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- Neptune and Uranus -

By TechnoRanma
WOW that actually turned out better than I thought it would o.o...! I've been wanting to draw these two senshi for a while now. Vanessa Mae's song entitled "Destiny" really inspired me - it's something Neptune and Uranus could not escape, willingly being swept away by it only as long as they had each other. :heart:

Anyway, will start taking commissions soon since I need money :w00t:

Sailor Neptune, Sailor Uranus, and all likeliness of Sailor Moon is © Naoko Takeuchi, Kodansha, and Toei Animation.
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© 2008 - 2021 TechnoRanma
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Looking good! Yeah nice going here! Dunno why this isn't on Sakugabooru. Not much from the animated series isn't on Sakugabooru really. You think people would care enough to post some well animated. Anyways...again nice going here.
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i thought they were cousins :3 all well I SHIP IT          SHIP icon 2 
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very Nice Uranus in my favorite Sailor Scout
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I saw this piece many times before! And I'm glad I finally found the original artist! Beautiful work!
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The perfect couple! ^^
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oh my favorite ladies
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Japanese version is much better!
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I see nothing wrong with that. 

 Haruka-Michiru Date Emoticon 
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I'm Catholic. I have. I'm bisexual. I have a girlfriend. And I believe God loves all.
I feel sorry that you're homophobic. Haruka and Michiru share a beautiful relationship, and much stronger than that of the English version.
It's a shame that you can't see that.
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First of all, their original names are Haruka and Michiru. And it's their official names as well, they've just been changed to Amara and Michelle in the English version. Second of all, what does having a daughter have to do with anything? You can be gay, and still have a child [whether it be adopting, or through other measures] In this case, they practically adopted their daughter, Hotaru, with Setsuna [Trista] helping to care for her. Third of all, they haven't even made an appearance in Crystal [if you're referring to the new season] yet? And, because Crystal is following the manga closely, I doubt that they will actually just be 'cousins.' In the manga [which is how the show was made in the first place] they are lesbians after all, never were cousins, or step cousins. I would recommend reading it, or search about it. So, much of your arguments are invalid. I think I rest my case, and I bid you a good day. 
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so, you like the japanese version, with them being lesbians, instead of english when they're cousins (in other words, the japanese versions are going to hell ... bible verse  Leviticus 18:22 )
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I prefer the Japanese version because the dialogue they get is better. They're fictional so... the only place they are going is Crystal Tokyo
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you don't have to be technical
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well I'm not religious or homophobic so those parts don't matter to me
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The ambiguously gay duo!

The ambiguously gay duo!

They're taking on evil, come what may!

They're fighting off crime to save the day!

They're extremely close in an ambiguous way!

They're ambiguously gay!

They're ambiguously gay!

The Ambiguously Gay Duo!
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the first time ive seen lesbians in an anime, other times it was sort of implied, but this it was blunter then a metal bat
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<3 So wonderful! I love those two :D
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