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Dark Ubuntu Look 5-8-2010 by technokoopa Dark Ubuntu Look 5-8-2010 by technokoopa
The other day, my friend Blair asked a few things about Linux because he's looking at the idea of replacing his old Macbook Pro with a cheaper PC laptop but doesn't want to use Windows. (Just so you know, his Mac has been through a lot of physical wear and tear where some things no longer work or are deteriorating.) If he ends up with a PC and still wants the security and stability of Linux like a Mac, I'm looking at how I can make such a transition even easier for him. The screenshot above is the result.

With Ubuntu's change in button placement, it will make part of the transition easier. I stuck with the "the main menu" applet since the Global Menu applet won't work with everything and had problems with others. I used DockbarX next to that, and put the Desktop Switcher, Notification Area, Date/Time (has it's own weather feature when you define your location in the time applet), Indicator Applet Session, and Search Applets in that order on the right. I hid the bottom panel with all my previous launchers and installed Docky, an easy-to-use dock for Linux (almost like ObjectDock for Windows) to finish the look. Hopefully he can give this setup a test run and see how it feels before he gets a new laptop.
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May 8, 2010
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