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Team Rocket cosplay

I don't think I've posted photos of any of my new costumes here on DA o_0;.......... yeah that's prolly my last female cosplay.

Butch - RezidentPsyko
Cassidy - Anatra
Meowth - Jiyoon
James - *Glay
Jessie - *TechnoRanma (Me!)

Photo by: Diagnosed (*o* thank you!!!)

Lol check out our motto battle on youtube! [link]

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My favorite thing about this picture is that you got a guy to be Meowth instead of just getting a plush or something.  
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Biff is the best one there.
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Butch: It's Butch!!!😡

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What are Cassidy and Buff doing here?
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Butch: Come on now! My name is Butch!!😡

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Some Cowboy in a Western Movie: I smell trouble!

James: Make it double!

Cowboy writing in his journal thingy: I shot a man today...
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Where did you get the costumes?
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Nice job on the cosplay! :D
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where did you get those costumes?
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This is incredible! And I have to ask, where did you get that wig?? it's... perfect! haha
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Great cosplay! That's an amazing wig... XD Was it heavy?
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this is awesome...although meaowth freaks me out a little lol :P ^_^
SCTira's avatar brought me here :)
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love those peeps :)
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haha didnt u like repeat laugh like twice?? beheh :P
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Hi, I love your coustume and i wanted to do the same, I just don't really know how to do the hair (jessy's one) and yours is absolt ?utey awesome! Could you tell me how you did it ?

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