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[MYO Lelicreatures | Lelipin] Viol by TechnoSchnauzer [MYO Lelicreatures | Lelipin] Viol by TechnoSchnauzer
Name: Viol A. Levi
Gender: Male
Type: Plant
Age: 27
Companion: Velvet
Personality: Extrovert, Helpful, Oblivious, Doesn't think stuff through
Backstory: Viol has had ADHD since he was a child. While in school he was able to make friends and he did amazing on what school work he was able to complete, but his teacher found his fidgets and whistling disruptive and annoying. He started to think he was stupid and retarded. This became a larger problem as he got into higher grades. After a new change in principals, Viol had even more trouble. Finally, in second grade his parents started homeschooling him. Most of their lessons were taught with lap-books.
Once he was 12 his grandfather moved in with his parents. He had been close to his Grandfather already and was now ecstatic. His grandfather taught him how to build sheds, fences, pet houses other knick knacks. He was taught how to fix furniture, plumbing, and vehicles.
Now he's grown up and living on his own, he works at a motor shop, though he's trying to start a landscaping business.

Base here.
Base/Species by :iconfenaceide:
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September 12, 2017
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