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Zeus |DoC| by TechnoSchnauzer Zeus |DoC| by TechnoSchnauzer
Name: Zeus
Gender: Male
Age: Adult (3.4 Years)
Orientation: Straight

Breed: Border Collie Great Dane Mix
Status: UnFixed
Height: 30 Inches
Weight: 75 lbs
Build: Zeus has a thick, medium lengthed brindled pelt. He's gained a Great Dane's height but as he eats very little he's quite thin.

Faction: Junkyard
Job: Dame
Rank: Knight
Canidale Points: 500

        Parents: (Adoptive Father) Jasper
        Siblings: N/A
        Other: N/A
        Mate: Cybil(Uncommited)
        Offspring: Mojave(Mamba), Asp, Snapdragon |Adopted: Tiago, Rafael

Zeus is very good at keeping secrets secret. You can tell him anything and be assured he'll take it to his grave.

Zeus takes his caringness from his father. He's very quick to help dogs.
While the rules the junkyard has against interacting with other factions keeps him under control from helping every poor soul he sees, he has a special place in his heart for puppies and parents. Disabled dogs pull at his heart as well.

In fights, Zeus will try his best not to take sides. This is honestly for his best benefit, arguments can start fights, and it's hard to treat wounds you don't know you have.


Zeus is up to a good, friendly, competition and loves winning. He's not the type to back down from a dare and is quick to accept bets.

Quick to Blame
Zeus definitely inherited his mother's aptness to blame others. When something goes wrong, he might spend a while blaming himself, but the minute he finds someone else to blame they're going to be.

Bottled Up
Zeus keeps his feelings to himself in an attempt to not anger anyone.  If he's angry at you, he'll just try to avoid you but never tell you what you did wrong.

Pre-Group History: 
Zeus was born into a wealthy family. His mother, a Great Dane, was bought to be a guard dog and his father, a border collie, was the house pet.
Zeus' mom, Athena, grew very attached to the youngest child of the wealthy family. 
So when a man broke into the house while Athena was out back, trying to corral her mischievous puppies into a shed for them to sleep, the only dog in the house to help was Zeus' dad, Pie.
The poor child was accidentally killed by the man while he was trying to run away from Pie. Once Athena heard Pie's barking she quickly made her way up to help.
After the police arrived and the child was found dead Athena became pessimistic. She first blamed herself until she found blame in her pups.

Pie caught that Athena had began not properly caring for Zeus and his siblings and confronted her about it. Athena did not keep her feeling about the pups hidden. Pie was going to have nothing to do with her either; he took the puppies for himself to take care of. Athena did not fight him.

Zeus grew up with only vague memories of his mother and a fantastic father. It was around this time and Pie noticed Zeus was prone to getting hurt, but he never noticed it. Once the family members finally noticed, it took them a while as they grieved over the lost child for a long time, they took Zeus to the vet. After testing the vet said that he had 'CIP', Congenital Insensitivity to Pain.

He lived happily until the family decided to sell some of the puppies, they'd kept them for a while, and it wasn't exactly easy to have an almost Great Dane sized dog running around the house.

Zeus wasn't sold to a very good home. He had become a present to a child whose sibling had died. Instead of the child using Zeus as a way to cope with her grief, instead, she resented him. He found himself only getting fed every other day as the child would forget, he never blamed her. She spent most of her time saddened by the death of her twin not wanting to do anything.

It seemed to Zeus that his presence only made the child worse, and he wasn't very fond of his situation either. One can easily guess what happened next, Zeus ran away. During his great escape, he lost a good chunk of his tail. While trying to maneuver through wire fence his tail got caught and tore off.
He'd found his way into the Junkyard of Canidale.

Currency Log:
Zeus' Currency Log


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