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The Triumphant Little Beetle

By technochroma
I feel this one is a bit weird, unique and has kind of a storybook quality to it. Created and rendered in the Netherlands with my love Jasper FractalSauce by my side, who told me to keep this just the way it is. Love you!
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This is... strangely adorable. I'm not sure how a fractal can pull off "cute", but this somehow manages it.

That title is so fitting, though my first impression from the thumbnail was of a bee instead of a beetle. It is probably due to the predominantly black and yellow colour scheme, and the greyish striated section in the middle reminds me of how fuzzy bees are and how spiky insects appear when put under high magnification. Studying it closer now, though, I think I will have to amend my thoughts to it being some manner of glow-bug, based on that luminous trail it is leaving behind it.

I kind of wish it had been cropped a bit wider. That yellow-green tail is one of the hotspots of the image, and it pulls the eye along the curve down to that bottom corner, where the image just... stops. Has me wondering how much more there is to the fractal.

Having said that, I do think it works very well as it is now. That bright yellow oval in the centre makes an excellent focus. The spiky bits pointing inward around it look like it is being clutched possessively by little claws. Tiny bug has got itself a treasure, and is going to hold it close.

This critique brought to you by Team Jingleblüd. Merry Critmas!