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By chemb0t
Yep, it's that time again.

Obligation, priorities, and the general erosive nature of time have once again scattered many of us to the wind, so I'm putting out a message to gather once more. For those staff still interested in helping out with the community, please chime in and let me know so that we can start getting more things rolling. For those that are not staff but are interested in helping out, please read on.  


In the past we went by choosing staff through person potential more than skill, since we could later on assign people different tasks. That was great in the beginning because we weren't sure what we needed exactly. Now that we are more solidified and knowledgeable in what we need, it would be a better option to get people based on skill. However that is not to say that you have to be uber good to start. Willingness to improve/learn/work with others and the availability of free time are probably the most important parts we're looking for as far as new staff goes. =]

Below are the positions we need along with a brief description of them. I can assure you that each of these positions are a great opportunity to help develop your skill and find good results since this in itself is a collaborative effort. If you guys are interested in any of these, please feel free to contact us on the main site or leave a comment here.

Technical staff

Technical staff will be working with the background details such as building templates, making sure modules are in proper and working order and overall keeping the site functioning properly.

We are working with open source software which utilizes some of the newest javascript and php code implementations, so if you want to try your hand at some bleeding edge web 2.0 material, becoming technical staff will give you a great opportunity to do so. Some knowledge on web design like Html, CSS and php are recommended, but if you are willing to learn, that would be fine too.

Public relations

We need people to spread the word about the site itself and it's activity. Public relations will be responsible for keeping track on what's happening around the site and reporting it through regular updates on the main page or newsletters which can be sent out to every member. They will also on occasion make advertising material like banners and other related campaigns for other 'satellite'/affiliate sites. They will also be responsible for organizing guild events and activities such as open canvas/PaintChat sessions. For this position, we need someone that has great writing skill and a charismatic/cheerful personality (or at least someone who can easily pull of said personality =P).  

Content Writer

As many of you know, the Technoguild concept has quite a vast universe in itself. Lots of detailed lore and imagery need to be fleshed out and put onto the site. It is our central attraction, so as content writers, you will have the chance to contribute your own thoughts and  ideas to the ever growing project. It goes without saying, but decent writing skill, especially creative writing, is a must. You will have the opportunity to develop your writing skill and get feedback from the members and visitors.

Graphic Designer

From the eye catching environments and concepts to the design of the website itself, the Guild, has been known for its visual elements. We need skilled artists who are interested in visualizing many of the people, places and things that are described in the TG concept. We would usually have many artists take on specific assignments (and almost all of us are visual artists here) but it would be a better idea to organize in this manner so that we can have at least one person who is working on TG related artwork at any given time. We require artists who have a relatively high caliber of artistic ability, meaning that your work looks decently professional and that you are willing to try things outside your comfort zone (ie. drawing landscapes, vehicles, weapons when you  just usually draw characters).  

RP staff

Roleplaying is a big component to our community. It helps to branch essential creative elements like character development, writing, improvising, and storytelling. We need people to help facilitate the RP section of the forums and ensure that it runs properly. As RP staff, you will be asked to take care of character applications, offer in depth advice to character development and help run ongoing RPs. You also will have the ability to start and facilitate 'official' Rps. We need people who are known to be level headed, fair and at the same time, creative and energetic.  

Forum staff

We need a few more people to take the role as general forum staff. You will essentially work as a moderator, keeping topics organized, settling issues between members and overall keeping the forum a safe and fun place for everyone. A good degree of fair and level-headedness is needed as well as a good and approachable personality is needed for this position.
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Hm. RP Staff? I'll go think up some ideas...
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A call to arms...I like. I would like to keep my old position if thats possible.
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Im more of a user then staff, because of my other obligations :<
I would have loved to help tough D: