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Jamish H.
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Puerto Rico

:bulletgreen::bulletblack::bulletgreen:Welcome To My Profile:bulletgreen::bulletblack::bulletgreen:

• Hello there! Welcome to my DeviantART profile, if you couldn't tell by now I'm a huge Splatoon fanatic and I love creating characters. I also draw OCS every now and then, so do expect art from either Splatoon, original content, or other fan art from time to time, I'm always drawing and attempting new things.
• Now for introductions; you can call me Leo or Jamish, or anything you want really! Most people tend to call me Leo because of my Sonic character. I'm currently 21 years old and I'm just your average dork, geek and nerd who appreciates any kind and types of art and styles, mostly video game and anime related art! I love to draw both traditionally and digitally! I love and enjoy drawing, I'm currently practicing other various art styles to improve my art and widen my audiences. Meeting new people and generally just the way I do art, I always explore and achieve something new in order to reach my goal where I'm completely satisfied with my artwork and learn new techniques along the way.
• I might be a little shy at first, but I extremely enjoy talking with new people, so feel free to message me if you like, I 100% guarantee you that I will ALWAYS reply.
• Now that you got to know a little more about me, I would extremely appreciate it if you could browse my gallery and look at my art, leave a :+fav: or comment if you like, any feedback I receive I will take it by heart and will be eternally grateful.
• Anyhow, thanks for reading and hope that you enjoy your visit in my colorful gallery!

Man..I'm honestly speechless on how time flies so fast in the blink of an eye.  For those who aren't aware today July 3rd marks my 9th year anniversary here in deviantART! :party: I do have a drawing I'll be uploading shortly after this journal, normally I mostly talk and get all emotional (I still kinda do) but today I want to share with you a little story; my Art Journey and how I found this website, so sit back and enjoy :thanks:

July 3rd, 2009

  And this is where everything started on this fateful, but also sudden day. Before knowing about this website, I previously was active on Youtube back when the Sonic spriting community was in bloom, with people making pixel art and sprites and animation.  Believe it or not I used to make really bad Sonic sprite recolors like most people did back in the day.  It was the middle of summer and I vaguely remember I was searching about Sonic spriting tutorials when I stumbled upon a video which showcased artwork of Sonic fancharacters, curious I was as a young kid I checked out the video and was in awe with the art I saw at the time and when I browsed around the description there it was: a link to this very website.

  Unsure what I was even doing I took a glance at deviantART and learned that it was a site where artists gathered to share their artwork.  Of course I was a huge sonic fan during that time so when I kept searching and browsing seeing everyone's artwork, that's when I knew I wanted to join this website to share with people what I used to do, so I went ahead with the sign up process.  Of course like any user coming up with a username was fairly difficult I didn't even knew what to start with, but for some reason I went back to the video I saw that led me to this site and decided to use it as inspiration; the video had some techno music playing..I was a huge gamer and still am, and during the time of making up my username I was doing sprites and pixel art.  And that's when I decided to mash up everything together and that's how my special username TechnoGamerSpriter was born :aww:

Years Passing By

  Having settled into the website it was definitely a rocky start, considering I only used to do Sonic recolors and sprites and I wasn't really good at drawing.  As time went on I met quite a lot of people and friends along the way,  as I grew older and I celebrated my first anniversary I soon came into the realization that what I was doing with Sonic sprites was wrong recoloring and editing the sheets and the content, that's when I decided I wanted to do something more than just doing pixel art so I decided to attempt and give it another go and started drawing.

  Time kept passing by and I kept learning new skills and improving along the way with the help of many countless people, so many I can't even begin to list them all.  I began to self-teach myself more about art in general using the many resources and tutorials this website had to offer aswell as making digital art for the first time with the help of my friend Bubbleslou without her I would had never been able to take that leap into the real "Art world".  My process was a tricky one because before I used to use a wireless mouse to create my digital art using Paint Tool Sai and it's line art tool, it was very tedious but during my time growing up as an artist I was able to create art I've always admired like the video I saw that showcased the fan characters.

  With the support and help of the community and friends I made here I learned about "tablets" which was the tool many artists used to create their artwork, with enough patience and begging to my parents as a kid they were able to get me a Wacom Bamboo tablet; it was very difficult to get used to drawing on this surface while watching my laptop's screen, I even felt overwhelmed at the time, but everyone held my back and helped me push forward to never give up.  And so I was able to take my second big leap feeling more like a true artist creating art with the tools and medium people use in this community.

Present Day

  Having joined deviantART, even though I'm quite inactive, but this website means so much more to me than any of you can think. This website has helped me grow so much more as a person and as an artist, honestly without deviantART I would not be here where I am today.  With the help of many, I was able to do my first ever commissions where people were actually interested in getting art from me.  I was able to improve my art style and learn new skills and techniques along the way; and I can now say that I don't regret anything, to all of you reading this, to every person that likes my art, to those people that leave a favorite, a comment or even a "like"; all I can say is Thank you for all of your support from the bottom of my heart.

Here's to my 9th year on this website, and thank you all for sticking with me :happycry:

Thank You by TechnoGamerSpriter


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