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Bald, Shiny, Green

bald, shiny, and green foreva~

Krillin = ~Anatra
Frieza = *Glay
Dende = *TechnoRanma (me!)
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lovely group! takes me back to the old days! 
Watershepherd's avatar
I like Frieza actually :D
AirGearSuchti's avatar
now compare this dende with the piccolo from the evolution movie ... they really fu*ked up the movie..
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f1shhy's avatar
awesome dende, did you make the antenna's yourself?
Ameban's avatar
Wow! Your Dende costume and makeup is just goergious!
Disciple77's avatar
One of the most amazing cosplays I'VE EVER SEEN!!!!!!!!!
VegetasLittleSister's avatar
You're an awesome Dende!
Sauron88's avatar
ShirePower's avatar
That is insane! Def best Namekian cosplay I've ever seen, how did you do that??? It looks like Dende just popped out of the tv!
olfa-zfigher's avatar
YAAAY!! impressive cosplay 8DDD
OlgaEspin's avatar
My God, those are the best cosplays I've ever seen!! :O
lndzbrdn's avatar
Are. You. Serious. This is incredible. 0_0
Son-Kat's avatar
Wow you guys are freaking amazing!
baffledBITS's avatar
All of these are far too amazing~
YunaAsakura's avatar
WOW awsome :DD
You look grrrreat as dende :D

I'd like to say you guys woud be ready for the next real life movie of DBZ! <3<3
SukiYaki510's avatar
you're Dende? wow... you're hot.
Morataya's avatar
this is wicked, oh so wicked!
nekomama19's avatar
absolutely amazing! I love all your dbz cosplay!! do you take commissions for wigs?
TechnoRanma's avatar
at the moment I can't do any wig commissions for this summer, but I will be open for wig commissions early next year ^^
Lexedur's avatar
Excelentes cosplay. Felicitaciones a los tres
kaiser-mony's avatar
ahhhh you guys always amaze me! (Your DBZ cosplays are OUTSTANDING :star:! )
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