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RayMariah - playful

I drew it last night, but now I hate how it looks ugh. I decided to put it up anyway though!! I'll just have to draw even more of them to get the spark back.

OH yeah, if you don't like the couple/character, whatever, good for you, just do not leave me a comment about that, I really don't care to hear what you prefer.

Mariah (Mao) and Ray Kon (Rei) and all likeness of Beyblade is © HUDSON SOFT/TAKARA/HASBRO, BEYBLADE PROJECT, TV TOKYO, Nelvana
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© 2007 - 2021 TechnoRanma
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They couldn't be any cuter than this.
LadyBelleTaisho's avatar
My Favirte characters but from Kai 
victorialampini's avatar
You make great artwork of these two! 

If only you made some as sexy as those comics you make of Kai and Tyson. 
gizmo1499's avatar
They're so cute! I love it, it looks fabulous and the lighting from their beys was a brilliant way to give the shadow to their faces!
KedakaiOkami's avatar
;p to anyone who doesn't like this pairing because these two are actually canon, so there

nice work on it.
CooroSnowFox's avatar
Awww always loved the pairing, so cute.
IviWay's avatar
i miss beyblade
and mao x ray RLZ *-*
hinatahyuuga1133's avatar
her ribbon looks like kat ears
yaoiftw143's avatar
oh...I Love and MISS this pairing...their so cute... :heart: :heart: :heart:
tigrea-chan's avatar
ray looks so cute =D
Skooterwolf's avatar
Rocktuete's avatar
awesome, I love your drawings :D
LadyLaui's avatar
Oh i love Ray! he's my fave from Beyblade! :) very sweet pic
MerokoPupu's avatar
It's so cute <3
Ui-Azuma's avatar
Them two have a healthy relationship :) their childhood was cute to.
peanutlion01's avatar
CUTE love love love this couple and great art ^ ^
NekosChiby's avatar
i love ray's expretion!!
mariah one more time......¬¬
Mary-McGregor's avatar
Mao and Rei, they are cool^^
Great work!!!
Favourite, the colours are fantastic
Raifie's avatar
i love the "spirits" glow; its great
as are their expressions
great work

P.S. u did say its okay for me to use this and any other pieces of artwork as desktops and submit screenshots of it didnt u?
TechnoRanma's avatar
Thank you!! AND YES! go ahead ^^
Raifie's avatar
you're welcome
soz i had to ask again; someone had moved my original piece of paper that i'd wrote it on...more than likely twas me
Mew-Katrina's avatar
Is so cute!!
I love these paring is in my favs!! ^^
Yukina-chun's avatar
OMG I know!! People just like to harass awesome artists just so they can draw THEIR fave pairs!! It's so annoying!! DX

Anyway, on to this piccy, I :heart: ReiXMao!! :love: They are just......MEANT TO BE!!!! 8'D :+favlove:
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