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Novus Orsa Interstellar Stargate by technokoopa Novus Orsa Interstellar Stargate by technokoopa

The Interstellar Star Gate was first constructed over two thousand years ago after the United Systems of the Federation used an artificial wormhole to cross from the Milky Way Galaxy to the Novus Orsa Star Cluster. Smaller and less powerful than what was used to cross galaxies, the star gate allowed for ships to cross between star systems near instantaneously versus using fold drives which took a while to get to the next star system. Because of their introduction, ships no longer needed to be large and bulky due to the power needed for fold drives and started to shrink in size. The development of the warp drive soon followed that allowed ships to quickly cross a star system to go from one gate to the next. Explorer ships with fold drives were used to travel to the next star system to build the star gates. Once the first star gates were fired up, expansion across the star cluster began at a rapid pace. The gates used today are in their sixth generation with each generation lasting a few hundred years with continual maintenance. The gates are also large enough for the battleships found in the Novus Orsa Republic, the Camino Star Empire, and the Vitam Federation to utilize them. The star gates found in all four nations, the fourth being the Improbus Dominion, are all exactly the same to make maintenance easy between nations. They are all primarily colored based on the nation, such as blue for the Republic, gold for the Empire, bronze, for the Federation, and cyan for the Dominion.

The principles behind the star gates in simplified terms is that the gates generate a wormhole using graviton and tachyon particles to establish a junction or corridor between the two gates. Once the junction is created, the star gates create a distortion field around the ship or ships that are passing through to protect them from any distortions “turbulence” within the wormhole before gravitational emitters “push” the ship(s) within the field through the wormhole. The tunnel only works one-way during transport so ships cannot travel both ways at the same time. Once the ship(s) reach the destination gate, they appear within the star gate and the field disappears allowing the ship(s) to navigate out on their own towards their next destination. The star gates then prepare for the next ship(s) to pass through either the same way or the opposite direction.

The use of the star gates by military ships is usually at no charge and they take priority when it comes to who is next. Civilian craft such as freighters are charged for use of the star gates based on their weight in mass of the freight they are carrying. That cost is usually passed down to the people and companies as part of the shipping costs. Civilian transports unless registered as government vessels also pay a fine based on the total mass of vessel. Because of the cost, travel between systems is usually rather light except for the military, government, and logistical vessels. As of 2112 G.E., there are numerous star gates all over Novus Orsa, but only a few exist in the Milky Way Galaxy and a larger more elaborate version of the star gate that connects the two galaxies is found in the Lumen system in Novus Orsa and the Lanarz system in the Milky Way. That gate is large enough for dreadnoughts to go through where as other gates are too small for such ships.

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