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Reply to this comment if you need to ask anything! :heart:
Hi, not exactly sure where to put this but, uh, just got this MYO as a freebie, the DA screen cap is from the OG owner and the Discord one is the proof that I got it…
I thought I had to inform of the changes
I got an myo slot from someone here:…
It was a gift so I'd just like to know if it's usable or not.
Sure is!! As long as you have the slot, it doesn't matter how or when you got it. It's still usable!
hello! I was wondering if it's possible to make a guide reference about your species, maybe it'll be easier to read and understand what I can and cannot do ;v; like triple horns, what's rare or not, etc ?
this is just a recommandation tho, if you can't it's okay!
I totally understand the recommendation and do want to have a visual guide done soon, but right now I'm swamped with work and other things so I cannot possibly get it done - I do want to get it done though, one day!
In the mean time you can ask me or in the FAQ journal anything you want, I'll be glad to answer :heart:
Triple horns aren't allowed, two horns are a common trait and unicorn horn is a special add on! 
There is no rarity for technoctem traits as they're defined by trait tier (special, ultra and exclusive)! 
Hey there! Coming back to the group after a break, is Nyctocurrency still in use?