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Work on the Story 7 Outline has been put on hold indefinitely. Personal events over the past weekend have affected me and my motivation on working on the outline. I'm sorry for the delays but this latest issue was a big one and I have to deal with it.
Work on Story 7's outline has been delayed. The events that unfolded as I progressed writing it started to not make sense on a couple of aspects. I'm reevaluating how the story should go and may end up reworking the entire outline because of it.
I've been working on the outline of Story 7 for my Warring Factions: The Novus Initium Saga, but several things have delayed me from finishing it and starting the story itself. I had to attend AnimeFest in Dallas as I ran an event there, work has been excessively busy, it is also Labor Day weekend in the United States so I am visiting family, I have been watching Gundam Build Fighters/Try/Divers recently which has recently rekindled my love of Gunpla (Gundam plastic model kits), but the most substantial event that has happened lately was me getting rear-ended while on a highway. I'm doing okay but I have to wait till next Wednesday to take it in for repairs because the body shop was closed for the holiday weekend until Tuesday. I also have two birthdays for both parents this month as well so I hope to get the outline done as soon as I can. I appreciate your patience to my readers and I intend to deliver as soon as possible.

I also wanted to point out that I use people I know in my stories with the exception of alien characters and these people appreciate that as long as I don't sell my stories for profit. That being said, I recently did a minor change for a character who was only mentioned on a few occasions in my sixth story. I used a cosplayer by the name of Momokun in my story to fill a spot, but this person had recently been the focus of a mass harassment (some of which was sexual) against other cosplayers to the point that a few sponsors of hers has dropped her because of her actions. I felt that she needed to be removed from the story so I have already done so. That part was replaced without notification as I felt like it was not initially needed. If you feel like rereading that, Momokun was originally part of the bridge crew of the Marshal and that part was the one that got changed.

Other than that, please keep an eye out for the start of the 7th story coming within the next month or two.
Mammoth-Class Dreadnought-Tenebris Dominion
The pinnacle of current Tenebris Dominion military technology, the Mammoth-Class Dreadnought is currently the largest most heavily armed vessels in the known star cluster. Measuring at 3,977 meters (2 2/3 bigger than the Novus Initium Republic’s Paladin-Class Battleship), the ship is a jack-of-all-trades vessel capable of fulfilling multiple roles both on and off the battlefield. For the role as a carrier, the Mammoth has 12 launch bays to deploy its complement of 144 fighters and bombers rapidly for use against small targets or roles where the dreadnought has a hard time fulfilling due to its size. As a mobile command center, the Mammoth possesses a dedicated command center separate of the bridge to coordinate fighter, fleet, and ground forces in attack, defense, and support roles.
The roles where the Mammoth shines the most (or darkens the most according to detractors) is orbital bombardment and anti-fleet combat where the dreadnought’s numerous heavy arsenal comes into play. Unlike the Draco Federation, the Dominion utilizes traditional turrets and launchers for their weapons. The heavy mega particle beam cannon, the Mammoth’s primary weapon, is located within the bow of the vessel. The bow section splits apart along the horizontal axis to reveal the weapon. The destructive force behind the particle beam is enough to destroy any vessel with weak shields or unshielded in a single shot, regardless of how thick the armor is. However, other particle beam weapons are disabled when the heavy mega particle beam cannon is charged and firing. Despite this, the weapon still takes several minutes to charge and fire between shots. The Mammoth also possesses four medium mega particle cannons mounted on the front of each of the four weapon pods mounted on the midsection which either supplement or work independently from the heavy mega particle beam cannon should the dreadnought not need as much destructive force. There are also twelve light mega particle beam cannons pointing aft mounted in pairs on the ship cannisters between the engines and the midsection. Rounding out the remaining particle beam weapons are ten heavy octo-barrel particle cannon turrets and forty-eight quad-barrel particle cannon turrets. Powering all the particle beam weapons is a massive particle engine and reactor located between the engines in the aft section of the ship. Particles created by the reactor fill up the cannisters located under the light mega particle beam cannons.
However, the particle cannons are not the only weapons the Mammoth uses. Rounding out its arsenal are two hundred fifty-two forward firing torpedo launchers, ninety-six aft firing torpedo tubes, a massive number of vertical missile launchers that are too many to count, and lastly several point defense guns all over the ship for anti-missile and anti-fighter defense.
The only defense the Mammoth possesses is a very powerful shield system. While it lacks the shield boosting capabilities of the Novus Initium Republic, the ship uses shield resistors that can strengthen the shields against certain types of damage, thus buffering and reducing the damage the shields take. Currently, it can only buffer against thermal and kinetic weapons of which the particle weapons of the Federation primarily use. This had led to the Dominion’s initial gains against Federation star systems until the recent introduction of the Federation’s Hel-Class Supercarriers and Naglfar-Class Dreadnoughts that are capable of going toe-to-toe with the Mammoth.
Naglfar-Class Dreadnought-Draco Federation
For more information on Draco Federation ships, start here.

When the Federation engineers designed the Hel-Class Supercarrier, they knew that they did not want the vessel to be like the Dominion’s Mammoth which serves as both a carrier and a dreadnought. Therefore, using the same hull design as the Hel, the engineers developed a separate dreadnought to combat the Mammoth and its firepower. Removing the drone bays, the communication spires, and reversing the color scheme to easily identify the vessel, the Naglfar-Class Dreadnought as it was soon called came equipped with large particle emitters on the bow, ventral, dorsal, port, and starboard sides. These emitters pour a massive amount of particles into a large electromagnetic bubble and can “fire” it with a strength similar to the Mammoth’s heavy particle cannon. However, while the Naglfar has smaller emitters to engage other targets, the massive emitters can fire 50% faster than the Mammoth due to its specialized role to only fire such beams than being a jack-of-all-trades like the Mammoth. The Naglfar has more particle generators to fulfill that role. However, should the Naglfar be destroyed, it would be similar to a massive nuclear bomb going off causing damage and destruction to surrounding vessels. Since there are no drone bays aboard the Naglfar, the dreadnought must rely on other vessels for support against smaller craft such as Dominion fighters and bombers.


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