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Iron Eagle-Class Battleship by technokoopa Iron Eagle-Class Battleship by technokoopa

The ship above was initially designed for the sixth Warring Factions story and will still be used in that story but the info and design will be different when that gets posted. The Crossover Universe story this will be used for will be worked on after that sixth story is complete. Any logos and companies’ names shown above and mentioned in the description below is being used in an upcoming non-profit fan-created piece of science fiction.

In 63 G.E., the United Systems of the Republic after the war with the Cantarians knew that its current fleet of vessels needed to go through an extensive upgrade as the Cantarian ships, namely their battleships, gave the Republic Starfleet issues in terms of defeating them without loses. After 4 years of development, the first ships to be developed started to roll off the assembly lines. In the end, three base hulls were designed which became the Blood Falcon frigates, the Silver Hawk cruisers, and the Iron Eagle battleships. The new military ships now possess Sub-Transwarp drives, provided by the Republic Starfleet Corp of Engineers and Lai Dai Corporation, to go from one system to another at a much quicker rate than the older ships that only had warp drives. The ships were built at Roden Shipyards located at Barnard’s Star. As part of the deal in the construction of the ships for Starfleet, the company logos adorn the hulls of the ships for all five companies responsible for the construction of the ships as well as the logo for the Republic.

Of the three basic hulls used by the Republic Starfleet, the Iron Eagle is by far the most powerful and the most eye-catching of them all due to the hot rod red and gold paintjob based on the CEO of Stark Industries’ ancestor Tony Stark who was the renowned Iron Man. The largest of the three hulls, the Iron Eagle battleship measures 1500 meters long in length. The ship’s hull allows for a lot of storage for cargo and ammo as well as the power supply for the defense and propulsion systems. The hull has 2400mm reinforced titanium hull plating by Stark Industries making it the most heavily armored vessel anywhere. Along with armor repair nanomachines created by Roden Shipyards, the ship’s armor can take a beating for prolonged engagements. However, the shield systems found on board created by Lai Dai Corporation provide both a primary and secondary shield to protect the ship from various forms of energy weapons and take multiple impacts from projectile weapons. Four repulsor engines by Stark Industries and six phase transition engines by Nergal Heavy Industries provide the forward thrust for the vessel capable of matching or even surpassing other ships its size in sublight speed. The Iron Eagle was designed for use against cruisers, battle cruisers, battleships, small dreadnoughts, and carriers and its weaponry, all created by Kaalakiota Corporation, reflects this role relying on smaller ships to handle frigates and destroyers. The ship’s armament includes 4 large dual railguns, 8 large dual beam laser cannons, and 4 quad heavy missile launchers for use against battleships through carriers. For cruisers and battle cruisers, the ship is equipped with 20 medium quad railguns and 20 medium dual blaster cannons. The ship also possess a primary weapon, the heavy graviton cannon created by Nergal Heavy Industries, which is forward firing and is the only Starfleet ship in possession of such a weapon. The ship also has four large hangar bays to accommodate mecha and fighters as well as transports. The ship also utilizes a transporter system with six transporters throughout the ship. Iron Eagles can be found leading large fleets when needed but can mostly be seen either on detached duty or in groups patrolling Republic space.

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