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My name is Kelvin S Rubio, I am a high functioning autist from Mayood New Jersey USA who has graduated from the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Arts. I draw mostly traditional art, illustrations, pinups and concept art. My dream is to become an animator and run my own animation studio company. "Technocolor Studios" is the name of my dream company, it will be employee run and creator driven with the target audience being adults. The studio will produce traditionally animated films, television, video and comics that can be appreciated by all walks of life instead of chasing trends and what's popular at the moment.

Currently I am working on comic series called "Raccoon Girl". It is an Urban Fantasy, Martial Arts story centering on Meryl Streetmire a Native American Were-Raccoon who dreams of becoming a world champion wrestler. In an alternative world fairies and humans coexist with each other. In the USA there was a second revolutionary war in the 1960's with a coalition between African Americans, Native Tribes, and Fairies called the Civil Union Rebellion fighting against the segregationist and white supremest Dixies. The C.U.R. wins the war and overthrows the old government and establishes a Socialist Democracy. As a result the Cold War ended in the 70's, Richard Nixon and Ronald Regan never became President and America is currently in an economic boom thanks to social services and nationalization of important infrastructure. Meryl Streetmire was accidentally transferred to an orphanage in Mississippi at birth, eventually being rescued by her legal guardians at four. Cut to the 80's Meryl is now a young woman and attending a Catholic University, where she makes new friends and joins the Women's Wrestling Club where she can be trained by Mother Roseanne, who was the strongest woman in the world and veteran of both WW2 and the Second Revolutionary War.

Favourite Visual Artist
Robert R Crumb, Basil Wolverton, Jack Kirby, Kentaro Miura, Yoshihiro Togashi, Akira Toriyama, Go Nagai
Favourite TV Shows
restaurant impossible, Mythbusters, How it's Made
Favourite Books
George Bridgman Human Figure, Berserk
Favourite Games
Japanese RPGs, Search Actions, Platformer, Action Adventure, Character Action
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Pencil, Pen and Ink, Watercolor, Gouache, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Clipstudio Paint, Aesprite

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Thank you for the fave! You're welcome to check out my gallery for more watercolors :hug:

Commission: Skid the Leopard Gecko

Thank you for the fav !

Thanks for the faves ! ^_^

Thank you for the fav! <3


Thank you for faving!