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USUK - Teasing of the Guard

A quick comic thing for a prompt on the Hetalia Kink Meme (on LiveJournal)! everyone always knows it's me, LAME

Prompt was America teasing England (à la annoying tourist and English guard) lmao.

Axis Powers Hetalia © Hidekaz Himaruya
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typical American thing to do.
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I don't need to ship it to think this picture is brilliant! I love it!
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I saw this on Pinterest and thought, "Hmm, this is an interesting ship. I like it." And that's how I started shipping USUK.
syke got you England.
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He'd totally do that to poor Igirisu ! :XD:
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America is such a bastard. A funny bastard.
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England: Mad Mike Icon Ba hum Flowey Icon Frisk Lick
The last one I'm not sure.
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Trying not to laugh, because my siblings are watching The Box Trolls. :D
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Ahhh, I love how this is actually a legit thing people do to the guards. Poor guards.
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I love how He was actually going to kiss America, and America was just kidding xD
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Yeeeessssssssss xD
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someone gonna end up in prison
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I always feel bad for the guards. :(
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It would be really funny (though I would feel bad for the guard) to see this actually happen…the guard would have to stand there and not do anything! Or maybe there's an exception for removing unwanted kissers...
Then again, in this case the kisser is not exactly what one would call "unwanted" ;) (Wink) 
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APH America: Sparkle GlassesSpeech Bubble - Left speaker 1 did I make a good job? :3Speech Bubble - Left speaker 2 
yes you did~ *pats his head* , sooo who is the hero ?~
America (Salutes) [V6] Speech Bubble - Left speaker 1 I am the hero hahaahaha !!!Speech Bubble - Left speaker 2 
England Talking Icon Speech Bubble - Left speaker 1 HEY don't congratulate him for that !! Speech Bubble - Left speaker 2 
me and Alfred *look at each other then at Arthur* Speech Bubble - Left speaker 1we know you wanted me/him to kiss you  Speech Bubble - Left speaker 2 *smirk*
Arthur WTF*blush* Speech Bubble - Left speaker 1B-bloody hell , I-it's not true ... wankers... Speech Bubble - Left speaker 2 *walks away*
me and Alfred Speech Bubble - Left speaker 1phh-HAHAHAHAHA Speech Bubble - Left speaker 2 *high five*
Junko Enoshima (Very Happy) [V2] APH America Gross Sob 
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XD XD I wish real guards had this little amount of self-control when bothered by Americans...... That would make the world so much more interesting
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I would LOVE  a video of some American trying to make the guard move, and all the guard does is kiss the guy xD
10 Points if the American's Girlfriend is recording xD
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