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woohoo man that rocked hard balls!!!
Go DragonBall!

Meme made by: :icontoni-the-mink:
and original found here: [link]
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My turn! (Cuz I can't draw ;-; )
1. Gohan: ALL FORMS!
2. Me: >: 3
Goku: O_O Oh no...
Gohan: Ninjakid's gonna bust out...
Goku and ChiChi
Gohan and Videl
Vegeta and Bulma
Krillin and 18
Trunks and Mae
(Honestly, this list could go on, but for now, I'll continue ^^; )
3. Hmmm...hard to say. I love all of the DB characters, but if I HAD to choose, it'd be Master Roshi. Too pervertous for an old man >///<
4. *slaps a "#1 Villain" button onto Jiren's forehead* MOVING ON!
5. Everyone, I'd like you to meet my OC, Shira!
Shira: Hiiiiiiiiii!
So, bit of backstory on her: Shira is an immortal person, which her parents wished for her from Shenron. When they died, Shenron took care of her, and, born with an adventurous personality, she stayed in an adolescent form, travelling the universe. Eventually, she met Bardock as a baby and, thanks to special future-seeing tactics she learned over time, she saw Bardock's future, meaning she knew who Goku would be before even his own father knew about it. When Bardock grew up, they became best friends. When Gine entered his life, naturally, Shira acted as a wingman/woman to coax Bardock into learning love so his son would grow up the same way. Eventually, when Bardock and his race perished, Shira followed Goku to Earth, where Grandpa Gohan found him. When she noticed Goku was acting aggressive, she played a part in the accident that changed him as a person fundamentally. The two grew up together, and, when Goku hit teen years, it was then when Shira realized she was in love, for the first time in a million years. Goku started to notice and return these feelings, until he reunited with his childhood sweetheart ChiChi, and fell for HER instead. Nonetheless, Shira remained happy for Goku and respected his choice, even befriending and becoming the fill-in mother of Gohan and Goten in ChiChi's absences. However, there is a dark secret that Goku has withheld from her, and in DBS, it is revealed...
6. My fav trilogy would have to be DBZ, because I not only got to see Gohan grow up along the way, but I ALSO got to see some AWESOME battles!
7. My fav battle is Goku vs Frieza! It took SO LONG, but it was worth the watch!
8. Gohan: *wearing a TFS hat* Uh...what the heck is this?
9. Make all my OC characters in ALL of the franchises I enter or have entered canon characters!
Shenron: ...Rly? That's what you want? Compared to riches, or fame, or even immortality, you choose making a FANFICTION-MADE CHARACTER real?
Me: The real question is, why aren't your eyes glowing red already? CHOP-CHOP, LIZARD!
Shenron: *sigh* Your wish...is granted.
~5 years later~
Me: *sitting at a Comic-Con booth* B) WORD.
10. *standing at a church podium at his funeral* Had to be done, you guys. Sorry.
11. *Goku tells ChiChi he loves her after he returns to Earth alive*
Me: THE FEELS...IT'S OVER 9000!!!!!!!!
12. Can't tag if I'm in the comment's section! Lol :P

Aaaand, done ^^
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Wow bro, what's yer problem, Chi-Chi IS a good person, it's Goku that sucks major doneky b*lls, Chi-Chi needs a real man, like me
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That's a waste of a wish I would have wished for piccolo to exist and be my boyfriend and someday be my husband
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1)Gohan Kid-Teen(no buu saga >:P)
2)Krillen and 18
3)Yamcha, He's BORING and gets very hurt/killed each saga
4)Cell, Only one memorable to me
5)Yes, her name is Asper/Aspar, I used and avatar maker to make her though, im not the best at drawing( here:Preview attachment myFaceimage.jpgmyFaceimage.jpg201 KB) and she is saiyin(cuz i want her to be)
6)The original Dragon Ball Series of Goku's adventures as a kid(No not GT, when he's growing up over the years)
7)-Insert Kid Goku vs. entire Red Ribbon army fight here- from dragon ball
8)-insert Kid Gohan with a Yoda hat here-
9)I wish I was a saiyin!
10)-Turns around and boops Roshi's nose- Boop ^3^
11)Me: Yeah sure why not -gets b*tch slapped by Vegeta- Vegeta: THATS WHY!
12)I dont know what this means so -pokes person next to me- is that good?
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Stardustplanet|Hobbyist General Artist
I love your art work!
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I'm the number one fan of YOSHI though
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A fellow piccolo jr fan wow
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MrNintMan|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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There is no GT! I refuse to believe that happened!
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GT is like filler. IT exist even thought it isn't canon to the main story
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Truth is, Tpriyama did not make Gt, He gave the creators of GT permission to use his characters but nothing else
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Actually Akira Toriyama worked on the last saga in GT
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xXcookiesandcakesxX|Student Traditional Artist
The only thing i dont like abouy gt videl is her new voice other then that shes alright
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SugarNSpice222|Student Digital Artist
I agree with Goku and ChiChi, but I don't like GT Videl that much because she's kind of boring, but at least she's way nicer.
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LOL i love the look on piccolos face when he is a saiyan. priceless
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videl in gt was horrorid but gohan is mad im glad that u think gt videl was bad ..... cause she was but im mad that u think gohans dumb cause hes a nerd........ i think hes cool when hes old and young
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FaithStarLight|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Loved this :D Very enjoyable to read :aww:
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who else would buy Scouter Bits?
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Me..unless they're cheerios .3.
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Nappa would.
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RoverGirl|Hobbyist General Artist
This is genius! Wish I could draw well enough to do one!
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AlucardeKiyoshi|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Is it just me or do only ladies do dbz memes XD
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