thought of the mama cat rejecting the poor abandoned kitten. She knew cats could do that to even their own babies. But why?! Cats seem to be just pure evil.
Maybe that's what happened to this kitten, the mama didn't want it and left it to die. She growled at the thought but caught herself and chuckled nervously. "Okay, the mama cat plan sounds good. We just gotta keep the kitten warm while getting in there."

Tater Badge | DoC by EquestrianJade
Tater nodded hastily, his tag jingling along with his movement. “Yeah, it was behind an old house that’s been for sale for forever. She was huddled underneath the overgrowth near the steps. I bet you she’s holed up there.” the brown canine explained. “I can take us there. “ he added on, gazing off into the distance. The house he had referenced was only a couple houses down from his own, it was easy to get there. But with the gale today the kitten couldn’t be out here with no shelter for much longer.

Then an idea popped into his head! He gently got to his feet, careful to not disturb the little orange fluff.
“I’ll be right back, keep him warm.” He said before bounding back towards his house, trusting that the terrier would listen. She seemed like she wanted to help the small thing just as much as he did. He pushed through the creaky gate once more and went and scratched on the patio door. The owner frantically came to answer it, rambling about “You had us worried— where did you go off to — etc.”
Tater shivered in the cold, a signal his humans usually picked up on. His girl’s mom brought out his scarf to help him from getting too chilly— but what Tater actually planned on using it for was the kitten. They could wrap the kitten and carry it like a little hammock to the abandoned house.
“Don’t you go to far,” the mom said, shaking her finger before going back into the kitchen where she could see most of the neighborhood from her sink window.

Tater happily trotted back with the scarf in his jaws. “Here, we can use this!” He said, dropping it next to the kitten.

Verse's Badge |DoC| by TechnoSchnauzer
"Perfect!" Verse went on to sloppily swaddle the kitten. She nuzzled it's head one last time before picking it up.
"Lead the way Tater!" her voice was muffled but understandable. She was very careful as she walked to make sure she didn't jostle the poor kitten

Tater Badge | DoC by EquestrianJade
The brown pit bull watched as the terrier mix bundled up the shaking kitten and once she had finished, he began to head toward where he had last seen the kitless mother. But she wouldn't be kitless for much longer! He was crossing his paws, hoping she would still be there. Outside cats loved to wander but there wasn't any better options he could think of at the moment. The asphalt was cold against his paw pads, numbing them effectively. He glanced back every once in a while to make sure the terrier and kitten were still behind him.

The grass was dead and prickled his feet as he stepped onto the abandoned lot where he had last spotted the momma. The house was worn down and had wooden pieces nailed to the shattered windows. There was bright colors in the form of human words on the side of the house but Tater couldn't understand any of them. No matter, that wasn't what he was here for.
"Hello?" he called out, crouching down a bit to see if maybe the cat was in the crawl space. "We found this kitten without a mother, we need some help." he added on, not sure if he was just speaking into nothingness. After a few minutes with no sign nor scent of the cat, Tater was about ready to see if his humans could take care of the kitten instead -- but, just as he was about to tell Verse that they needed to go, a heavy-bellied tabby emerged from the shadows that shrouded the underside of the house.

"Where is it?" was all she said, in a cold sort of tone.

Verse's Badge |DoC| by TechnoSchnauzer
Verse had been very careful not to bounce the kitten as she walked, he held her head high so, if passing through weeds, the kitten wouldn't be hit by plant life.

As they arrived at the house, the mother cat was nowhere in sight Verse's heart sank.
But once the cat emerged and spoke Verse felt the need to hide the kitten, the she-cats tone wasn't very friendly. "Tater." Verse whispered in muffled concern, "Do you think we can trust her?" She was scared the cat would take the kitten only to hurt it.

Tater Badge | DoC by EquestrianJade
Tater's ears would have flattened if they hadn't been cut off when he was a pup-- the cat's tone sent a chill down his spine. The terrier mix's uncertainty about the cat seemed fairly warranted at this point. The brown bully began to think that maybe this wasn't the best idea. Maybe the humans would have been better suited to take care of the mewling baby.
"I don't know," he whispered back. She hadn't acted like this the last time he saw her. He took a cautious step back but his lowered tail began to wag when the cat's expression shifted.

As soon as her green eyes fell upon the kitten's orange body, her frown disappeared and her ears perked forward. As she trotted toward the crying kit, her belly swayed with the movement. She seemed to light up like a Christmas tree when she sniffed the baby gently as he nuzzled around in Tater's scarf. The pittbull began to pant happily, hopeful for the life and care of the little ball of fluff. He glanced at his new acquaintance who was carrying the precious package, seeing if she was still comfortable with the situation.

"Thank you so much," the cat murmured as she carried the kitten away and underneath the house once more.

"Gosh, I'm so glad that worked out!" Tater exclaimed, turning back to the terrier mix.

"Tater! Where are you?" Rylie's mom called out with her signature loud voice.
"I-I'm so sorry, I have to go. My owner is calling for me. Thank you for all of your help! I hope we can see each other again soon!" he said, quickly grabbing his scarf and scurrying back to his house.

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Verse's Badge |DoC| by TechnoSchnauzer

8 Facts about Verse

1. Verse was supposed to be bigger then she is. I just have a terrible problem when it comes to determining size.
2. When first planning Verse Val wasn't supposed to be part of the story, then I realized she would have literally no conflict if I didn't.
3. Verse's childish happiness and optimism comes from the fact until now she's never really interacted with other dogs. Until Canidale Verse spent most of her time cooped up in a hotel room(Most likely jumping from counters, the bed, the sink ect).
4. Verse really wants to go to the Junkyard but all signs point to that being a terrible idea.
5. I'm constantly planning how to turn her entire life upside down.
6. Verse's mother, Saga, had Verse and her siblings help raise their cousins.
7. Verse, along with the rest of her littermates, was very mischievous as a puppy.
8. Taylor regularly brushes Verse's teeth giving them a shiny game show host shine.

Crim0n ~ Megan
TaskmasterTChalla ~ Hero & Ham-Ham
ssivo ~ Jasper
Pawsome298 ~ Max
RoyalRoses ~ Parsley
tisea ~ Alek
EquestrianJade ~ Tater
Verse smiled, watching her breath float up in the thin air. It had warmed up, but it was still just cold enough for breaths to be seen and float up into the sky like tiny clouds. Most of the snow had melted leaving her with the feeling of her paws brushing against dead and frozen grass.
She kept breathing through her mouth, though the main reason wasn't the wistful clouds, breathing the cold air in through her nose stung. The smell of frozen air was always one of Verse's least favorite things about winter.

She stopped when she felt like something was watching her. She looked around her general area. Nothing. Verse furrowed her brow, maybe it was a bird or hare. She shook it off and kept walking.
Verse wasn't exactly sure where she was going. She had explored the town to her liking, and now she was ready to explore other places. Cardigan had advised Verse to stay away from the Junkyard and out of the woods. She was fine with avoiding the Junkyard, it sounded downright repulsive.

Though she'd be lying if she said the same about the forest. She was technically listening to Cardigan's advice. Verse wasn't in the woods, she was merely beside it. Though her reason was rather against what Cardigan advised, she was there listening for 'Wild Dogs.'

If there really were 'wild' dogs, she was probably better off skirting around the Junkyard. But why judge them? The dogs of Canidale never met them, for all everyone else knew they could be the most friendly, but skittish, dogs around!

The idea that she might just be wrong skirted around the back of Verse's head, sometimes it would bounce into her main focus, but she'd push it away.
The idea became more persistent. "Oh, here I am a little hypocrite!" she berated herself. "I'm sure they're harmless! I bet they don't even ex-" -crtch- "ISSST!"
The sound of a snapping stick scent Verse vaulting away from the tree line.

Verse stared at the tree line breathing slow, heavy breaths. She took a step forward. "Hello?" No answer came, but she flinched backward at the thought that a wolf would come drifting out of the bushes. For a slight second a looming black wolfish whisp did sink out of the bushes. As Verse's hurt sunk to her stomach, it disappeared.
Her head was getting the best of her. She needed to move on. Like last time it was probably a hare, maybe a squirrel.

A squirrel wouldn't be strong enough to break a stick. It could be a fat squirrel. In the winter? People like feeding squirrels.
She fought with herself as she kept walking.

The next second, Verse found herself flying home. She could hear howling.
They do exist. They're going to find me. They're going to hurt me! Verse was panicked the whole way back to her house. She quickly crawled under the gate of her backyard she could hear the howling getting closer.
She scratched frantically at the door, and once Taylor opened it, she fell behind him.
She shook behind him, tail pasted between her legs.
"Oh come on Verse!" Taylor laughed as he picked her up. "Surely you aren't scared of some coyotes." He snuggled into her ears as he carried her to the living room.

Good grief!



Biweekly Prompt

Rumor Has It

February 15th - February 28th

Everyone knows the rumors about the dogs of the forest. Perhaps you have heard that they were vicious and bloodthirsty, or maybe you think they're just shy. Sometimes on the outskirts of the city, you can feel eyes on your back, but you turn around just a hair too slowly. What do you think is hiding in the woods?

Verse Gets 20 KBS and 26 CP(20 KBS + 15CP, BWP|550[Rounded] words, 11 CP)

So the other day I had the idea of gathering the small dogs of DoC to do the hunting activity... for a bear. So let's see if we can do this~
((15 inches an under is what a small dog can be defined as for this case))

Now for everyone to get a part in the earnings it has to be a collab. A collab RP might work or just a collab image.
All Factions allowed. If it's an artwork then we can just like ignore ways that they'd end up in their situation. If it's an rp then that'll be fun to work out.

I'd like to get maybe 5-6 for a bear. ((if we're able to get to 3-4 might but not 5 might switch to a deer?))
So far we have...
Verse (Me)
Hammy ( TaskmasterTChalla )

Also I asked :iconhovnds: about this before I advertised~

The Housegest

Crisadence owns Beanie

TechnoSchnauzer (Me) owns Verse

Crisadence 79 (3450 Words[Rounded Amount] 69 CP| Story Teller Bonus 10 CP)
TechnoSchnauzer 48 (1900 Words[Rounded Amount] 38 CP| Story Teller Bonus 10 CP)
Verse's Badge |DoC| by TechnoSchnauzer


The sound of children playing in snow echoed through Canidale. There had been snow during the night, enough to play in and stop school but still little enough that leaving the house was reasonable.
The snow plow had not come through yet leaving the streets blanketed in white snow.
Verse had hounded Taylor to let her out once she heard the laughing of the children. Once Taylor had been released, she bounded over the stairs in a single graceful leap.
Only to hit the slick concrete walkway and comically slide into the road of snow.
The clapping and applause of the children beckoned Verse to leap like a hare out of her dog shaped whole and shuffle in joy at the laughter and abundance of children petting her.

Beanie RP Tracker by Crisadence


Wonder and shock were on the young canine's face as she stared out at the neighborhood shrouded in snow. Just the night before, the stray mutt found a mangled box to sleep in to protect herself from the cold wind and potential rain. Then she had believed the dark storm clouds rolling over that night were bringers of rainfall, but she was wrong. It was a freezing cold night last night. Worst night she had ever felt. Bea assumed the very cold air was enough to freeze the rain as it tried to pour. Beanie had only been born just this summer, so the plain city colors and mostly sunshine were what she was used to. Now, the town had underwent a total transformation. She had woken up to her box collapsing on her. Instantly believing some dog might have been playing a trick, the young pup tried to lash out, but was met with a mouthful of the snow.

The snow was absolutely stunning to Bea, and somehow kindled a playful bout so her. She tore through the snow and dove in it. She loved the way it began to clump on her fur. Without shaking her pelt out, Beanie's session came to a slow hault as she eyes a pet playing across the street. She was entertaining a group of kids. The stray watched the pet from across the street with a sneer, wondering why a dog would even want a whole bunch of squealing brats snatching and tugging at her.

Verse's Badge |DoC| by TechnoSchnauzer


Verse was bouncing and flipping and making tunnels in the snow. One child had ran inside to grab crackers to feed her. Food had always been a rather awesome plus to the love that her tricks received.
The clam was broken when one child threw a snowball at another. In a matter of seconds, it was a snow war. Children were falling, snow forts where being made, and the laughter grew louder.
Verse was running with random children at random times. She'd run next to one child and then switch to another one on the flip of a coin.

Beanie RP Tracker by Crisadence


That pet was running around, kicking up snow, and making just a sheer spectacle of herself. For a few heartbeats, Beanie was certain one of those rowdy kids would take an excited misplaced stomp right on that pet’s tail.
The stray just snorted at the whole sight and decided to move on. It was time she left the neighborhood. She had only been in it to visit her sister, but now she had overstayed. The city was much better suited and spacious for Bea.
Only taking a few pads away, the sound of giggling and clumsy footfalls made a rapid approach. The stray canine whipped her head around to see one of the children had been running after her. It must have spotted her. Beanie would have run, but the kid was way too close. She bared her fangs at the kid and jumped at him with a loud bark. The response and she got was a startled squeal and a loud thump as the young human fell backward on its butt.
The stray stood where she was with her tense body language, prepared to bite if she had to before A slow wail emitted out of the human and it got up and ran away. Beanie did not feel bad about it. Stupid thing was trying to pick her up! No way she’d want those grubby hands all over her.

Verse's Badge |DoC| by TechnoSchnauzer


A few children had heard what happened, but either got immediately distracted or they, or someone near them, where old enough to know that the young child had asked for it. Still, some kids tried to take care of the kid once he'd made distance from the stray.
Verse, on the other hand, was still in her own world. She was still running through the battlefield. That was until a child threw a snowball and yelled fetch.
Verse new that command all too well! She bounded after the ball of snow that was making comical(plot-propelling) air. She was closer... Closer.
Oh! Screw it I'll just-! She leaped up into the air and snatched the ball of snow out of the air. The ball turned into a mush of snow in her clamped jaws.
The sudden slush of freezing cold that coursed threw Verse's mouth and down her throat caught her off guard. The onslaught of discomfort distracted her from making an efficient landing. She landed right next to Beanie preased out in the snow like someone had tossed her out a window.

Beanie RP Tracker by Crisadence


That was it, she'd seen enough here. After one of those children decided to reach and snatch her up, she knew she had to go. In fact, perhaps it would be best to never return to this neighborhood ever again. The stray lifted her tail and turned to leave the area, but a loud slap to the ground caught in her ears, followed by a small splat of snow that landed right on top of her narrow nose. Only for a second did Beanie think another one of the young human's dared take another approach and she bunched up her muscles again and wrinkled her snout in the makings of a snarl, but as the realization hit, she noticed a lump of fur ungraciously splayed out face-first in the snow.
Irritated, she let out a tense inward breath through her nose until her lungs were filled to their upmost capacities with icy cold air, then exhaled with her voice low and taut she remarked to the domestic

"Hey, Spazz-Dog; Why don't you watch where you're going?"

Although the majority of pelt had been plastered in clumps of the fluffy frost, she couldn't help but be upset that this pet's carelessness. The dumb dog could have ran into her!

Verse's Badge |DoC| by TechnoSchnauzer


Verse 'un-pretzeled' herself coughing up what snow hadn't melted. She shook in the cold as she observed the agitated dog. *A hat...?* was her first thought. "Oh, uh sorry!"
"I swear I wasn't trying to flatten you! And hey," Verse noticed the lump of snow on the dog's nose, "I only got a bit of snow on you!"
"Pretty hat by the way." Verse admired the Beanie; it looked warm. "Must keep you from getting too cold in the winter!"
"I'm Verse by the way." she smiled introducing herself, her tail bounced up and down shaking any snow that remained on it off.
Still, there was a bit of snow caught in her eyebrows and mustachioed muzzle.

Beanie RP Tracker by Crisadence


Beanie didn't respond to the housepet's apology. At least not immediately. She was still busying herself with clearing out the snow that had frosted up the top of her muzzle. Once finished, she looked back at the energetic dog with an annoyed expression.

"You better be sorry." her voice was an irritated grumble. The amount of snow that slumped on Beanie was not a large amount, and the housepet had hardly even touched her when she went flying through the air. In the back of her mind, she knew she couldn't stay mad, so instead, she'll continue being as unsavory as she always is.

It was pretty obvious this was one of those rowdy never-stop-yappin' kind of dogs. Dogs like this were usually annoying Chihuahuas or any lapdog really, but mostly Chihuahuas... The housepet's long body matched Beanie's in similar length, but she was furrier in the face. Perhaps the same breed mixed with something else, but definitely not the same age. Unlike Beanie, this dog had a slightly more mature face, indicating she was several more months older in age, and yet she was running around town playing silly games in the snow with the neighborhood children. A few weeks ago, Beanie would've condemned this behavior to pets exclusively, but that was until she had met her sister, Cardigan who is also a pet but is very articulate and seems to have a wise air about her. This had changed Beanie's initial view from 'All housepets are annoying and loud' to 'most of them.' Not exactly a massive change in thought process, but a change nonetheless. Still, that didn't deter her thoughts on this housedog.

"Beanie." She responded to Verse, still sounding very unkind.

Verse's Badge |DoC| by TechnoSchnauzer


Verse's muzzle wrinkled like Beanie's tone had left a bad smell. "I really am sorry." she tried to apologize again, maybe the dog was still just angry and need more time to cool off.
"The kids didn't wake you up did they?" She continued to try and be nice, but her voice had turned from hyper. She was attempting to still sound extremely friendly, but her voice let off that she found Beanie's unkind tone distasteful.
Verse shifted slightly as she waited for her answer, though she knew the dog would probably say 'Yes.'

Beanie RP Tracker by Crisadence


This time, Bea did consider Verse's apology when she repeated it.

"It's fine." Her tone was still tight, however. Not like Bea would warm up to the chaotic mutt that easily. She thought about Verse's question for a minute before she had remembered her box collapsing on her as it failed to hold the weight of snow uptop. She gave a shake of the head before responding.

"Those obnoxious kids didn't wake me up. I slept in a cardboard box, and it fell on top of me this morning." After a brief moment, she added "Though I don't doubt I would've slept for much longer considering the squeals of those little monsters. What were you even doing anyway? Flipping around like a freakin' hotdog rolling down a hill."

Verse's Badge |DoC| by TechnoSchnauzer


Verse laughed imagining herself flopping down a hill like a cartoon hotdog. "Making people happy!" Verse had gained her cheer again, though it still wasn't the same.
"Don't you hear them laughing? You should see people when I do tricks on the sidewalks."
She sat down, "Now I get to ask you something. Need something to eat?"
If the dog was living in a box, then she must be a stray, and then she must also be hungry. Maybe she'd enjoy her treat robot as much as Jasper did!
"Taylor's perfectly fine with letting other dogs in the house, and I'm happy to share my food!", even if Beanie had been rude before it was no reason to leave her hungry on the street.

Beanie RP Tracker by Crisadence


It always confused Beanie that dogs like Verse dedicated their whole entire reason for living around human beings, whether that be to make them happy or do their bidding she just couldn't understand. She was just a little plaything to be gawked at, or at least that was how Bea saw it. Dogs like Verse will never know how to live for themselves, but will always live for humans. The idea fueled her loathing for humans at a constant rate, but she wasn't going to say anything else about it.

When the housepet mentioned food, Beanie grew aware of her ravenous hunger. She had woken up and hadn't had a bite to eat. The mutt opened her mouth to say yes to the offering of food, but quickly shut it as she realized the older dog was offering Bea to visit in the house.
"No." She stated curtly "I'm not going to go in your house." Blue eyes glanced in the direction of the tall, boxy humans dens. No way she would ever enter one. Besides, Verse was likely going to give Bea kibble, which was a food choice she wasn't particularly fond of due to the dry and rough texture as she crunched on it. She'd much rather fancy anything that had fresh meet; chicken, ham, or if she was lucky, she could catch a rat or a squirrel! Now her mouth was beginning to water, but she would swallow the slobber before it escaped her jowls. She didn't want to show the housepet just how desperate she was.

"I catch food for myself, housedog." Her tone was proud, but not entirely scornful. "I'd much rather eat something that actually has flavor, you know. Not those dry plain crunchy balls your human forces you to eat. A housedog like you probably never gets to eat any of the good stuff."

Verse's Badge |DoC| by TechnoSchnauzer


Verse laughed. The irony of the situation, for her, was rather funny.
"Well, I do have kibble in my room." her voice trailed off as she glanced and tilted her head to look the right.
"And then the treat robot." her voice trailed back in as she smiled look back to Beanie. Though her voice just faded into the air like last time. It became apparent she was trying to make a dramatic build up.
"Sometimes when I do tricks people give me meat." She looked over at her house behind her to the left.
"And of course I get to eat with my humans at the table!" she snapped back to Beanie hopping her reaction would be entertaining.

Beanie RP Tracker by Crisadence


As the other dog spoke, Bea couldn't help but fix the mustachioed mutt with a curious stare. Maybe more like a look of slight bewilderment. This housepet seemed to have multiple thoughts thrown in her mind from various directions. It was like she couldn't have one thought at a time. However, Bea found it somewhat amusing and not as irritating in her first few seconds of meeting the housepet.
Beanie lifted a brow once Verse stopped talking and stated ;

"You remind me of a puppy, only you look much older." Though she was unapologetic, her tone of voice sounded as if it was practically a question.
Suddenly, Bea's interest seemed to peak at the word 'meat.' Such a hard delicacy to come by among strays. Was Verse going to get some for her?

"Yea, Verse, I'm not too kibble--- I mean keen on the kibble thing, but I wouldn't argue if you got me some meat, ya know?" She wasn't trying to trick Verse into getting her a meal, but she was trying her best to avoid going anywhere near humans, even for the sake of food. If Verse refused, Bea would just have to strike to the city and scavenge for something to fill her rumbling stomach.

Verse's Badge |DoC| by TechnoSchnauzer


"I'd be happy to get you anything you need!" she popped up into a standing position like a jack-n-the-box. "Do you want to come inside to get it? Val's out working, and Taylor's in his room working so no one would see you."
Thinking about the inside made her remember how warm it was in there, and how cold she was right now.... and that she had snow in her eyes. She quickly rasped her paw against her eyes and eyebrows before continuing.
"I have a heater in my room if you're cold. I know I get cold if I'm out here too long and you're a bit smaller the-" she chocked on her sentence.

Beanie RP Tracker by Crisadence


Beanie shook her head once more as the domestic mutt offered yet again to visit her house. Beanie had never been into a human den before, and she wasn't sure if she liked the idea of being so dangerously close. Then again, she narrowed her eyes at Verse in ponder as a small realization struck her; Maybe Verse would think that she was a coward!

"Fine, I'll--" Her agreement was cut short as Verse's last words escaped before she quickly stifled. "Humf. Small? For someone who's apparently bigger than me, you sure do act like your brain is no bigger than a bee. Or maybe no bigger than myself ya know, since I'm just sooo small?" Beanie wasn't too mad at Verse, however, just offended. It was true that she was a bit smaller than the housepet, but that still gave her no right to point it out.
"Whatever. Take me to the food or whatever." Standing up and taking a few trudging paces towards the house, Bea waved her stiff tail to signal the housepet to lead the way.

Verse's Badge |DoC| by TechnoSchnauzer


"I'm sorry!" Verse begged for forgiveness as she lead Beanie up to the house. Taylor opened the door for Verse as he was grabbing a book from the living room and taking it to his office.
He quickly made his way back to his room calling behind him "You need to eat soon Verse, or your breakfast going to stink up the house and..." he was still talking but he shut the door behind him, and it became hard to make out.
"This way," Verse lead Beanie into a room filled with her things "My food bowl's over there, there's a little treat machine on the other side, it'll give you a puzzle, and when you complete the puzzle it'll give you a treat."

Beanie RP Tracker by Crisadence


A sneer had been the stray's response to Verse's apology. It's not like she'd stay mad, but she would definitely be sure to put the housedog in check if she ever were to try and insult her stature again.
She cautiously treads behind Verse, heart thudding as she neared the tall human den. An unsuspecting apprehension washed over Bea as the door flung open to reveal the house, as well as Verse's human. Her paws itched her to flee, but she remained steady, not wanting to be outshined by a housepet. She would suppress her fear.
Beanie entered the home, her posture tense but also as confident as she could possibly be. Verse guided her up to a strange contraption that had scented of food. The energetic pooch had referred to it as some sort of 'puzzle.'

"Let's make this quick, Verse." the tone she spoke with had a bit of an edge "Is there meat in this? What do I do?" Teal eyes darted around the confined space of the home, as if an annoying little brat was about to round a corner, stomping obnoxiously with appendages reached out to pull at Bea's ears.

Verse's Badge |DoC| by TechnoSchnauzer


"Yep, dried meat as raw meat would spoil, but it's pure meat. Taylor actually makes it, splits it between us!"
"Now when you put your nose here..." she went up and activated the puzzle. The lights went off, and she pawed the light that lit until the lights had stopped. Once finished a treat was dispensed and Verse stepped back to let her try it.
"It might be a little hard, but I know Jasper got the hang of it!" Verse hopped that Beanie would enjoy the contraption as much as Jasper had when he visited. He had been just a nervous as she was being.

Beanie RP Tracker by Crisadence


The little device was weird looking, and was even weirder when Verse had nuzzled the thing and sent the contraption lighting up, soon pawing at it for it to stop and release a treat. When Verse stepped back from the dispenser, Bea sniffed the jerky before finally chewing it. It wasn't bad. Actually, it was much better than kibble!
Beanie didn't hear the last thing Verse said as she herself drew her focus on the machine, pressing her nose as Verse did and lighting up the device. Mimicking what the Domestic did, the brown female lifted her paw over and over on the light that flickered until it stopped entirely. Sure enough, a dried meat treat released.

"Oh wow! This this is actually pretty cool, Verse." She'd been speaking between chews. Once she finished the meat, began to repeat the process on the device.

"You Domestics get everything!" Although she spoke somewhat in awe, there was too much scorn in her tone. Afterall, Beanie's disdain for humans was strong. Even now as she stood in the human den, her fur still pricked and her ears remained perked and alert. It was just the fact that Domestics get to eat so much and are gifted with such unnecessary items. Then again, it wasn't like she would ever want to be cared for, as if she couldn't function or survive on her own.

Verse's Badge |DoC| by TechnoSchnauzer


Verse listened to Beanie as she walked over to a blanket and pillows.

"Ha! I will admit that compared to other pets I'm spoiled." It was true, Verse's life was extremely easy and relaxed with the only conflict in it being her petty fight with Val for Taylor's love.

She stacked the pillows onto the blanket watching Beanie out of the corner of her eye. Beanie had gotten the hang of it very quickly and easily.
"Doing good!" her voice was muffled as she was in the process of dragging the blanket and pillow over to her.
"If you're cold here's some stuff to warm you up!" Verse smiled and started to pull the pillows to make a couch like arrangement for the other dog

Beanie RP Tracker by Crisadence


"I bet." She mumbled under her breath before speaking in a louder tone, turning away from the dispenser when she had enough "You pets just have it so easy. Warm house, accessible, but still kinda gross, food. You Domestics will never know what it's like to live life on the edge and be a truly free dog. I mean like, It sure must be boring to be stuck in just one smelly human den with nothing to do or see. As a stray, everywhere is your home and you can do anything you want! I mean, me coming into your house only comes with the ' i get to go anywhere' package, ya know?" Her tone was condescending, and her head was held high. All her life, Beanie had always thought herself to be superior to dogs owned by humans, thinking them all to be fat, lazy, and just a little too sociable for their own good. Bea relished in the fact that she had so much more to live for than just spending her time flipping around like a rabbit with an itch just for some stupid loud kids.
At Verse's offer of a warm couch, Bea turned her nose away and began fuming.
"I don't need any warming up. I do just fine on the streets without your fluffy pillows or whatever."

Verse's Badge |DoC| by TechnoSchnauzer


"Hmmpf!" Verse went on to drag the pillows away. "Well, I'm never stuck in my house."
The smell of something cooking began to drift through the house.
"I'll just leave you alone in here." Verse's ears perked, and she peaked outside the room. "They're cooking breakfast!"
She sped out and skidded into a sitting position by Taylor's feet.

As she watched him cook sausage and eggs, her mind began to wander back to the rude dog.
Part of her was ready to get her out of the house and subsequently her life, but the other part was taking Beanies rudeness as a challenge.
The dog could be impressed, and subsequently mildly kind.
Verse thought about asking if she wanted to come and beg, but the dog would probably bite her if she offered.

Beanie RP Tracker by Crisadence


Out of nowhere, a smell so enticing sent Bea's mouth to a water. Never had her nose been pooled with such a fresh hot and meaty smell. Her senses had been too focused on the smell, however, that she didn't hear most of what Verse stated. Just something about breakfast then ran off into another room.
It was very tempting to follow Verse, but Bea knew she couldn't. There were humans there, she could hear them. At this point, the young stray didn't know what to do alone in the current room she was in, but then she had decided it was best to leave before anyone that wasn't a dog saw her. Before she took any pawsteps in the direction in which the two dogs entered, Beanie got a sudden recollection; There was no doggy door. How else was she suppose to leave?

Reluctantly, the young mutt went over to the kitchen swallowing the globs of drool that secreted in her mouth. She didn't enter the room, but she was around the corner, peering in the house space with her eyes darting for Verse. It didn't take long for her to recognize the wiry dog's black and brown coat.

"Psst. Pssssst, Verse. " Her tone was a quite whisper, but it seemed the housepet was focused in doing tricks for her human and didn't hear Bea.
"Dammit Verse..! Over here..!" This time her tone, though still hushed, was rough and tipping with irritability.

Verse's Badge |DoC| by TechnoSchnauzer


Verse glanced over and saw Beanie calling for her. She quickly padded over as to not get the dog very irritated with her.
She couldn't help but sigh as she walked up. She probably wanted to leave. Part of Verse was happy; Beanie was rather rude, but she had made up her mind to try her best to befriend the dog taking the rudeness as a challenge.

"Yeah?" Verse smiled and cocked her head; maybe Beanie just wanted to get some of the sausage.
Had to make sure. "If you want some of the sausage and eggs I'd be happy to get you some." She drew back slightly so that she was harder to attack if Bea had been offended.
"I understand if you think it's... uh... 'wrong'or. Under you?" She winced cocking her head to the other side.

Beanie RP Tracker by Crisadence


Bea hesitated at Verse's offer, but determinedly decided against it, despite the ever delicious smells invading all sections in her nose and throat. She was a stray and Verse was a housepet. Already did she waste her time filling her belly with jerky, and now that the notion settled in, Bea found herself growing more and more irritated with herself for even accepting an offer of food. Perhaps she should stop hanging around the neighborhood so much? Dogs like Cardigan and Verse might make her fat and soft one day if she indulged in the hospitality all housepets seemed to show.
Her eyes narrowed at the domestic as she started leaning away, as if Beanie was some overly aggressive dog.
"Oh, come off it, Verse. I haven't bit you yet, have I?" She huffed with an irked flick of her furry tail. "Maybe I'll consider it if you don't show me a way out of her soon." Her brow lifted at the housepet, only a slight twinge of humor creeping in her voice. Verse may be spoiled and a bit annoying to Bea, but she couldn't say she disliked the domestic. Rather, she secretly appreciated the offer of food, although she wasn't too impressed by the little foody doo-hickey.

Verse's Badge |DoC| by TechnoSchnauzer


Verse chuckled "Well you're going to want to go out the window, the door means Taylor will have to help."

As Verse lead the way to the bay window in her room, she started plotting how to meet Beanie again. Even if the bitting her threat was probably true she sensed the slight trace of humor.

"Okay, now you're going to need to give me a second to get the unhook the window." Verse explained as she leaped up onto the bay.
She started to fidget with the hook in her mouth. She shivered up against the freezing glass. The cold metallic taste of the hook as also rather unpleasant.
Finally, she got it unlocked, and she nosed it up.
As she opened it the cold broke through the room and she clenched her eyes shut. "Ahh." she shivered.
"Just so you know, you always got a warm bed here Beanie. It might hurt your pride, but it's there."

Beanie RP Tracker by Crisadence


"I don't care." The female grumbled in an upset manner. At this point, she had felt as if she'd long overstayed her welcome in Verse's house, and now that the opportunity to leave had finally risen, Bea's stress had officially begun to release. It did smell nice in the home, but it was still too confined for her liking. Plus, humans were around, and that was never a good sign according to the moody canine.
As Verse began to work the locks on the window, Beanie stood with her paws twitching with impatience. Once the housepet had finished, she instantly made way outside, bumping the energetic house dog aside unintentionally. She hopped right up on the window sill with her rump dangling in the house and her forepaws pulling the rest of her long body outside for a few heartbeats. When she had finally scrambled up the platform, the young stray's ears perked and her anger instantly flared.

"The hell -- don't pity me!" Her growl was sharp, and her eyes blazed intensely at Verse. Wasn't this little dog ever listening to what Bea said? Human dens were not her thing! She'd be damned if she were ever caught sleeping inside one. Hell, even going inside was too much for the mutt!
"You can keep your stupid warm bed because I don't want to be anywhere near it. In fact, never invite me inside again!" It bugged her so much to know that all Verse seemed to see in Bea was a cold shivering dog in need of a home, but that wasn't even true! Beanie knew full well how to take care of herself.
"Ya know, you housepets would invite literally anyone in your house. I bet you'd ask a bear tearing up your garbage to come on in! Strays aren't as helpless as you think -- I'M not helpless. I actually know how to take care of myself, unlike you, so don't offer to try and take care of me when I already know how to, Verse."

A huff escaped the stray, and she shook her head "Ya know, what? Whatever." Beanie was almost certain a housepet like Verse wouldn't retain what she was trying to rant. In fact, no pets would ever know! They were all numb in the head to the real world.

It really hadn't been Bea's intention to depart on such ill terms, but she was so livid to the point where she knew she might end up biting Verse. It wasn't even like she disliked the domestic, but the ignorance irritated Bea to no end.

With an aggressive flick of the tail, the mutt slumped back to the snowy ground and quickly padded out of the neighborhood.

Verse's Badge |DoC| by TechnoSchnauzer


Verse sighed and struggled to lock the window again.
She wasn't sure if she was angry or sad.
"No matter how well a dog can take care of themselves they can't control the weather." She growled knowing Bea was out of earshot.
It was aggravating for her. "If she wants to be alone I'll let her."
She kept mumbling to herself as she made her way back to Taylor and the cooking food.
>>name: (Not giving my real name so have some Online names) Tehcno(Techie if we're close), India(Like Indiana Jones ;<;), KD (My Initials)
>>age: 13
>>gender: Female
>>sexual/romantic orientation: Straight
>>height: 5'4
>>hair color: brown
>>favorite feature:... Freckles? I guess my hair as long as I get it cut soon.

[Home Life]
>>parents' marital status?: married
>>state/area you live in: America(MO)
>>what does your room look like?: Not like I'd live in it. It's pink and.. eeeeee
>>favorite food: Gyros~
>>when do you usually go to sleep?: I get in bed at 9:30 on school nights, Sometimes I never fall asleep till midnight... On other days 11:--
>>when do you usually wake up?: I wake up at 7:30 on School days, But it takes me 2 minutes to get out of bed. On other nights I wake up when I wake up and stay in bed for a good 15(minimum) minutes before I actually get up.

[Right now…]
>>listening to?: Little Inferno Gameplay
>>eating: Nothing now, but I'm going to get up and cook some waffles while I think about it.
>>wearing: Weird purple camo bed pants and a purple shirt (Also has thumb holes.) Glasses... I just woke up.
>>talking to: 'nobody 'cause I'm lonely'~ Kitty but also me
>>happy about?: Nothing right now............
>>sad about?: Kindergarten Boyfriend

>>song: Kindergarten Boyfriend
>>person: .... No one?
>>member of your family: MY BABY DOGGO!!! (And my mom's pretty chill)
>>animal: Llamas
>>thing to wear: Baggy Ts with a sassy slogo on them.
>>day of the week: Friday
>>thing to do: Chat with my friends, I can have a horrible day but I talk to you guys and I just feel much better!
>>thing about yourself: I've already found out who I am, I've had time to pick myself apart and now I know myself pretty well.
>>thing to talk about: If you're willing to talk about it and I have something to say then it works!

[Love Life]
>>crushing currently?: Nope
>>longest crush you've ever had?: Kindergarten- 2 Grade. And it was stupid. He was just using me and I was Naive.
>>first kiss?: HA NOPE
>>last person you kissed?: my Doggo~
>>describe your crush: No have one
>>does your crush know you like them: No have one

[Have you ever…?]
>>bungee jumped: NO NO AND NO
>>gone skinny dipping: NO NO AND NOOOO
>>smoked: NO NO AND NO
>>drank: No, I'm underage... and like ya know, I don't like the idea of alcohol messing with my senses. 
>>done drugs: NO NO AND NO
>>self harmed: NO NO AND NO
>>cried of joy: Noooooooo I don't cry in joy, I cry of shock and sadness.
>>to the beach: YE
>>skipped school: Nope. After 2-grade I was homeschooled.
>>been suspended or expelled: HEHE NOPE I LIVE HERE AND I'M UNDERAGE CAN'T KICK ME OUT
>>been on TV: HA NO
>>made someone cry: Ye, I've made my aunt cry tears of joy ;<; I don't understand why
>>fallen in love: I'm a friggn' idoit NOPE

Stolen from W0lfpup Go check them out, pretty dope.
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It's that time again.

First off we have BaseStation They make some pretty good bases and are actually doing a give away right now~
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The main rule is to have the journal up until December 22nd.
:star: Journals submitted after the 15th of December will not be valid!!
:star: After the 22nd the bas

Next we have taziwolf again. Go. Check. Out. The. Comic.
Mocchi mischief 1 by taziwolf

peachimera  Has some AMAZING Adoptables~
None of them are open at the moment ;v;
But they did do this really cool pixel art~
peachy boi by cryptidspotted

EridanAmporra This is flipping awesome ovo
Drip Drop by EridanAmporra

Kailoanna-Kat My pal bro dawg homeslice friend
Ornament YCH (CLOSED) by Kailoanna-KatShe got dis Ornament YCH

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design I've seen.
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Gonna do shout-outs of cool people with some of their arts :>
woke by pawpplio 247 by pawpplio
Dta entry by EridanAmporra Ricky ticky tavy by EridanAmporra
Car Radio by TheEpicCake7 I See No Difference by TheEpicCake7(hehehehehe)
<da:thumb id="711410998"/> Random sketch by Kailoanna-Kat  Also check out her poppin animation here
Fancy Creep by taziwolf Mocchi mischief 1 by taziwolf(Their Mocchi Comic ;>)

If you want up here I could addd yaaa~
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(So I'm going on a 4 week trip on Tuesday, I won't have the time to make the real one so, for now, I'll just make a written one and hope somebody care :,>)

Basic info:
The Vividae's are an intelligent species of mammals. There is much controversy over what type of mammal. In body shape, they are comparable to Viverridaes (The animal family from which their name is derived.), though they lay eggs.
The main reason their disputable on their suborder (Their order is Carnivora) is that they absorb genetics of animals wrapped around their eggs.
So the term Vividae is to be used broadly like 'Canidae'. From this, they are sorted into what class their animal is, so on and so forth.

Dot Bullet (Black) - F2U! Abandoned (While being Abandoned isn't per say not having parents. The act of not laying your eggs in another animal's carcass [Hah that sounds so wrong] is viewed as abandonment. As you go on and see what this results in you'll know why it's also very rare to find one that is living.) 
Gray Dot Bullet - F2U!  Plane Jane
Dot Bullet (Light Blue) - F2U! Neat Nick
Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U! Slick Rick (You get ONE)
Yellow Dot Bullet - F2U! Classy Cassy (I might give ya one just ask, but you probably gonna need to pay or offer for like two at a time.)
Dark Purple Dot Bullet - F2U! Hidden Hayden (Hidden Traits you'll have to get, offers to get these are always open, art or points ;>)) 
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! God (Hah.... I mean if you want to help me get this thing up and running you can help me make 'em, but other wise I don't think I'm gonna let you even have a chance for these. Any created gods are going to be part of the actual Vividae religion.) 

The rarity is not for what animal, but more what parts of the animal are transferred.

Dot Bullet (Black) - F2U! None
Gray Dot Bullet - F2U! Their Animal's Eyes
Dot Bullet (Light Blue) - F2U! Their Animal's Eyes With Mother's Eye Colors 
Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U! Their Animal's Eyes With Father's Eye Colors
Yellow Dot Bullet - F2U! Their Animal's Eye Color With Mother's Animal's Colors
Dark Purple Dot Bullet - F2U! The Original Vividae Eyes (Just ask le me le later)
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Pupiless Eyes

Dot Bullet (Black) - F2U! None
(Literally Everything Else) Their Animal's Tail

[{-=-Body Parts Taken From Their Animal-=-}]
Dot Bullet (Black) - F2U! None, this means that they are defenseless ('Dot Bullet (Black) - F2U!' Is now no longer going to be mentioned)
Gray Dot Bullet - F2U! Wings, gills, retractable-claws (Feel free to suggest more)
Dot Bullet (Light Blue) - F2U! Back legs (for all yall runners and jumpers)
Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U! Ears, Muzzle
Yellow Dot Bullet - F2U! Front Legs
Dark Purple Dot Bullet - F2U! The Fur Feeling
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! The Coat Pattern

[{-=-Some Look Descriptions-=-}]
/>[=+The eyes are often almond shaped no matter the animal+=]<\
/>[=+The ears are huge as this was how they survived before absorbing genes+=]<\
/>[=+They are about the size of an ant eater+=]<\
Ask if you got any questions.
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  The owner of this species (:iconprincess-miyuki:) is giving out some MYOs!!!

Now le Poem. It's about how Death(well the one ruling over them) for this species came about. It's bad ;-;(I had to do this for school :, >)

Long ago there was no night sky
Just the moon and chaos far and high
Until a fateful mortal found the everlasting tree
When the moon saw him, she was filled with glee
She had him take a fruit so he could join her
He agreed, becoming the god of night and banter
Life went on with now the Night Sky and Moon
Not long after that time they began to swoon
Twins were born, though there wasn't much rejoice
For one was born without eyes and without heart leaving the gods with a hard choice
The sun made marble replacements for his eyes
They were anything but a prize
As the child got older 
He grew colder
The other gods forced him to the place of the dead
Though it was not alone, Death fled
For Day had taken pity on the child
She created him a partner with a soft smile
As they left the Night and Moon wept

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You should check out this YCH by :iconexquisite17:.

You should also check out :iconcharliecarlythecarl: ! I think they're about to start a comic and they're an amazing drawer!

M'kay last one and one I should've done earlier but I'm horrible at scheduling and thinking to do things.
:icontheepiccake7: She's a great artist and actually did my profile picture(I won it on a contest)!
Here's her YT: Click Dis
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