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Daedalus Station

By technochroma
"Sir, no longer receiving transmissions from outposts Omega Tau and Centauri Gamma."
"Well that's not odd, if we're still repairing our main comm tower," he replied. "Main viewer."
What the crew witnessed was nothing short of a fiery hellstorm travelling their way at hundreds of kilometers per hour. They had only moments to react before they, too, were vaporized.


Chaotica fractal art with just a touch of levels to even out the bright spots. Inspired by fractaling with my love Jasper, check out his gallery at FractalSauce !
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© 2020 - 2021 technochroma
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Amazing! Gorgeous vibrant color design. Fabulous work.
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Thanks very very much! The funny thing about the color design in many of my newer fractals is that the curve is partially like, you'll get blues in red, or purples in orange. It makes for a slightly shimmery, otherworldly, dreamlike look.

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Great and powerful composition!
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Thanks so much! I really enjoy your work as well.