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Lunch Time! by TechnoSchnauzer Lunch Time! by TechnoSchnauzer
Verse sighed as she watched Taylor and Val walk off, she had been left with a sandwich cut into four pieces. She reached down lapped up and piece and slowly chewed as she looked around. Honestly, she wasn't hungry. As she gulped down that first piece, she resolved to give it to a dog that needed it.
Rennei huffed noisily as she turned onto yet another street that bordered the pets region. All of the trash bins she'd happened upon (and the number was few) had been tightly sealed against any intruders. Her stomach relentlessly reminded her that she hadn't eaten since the morning before, and she was close to simply giving up again as she had the night before. But then her nose picked up the scent of food. Fresh food. She followed her nose to the source.
Verse smiled giddily when she saw the stray approaching nose pressed to the ground. "Hungry?" she asked once the dog was in earshot. Her tail tapped on the ground, and she shuffled a bit farther away from the food.
Rennei's head lifted and she took a few startled steps back. She looked around cautiously. "You're asking me?" she asked, not quite sure what to think about this eager pet. Her head turned sideways in both curiosity and wariness, her nerves on end just in case.
"Yep." Verse nudged the sandwich closer to the stray. "I'm not hungry! So if you are you can have it." she smiled and gave Rennei a comforting look.
Rennei hesitated, studying the dog before her. There didn't seem to be anything malicious or veiled about the offer, so after a moment (and her stomach grumbling once more to remind her of why she was here), she relented. "Well, thanks," she said, approaching slowly and gingerly taking a tidbit from the sandwich.
A collab between me and prettypinkey2 !
Her bab, Rennei, She did the colors and lines for the dogs.
My bab, Verse, I did the shading and background.

55CP (Full Body, 15CP | Shading/Detail, 10CP| Full background, 20CP | Collab, 10CP)
If we also get to count CP from the RP... TechnoSchnauzer gets an extra 3CP, while prettypinkey2 gets an extra 4CP 

prettypinkey2 Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2018  Student General Artist
This turned out so well :) thanks for collabing with me!
TechnoSchnauzer Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
I had fun!
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