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Starblur Separation

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I find it very interesting that in light of the current presidency's outright incompetence at dealing with the coronavirus, it's left up to the local states and communities, hospitals and clinics to organize and respond. I think this represents a very anarchistic action by definition, this is a good thing because even though we don't really have top-down leadership the governor of our state just called for very sensible quarantine measures (limit 25 people gathered at any time outside except for places like pharmacies and groceries, suspension of schools but not food programs, and looking at increasing unemployment insurance for people in say food industry because people are also now not allowed to sit down at restaurants). And again places like clinics are developing their own testing because our federal government basically refused help from the WHO. We were the second country to be infected with this virus and possibly the last modern nation to initiate testing of the general populace, you have to really fight to get a coronavirus test even in hospital because of a general shortage of tests. Go America.

A Chaotica Beta 2 fractal with no postprocessing, featuring variations Starblur and Separation mostly.
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I am saddened (and frightened) by the ugly state of affairs in the US. The orange clown is, and always has been, a dangerous man and the fact that he was elected in the first place absolutely blows my mind.

I am hopeful that there is positive change coming your way soon.

In contrast, the fractal is simply gorgeous. Congratulations.

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Very nice work!! :clap: !!!

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Very interesting shapes and great pallett to bring it together!
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Gorgeous colors, shapes and mood!
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Lovely as usual. You analysis is spot on. We are on general lock-down in Germany, too, as of today.