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An Apophysis fractal bloom.

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I will first say that the title immediately matches the work. It's definitely radiant. Over all, a beautiful piece. Especially for someone like me who isn't really into them on any level. I love the obviously floral design-also fits with the title. The only thing that gets me about the piece is the actual center of it,; that is I see there are beautiful layers within the petals, but I feel that the inner circle isn't really on top. It still feels like there is some overall layer on it. I feel like I need to peel that layer off to actually make the center of the flower to be 3D and touchable. But this piece is still awesomely done. Well done!
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Hi...this gives me a great ideas...want to know what it is?
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Supernova meets Zinnia.

The use of contrasting colors was a great idea.
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I think I saw the DA FB page lost this on their page. I guess they like your art too XD
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Wait! Sorry, um... wrong art! How do you delete a comment?
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Um, I meant post not lost.
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Beautiful.  I love the colors and the ethereal quality.
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Beautiful, just beautiful!
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Which program did you use for this? It's awesome!
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this is one of best art iv'e seen on deviantart ;)
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Absolutely stunning!
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Beautiful. <3
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Lovely. I admire your work.

What if you do one about the Iris pseudacorus?
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the lighting is just beautiful and the whole artwork is truly amazing and eye catching! Love Love 
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that's really beautiful:) (Smile) 
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It's so pretty! I love the colors and design. It kinda looks like the stars are making this. Awesome job :D!
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