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Judge character: Cuahcoatl by Techn0Gecko Judge character: Cuahcoatl :icontechn0gecko:Techn0Gecko 27 5
Xotiathon Finale - Among the stars - Epilogue FIN
Floala gave out an ear-bleeding squeal as the rock walls began to crunch inwards around her, creating an increasingly tight corridor. A look of raw panic on her face, she dashed, stumbled and dived forth, screaming all the while. After an agonising couple of minutes, she cleared the obstacle and collapsed, gasping for breath. Then, sufficiently recovered, she looked up and surveyed the surroundings. As she spotted the finish line off in the distance, her face twisted into a furious scowl.
“ARE YOU KIDDING?!” she shrieked, “What the hell am I meant to do now?! Stupid dumb arena with its dumb moving walls. I hate this! I HATE THIS SO MUCH!”
A round of laughter and cheers rang out as the footage paused on a freeze-frame of the glibby’s hilariously angry expression. The camera then flicked to a shot of The Eureka Show studio, a eponymous host sat with her hands clasped on a leather sofa.
“And that, ladies and gentlemen,” Eureka said, grinning with
:icontechn0gecko:Techn0Gecko 2 0
Xotiathon Finale - Among the stars - Part 13
Floala’s two day trip back to Xanta was long and arduous. Unsure how to feel about her homecoming, Floala’s emotions flip-flopped constantly between delight and fear. On one hand, she was excited to see her mummy and Tazan and to be on familiar ground again but, on the other, she knew things on her planet would at best different, at worst miserable. Every now and again, it hit her that the world she was returning to was in crisis and one that no longer held her dad. The realisation made her shudder and want to run a mile.
Yet, as the journey progressed, she was unable to stem her blossoming sense of eager anticipation. She knew things would be different, and probably difficult, but she found herself denying this reality. She pushed the images she had seen from Xanta from her mind. It couldn’t - wouldn’t - be all that bad, could it? Tazan had everything under control. It would all be fine. After all, she was returning to Xanta triumphant, bringing hope for the fu
:icontechn0gecko:Techn0Gecko 1 0
Xotiathon Finale - Among the stars - Part 12
If Floala had thought that things would slow down after she had won, she quickly found out that she was sorely mistaken.
Swept along by the judges, she and Terry had quickly found themselves in front of a bunch of cameras and journalists. Still completely overwhelmed, Floala had stuttered some vaguely appropriate words until everyone seemed satisfied before being ushered off to the judges office alone. After many congratulations, Slica and Suls had gently tried to explain how and when they’d deliver her prize to Xanta but had quickly given up, realising she was too shell-shocked to take anything in. They promised to get in touch with her about it later instead and told her to go and recover.
As soon as she was released from the judges office, Floala had received a call on her ICH. She had expected it to be Tazan but, instead, it was Vivi who quickly asked her where the hell she was and told her she was missing her own party. After a little more joky scolding, Floala reported duti
:icontechn0gecko:Techn0Gecko 0 0
Xotiathon Finale - Among the stars - Part 11
Floala instantly materialised higher up on a triangular-shaped platform. Fortunately, this time the platform was far more liberally proportioned. However, on the downside, in addition to moving around, it was spinning at what felt like quite a speed.
Grabbing the corner of her platform, Floala looked across the level to see Terence doing the same.
“Yeah, this level isn’t any easier,” he said dryly.
Floala giggled, amused by the exaggerated less-than-pleased look she caught on the paridon’s face. She couldn’t help but find herself warming to Terry again, despite his misgivings.
“I know,” Floala shouted, “What is even going on right now?!”
“No idea,” Terry said, shaking his head, “I thought this was supposed to be a serious head-to-head, not a disco!”
They both laughed as their respective platforms spun them around and around.
“Right,” Terry said after a time, “I’m going to try this.
:icontechn0gecko:Techn0Gecko 0 0
Xotiathon Finale - Among the stars - Part 10
Terence followed Janie towards the arena.
He felt exhausted. While he had been relieved to put a stop to Pox’s plan, the trauma of speaking up against his friend had taken its toll. He felt battered and bruised, caught between elation and despondency. Yes, he was glad to have saved his planet and, hopefully, many others, but his view of the world itself had taken quite a beating. He knew it would take him quite some time to recover from the betrayal and pain of the last few days.
But Terry knew that he had to try his best to put Pox from his mind and focus on the battle ahead. After all, his planet still needed to find an energy source, perhaps even more so than before, and this was his chance to win it. He wasn’t entirely sure what it would be yet, but the judges had confirmed that they’d happily help him choose a suitable prize if he won. So, Terry did his best to summon his strength, eager to do right by his people in the arena.
As he and Janie approached the arena
:icontechn0gecko:Techn0Gecko 0 0
Xotiathon Finale - Among the stars - Part 9
Desperately fending off her tears, Floala ordered her ICH to make the call.
She sat shivering as it rang, the familiar surroundings of her Xotiathon dorm giving her no comfort now. The way the dial tone echoed around the room only served to make her feel even more alone.
After what felt like a century, the call clicked through and Tazan’s face filled the screen. He was doing his best to look positive but Floala could tell that he had been crying.
“Flo,” he squeaked, subdued, “How are you holding up?”
Floala swallowed the lump in her throat.
Tazan nodded sadly, letting the words hang in the air as he collected himself.
“He’s very weak but he’s awake and alert,” Tazan said quietly, “I told him you were going to call. He’s looking forward to seeing you.”
Floala flicked her ear in acknowledgement, forcing herself to take deep, steady breaths.
“I… I just wanted to prepare you beforehand,
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Xotiathon Finale - Among the stars - Part 8
When she entered the changing room, the first thing that struck Floala was that it was entirely empty.
That’s weird, she thought, wondering why none of the judges were there to greet her.
Unsure what else to do, she sat down. She didn’t have to wait long before the door opened again and her opponent blustered in clumsily, followed by his companion. Pox waved at her tentatively but Terry only gave her a stiff smile of acknowledgement before taking a seat on the other side of the room. Keen not to put herself in a position to be crushed again, Floala held her words and looked away, picking at her claws nervously.
And there they stayed in awkward silence for several long minutes until Pox let out an exasperated sigh.
“What is going on?” he asked frustration.
Suddenly, there was a sound of footsteps approaching. Moments later, Suls popped his head around the door, clearly out of breath.
“Sorry for the delay,” Suls panted, “We got a little he
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Xotiathon Finale - Among the stars - Part 7
As soon as she had left the judges office, Floala instructed her ICH to call her friends, whiskers twitching all the while.
“Vu, Vivi!” Floala said excitedly, “It’s official. I’m going to stay!”
The trh watched her friend’s faces shift from surprise to joy to concern on the split screen projected by her ICH. A barrage of questions immediately flew her way as her companions questioned the reason behind her change of heart. Unruffled, Floala quickly filled them both in and reassured then that she was ok and that staying was her decision.
“Wow,” Vivi said kindly, once Floala’s wellbeing was established, “Good on you, honey. This is a very brave thing to do. Not many people would. I know I wouldn’t.”
“Yeah!” Vututho said, “You’re like a proper hero.”
“I just hope it will be worth it,” Floala said numbly, struggling slightly to keep her father from her mind.
“Well, I
:icontechn0gecko:Techn0Gecko 0 0
Xotiathon - Among the stars - Part 6
Frozen to the spot, Floala listened as the chirpy ringtone of her ICH reverberated around the empty room. Her heart raced but she felt numb.  
This was it. It was time for her to go and see her father. It was time for her to leave.
The realisation sent a such a strong wave of distress through her that she found it hard to breathe. This completely unexpected reaction puzzled her. She couldn’t understand it. Hadn’t she wanted to leave all along?
Floala stood motionless for so long that her ICH rang itself out. She sighed in relief, only to be chilled by the equally-oppressive silence.
Desperate to get her mind under control, she searched her heart for a reason for her reluctance.
And then, in a flash, the answer hit her. It shook her to the core, calling into question everything she thought she knew about herself. Yet, the longer she dwelt, the clearer the picture became and the more resolute she felt.
Floala jumped as her ICH’s ringtone rang out again. A new
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Xotiathon Finale - Among the stars - Part 5 (rw)
Eyes shining with determination, Floala hopped in and out of the arena facilities, scanning her surroundings for anyone she vaguely recognised.
Fueled by hope, the newly formed action group of Vivi, Floala and Vututho had quickly come up with a plan. Given that Floala was soon due to leave, they realised early on that it would be difficult for her to push the trade group idea forward in any meaningful way long term. Thankfully, this proved to be less of a stumbling block than it might have been as Vivi immediately put herself forward as project manager. Evidently excited by the concept, she offered to run with the idea (with the aid of Vututho) in Floala’s absence, at least until they got more support. Then, if it did take root, Floala would get involved in trading as best she could, trh duties permitting.
Tied though her tailstrands were, however, Floala had been keen to help with the time she had left. Consequently, they all divided the short-term tasks among themselves. It was
:icontechn0gecko:Techn0Gecko 1 0
Xotiathon Finale - Among the stars - Part 4
Blinking the sleep from his eyes, Terry sat up on his make-shift bed and sighed.
The room around him was still and dark, the vague outline of several workspaces only barely illuminated by the stars above him.
Suddenly aware of how cold he was, Terry shivered and pulled his blanket up to his chin. He rubbed his tired eyes, wishing silently that he’d managed to get a little more sleep. The judges had done their best to accommodate him but, unfortunately, a sofa with endless pillows and blankets was still a poor replacement for a bed. He’d barely been able to cramp all of his limbs comfortably on the furniture. Still, he couldn't bring himself to hold it against the judges. They’d done their best in difficult circumstances and he was pretty sure his thoughts and pain would have kept him awake regardless anyway.
The paridon felt a new wave of misery overcome him as he felt the ache in his chest heightened, stirred by his movements. The Xotiathon staff had patched him up e
:icontechn0gecko:Techn0Gecko 1 0
Xotiathon Finale - Among the stars - Part 3
As Floala ambled along beside her krokoko friend through the mall, she felt her stomach churn with nerves.
Yet, as she moved forward, she felt a curious sense of peace come over her. The idea of putting herself in a position where she could be rejected terrified her beyond measure but, for some reason, she still felt compelled to do do. For a time, she wasn’t sure why and then, recalling Vututho’s words, it finally dawned on her.
You gotta forgive yourself sometime.
The revelation caused her breath to catch in her throat.
All this time, she had been carrying a huge sense of guilt around with herself. She’d hated herself for saying the wrong things to her fellow competitors, she’d cursed herself for biting Caster and blamed herself for making the media hate her kind. It had all mounted up inside her, making her mind an impossible place to be.
But Vututho had offered her a way out. He was telling her she didn’t have to do that anymore. That she could
:icontechn0gecko:Techn0Gecko 0 0
Xotiathon Finale - Among the stars - Part 2
Floala looked at Vututho, her face still damp with tears and gave a slow nod.
“I don’t have a choice,” she croaked quietly, “If I don’t go now, I won’t be able to see my dad before he…”
Vututho’s eye shimmered sympathetically as he gave her a nod.
“That sucks, Trh,” he said gently, “But at least you’ll get to see your dad. And you always said you wanted to go home, right?”
Floala looked down at her feet despondently.
“I guess I did,” she said quietly.
“What did the judges say about your dropping out?” Vututho said curiously.
Floala let herself fall back against the pillows, curling her tail around herself.
“They understand,” she said quietly, “They were really nice about it. I mean, they would rather I could compete but they know it can’t be helped. They said they wouldn’t announce it until I left the stadium, just in case I changed my mind.”
:icontechn0gecko:Techn0Gecko 0 0
Xotiathon Finale - Among the stars - Part 1
Knock. Knock. Knock.
“Trh, buddy, are you ok? I know you’re in there…”
The closed door responded with stony silence. Vututho sighed silently, closing his eye and letting his head fall gently against the metallic surface.
“I’m worried about you, bud,” he continued, speaking loudly to ensure his voice carried, “Please let me in. I wanna help!”
Engulfed in her lush duvet, Floala sat listening to Vututho’s muffled knocks and pleas. Curled up in the dark cocoon, the cool mattress beneath her was sodden with tears. Yet, she didn’t cry now; her sadness had long ago transformed into numbness.
“Tazan… what- What do you mean he’s not going to make it?”
Floala stared at her brother, eyes wide with shock. The room seemed to spin around her. Tazan could not meet her gaze.
“The Karns… they’ve done their best but…” Tazan said sadly, gleaks low, “but they say the
:icontechn0gecko:Techn0Gecko 0 0
Mature content
Xotiathon - Round 4 - Ignorance is Bliss - Part 12 :icontechn0gecko:Techn0Gecko 0 1


Give and Take by ChimericMachinations Give and Take :iconchimericmachinations:ChimericMachinations 6 6 Floala and Ryso by Evelyn-Cross Floala and Ryso :iconevelyn-cross:Evelyn-Cross 4 6 The Trh of Xanta by ChimericMachinations The Trh of Xanta :iconchimericmachinations:ChimericMachinations 3 2 Royal respect by SilverGriffinflare Royal respect :iconsilvergriffinflare:SilverGriffinflare 9 2 Vivi's Daughter by dorkasslameo Vivi's Daughter :icondorkasslameo:dorkasslameo 5 2
Change of Plans Boys [2]
    Vivialta found herself distracted on the way to find Ryso. Her pace was already pretty slow compared to most visitors here, so she should really stay focused. She couldn’t let this opportunity pass though. If Ryso left then she’d have to go and drag him back here by the ear. With a gruff huff of air out her nose she called out to a dejected looking pink figure walking down an adjacent hall.
    “Hey kid!” the pink fluff stopped, looking around. Though somewhat hard to read given her lack of visible mouth, she seemed somewhere between confused and offended. Who called her? And who dared to call her a kid? Eyes landing on Vivi, her brows furrowed. Despite a weirdly phrased comment she suspected was supposed to be uplifting at breakfast, they hadn’t really spoken much before.
    “Thanks for stopping, I don’t think I woulda been able to catch you if you darted,” Vivi smiled, careful not to sho
:icondorkasslameo:dorkasslameo 2 2
Xotiathon: GLAMOUR MAGAZINE by Madcupotea Xotiathon: GLAMOUR MAGAZINE :iconmadcupotea:Madcupotea 13 8 [Xotiathon OCT][R1] Pg09 by kiwipeach [Xotiathon OCT][R1] Pg09 :iconkiwipeach:kiwipeach 9 1 Xotiathon: Back and Forth (page 20) by sojustme Xotiathon: Back and Forth (page 20) :iconsojustme:sojustme 4 2 Xotiathon: Back and Forth (read description) by sojustme Xotiathon: Back and Forth (read description) :iconsojustme:sojustme 3 2 Don't Forget by Madcupotea Don't Forget :iconmadcupotea:Madcupotea 9 4 Fur Shading Tutorial by Satoga Fur Shading Tutorial :iconsatoga:Satoga 430 18 Xotiathon Round 2, Page 1 by KebaWoolfeOCT Xotiathon Round 2, Page 1 :iconkebawoolfeoct:KebaWoolfeOCT 5 1 Aliens for Christmas by ChimericMachinations Aliens for Christmas :iconchimericmachinations:ChimericMachinations 3 6


Ho- shit, Rolo isn't completely neglecting her profile?! WHAATTTT!

I know. Insanity. But I got tagged more times than I can count, so I'm about to jump on the character meme bandwagon (about 3 months after I was first tagged... this has sat half-finished in my for longer than I'd like to admit).

So, here's my 8 facts about the only two characters I have, Floala and Karl.


1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other people along with the characters you want them to write about (which leads to rule 4).
4. Post their avatars and write the character names next to them.

Floala vi Trh of Xanta, entrant for Xotiathon

I'm going to cheat a bit and make some of these facts about her species because Xotiathon is still going on and I don't want to spoil anything too much.

1. Floala is a complete brat. There's a multitude of different reasons for this but it generally boils down to the fact that she has had very little social contact outside 'official visits' to other high-status glibbys. These were always very formal and Floala never really had to relate to others or make small talk in any way. Sadly, this means she has never had any real friends (not that she thought she needed any) and she spent most of her time alone inside the castle. As their only daughter, her parents have also spoilt her rotten, giving her a serious superiority complex.

2. The only real friendship Floala has is with her brother, Tazan. Although they didn't grow up together (Tazan is significantly older), Tazan is (surprisingly) fond of Floala and has always provided advice and guidance to her whenever she asked for it (which wasn't often!). However, Tazan is very well aware how socially inept and silly Floala is and he will always call her out on it in a good-humoured way. 

3. The glibby species have only very recently formed civilized society. They have only had technology and 'society' for the last 20 odd years. Previous to this, they were essentially wild species with no social order, customs or culture. This life is still in the memory of many glibbys. Floala's father revolutionised Glibby life, introducing jobs (all mining related) and social order.

4. The divide between rich and poor glibbys is incredibly pronounced. Glibbys part of the 'Succession' (royal family) or high society live in large abodes which, while they are shoddily made and filled with past-it second-hand goods and technology, are considered very luxurious. They have developed a multitude of customs and cultures (many modeled on those of planets) that would be completely alien to most glibbys.

The vast majority of glibbys live a semi-feral lifestyle, hunting their own food while working to buy technology and materials to build their homes in slum-like villages. Mining and working as a merchant to sell goods are the only two jobs currently available in civil society (and there are still an amount of glibbys who do neither). 

4. Male glibbys in the Succession (i.e Floala's brothers) work to improve their father's empire. Depending on their role, they might run the mines to ensure the glibbys have enough to sell, buy items for glibby-kind from merchants or, most importantly, go off-planet to negotiate new business relationships. This last role is the most respected but dangerous, with many glibbys risking their health and life to do so. This is the role Tazan held before he retired to start the Second Succession (start a family) and is how he lost his eye. 

5. The only goal Floala has in life is to have children. Not even kidding. 

6. Floala is an avid fan of soaps, chat shows and gossip magazines. This is kind of hilarious as she basically doesn't understand what is going on in any of them. All of the media she consumes comes from other planets and features aliens and she has no awareness of cultures outside her own. 

7. Floala does not understand the concept of clothes and she believes these are a part of all the aliens she meets. She's really not very bright. 

8. Floala is EXTREMELY proud of being overweight. In glibby culture, being flabby is associated with health and good status, as it means you are well-off enough to eat a lot. Extra weight is extremely attractive to male glibbys also. 

Karl Gecko, winner of Spiral Down Films OCT

Astonishingly, I actually have 101 facts about Karl that never made it in to my SDF stuff. I pretty much had a whole backstory for him in my head, none of which ever got mentioned because other plot stuff took precedent. 

1. Karl was one of the prototypes built of a new kind of realistic robotic toys. He was never meant to be sentient. His siblings were all just complex clockwork toys, in effect. This was extremely depressing for Karl, as he was 'alone' from the moment he was born. 

2. When it was decided that the 'experimental toys' would not go to market, the company decided to destroy all evidence of the product in case anyone decided to steal the idea. Consequently, Karl's 'siblings' were essentially burnt to death. Karl only just managed to escape the incinerator with his life. This was a very scarring event for him. 

3. When he first escaped the facility in which he was created, Karl was a very naive and trusting soul. Unfortunately, without any family or friends to help him grow, this meant his early life was very bleak. Several different groups of people took advantage of him and his abilities, meaning he grew to have an extremely negative impression of life and others. This led him to become the very insulting and anti-social being he was in SDF.

4. Depressed by the civilised world, at one point Karl tried living as a wild gecko in the desert. While he found temporary happiness living alongside his 'own kind', his dreams came to a grinding halt when he realised that he could never reproduce (and could, consequently, never attract a mate). Feeling there was 'no point' to anything he was doing, he returned to the city and led a very empty life. His only kicks came from being nasty to others (which gave him a sense of control and satisfaction) and cheating at games and gambling. In short, he was a very sad gecko. 

5. The only joy in Karl's life came from his 'upgrades' which gave him a temporary purpose. A little like a thrill seeker or drug addict, he enjoyed pushing his body to the limit and experiencing new things. His upgrades included colour vision, better hearing and a quicker and more powerful CPU (which made him more intelligent). This culminated in the installation of a sense of smell at the beginning of his audition for SDF and we all know how that went. 

6. Karl could not feel pain. This, combined with his very negative view of the world, meant he had an issue empathizing with others. This is what led to his psychopathic tendencies. However, his assholeishness was not an 'innate' trait and, with the right circumstances, he could have/could still become a far nicer person. However, being honest, this would be really friggin unlikely by this point. 

7. Karl's biggest goal in life was to impress the internet trolls and hackers he met on online forums. Sad, right? Consequently, his story was intended to be circular. He started out as an internet troll, browsing the internet. After he transferred his consciousness to the online world, he essentially became a sentient computer virus - the ultimate troll. While he might have lost his body, ultimately this turned out to be the best thing for him and he is very happy in his new state. 

8. Originally, Karl was going to use normal swears. However, the SDF judges advised me that excessive swearing was against the rules and I decided to use British euphemisms instead. Thank gawd for that because his friggin language became a feckin huge part of his character. 

9. Bonus fact - Karl betraying everyone and working with Winston was always a real possibility. In an alternate universe, it is very possible (even probable) that he could have taken Winston up on his deal or betrayed him and decided to run the studio himself. His ultimate end was chosen depending on the experiences and interactions he had in the course of the story. In particular, his interactions with astridtjejen's Martin ended up being one of the deciding factors in what I chose as an ending. 

I think everyone I watch/am friends with have done this by this point so... uhhh. If you haven't yet and you fancy it, knock yourself out! 


United Kingdom
I'm a 26 year old who loves writing. Does an occasional bit of art too.

Winner of Spiral Down Films OCT and Xotiathon OCT.
Judge for :iconlabyrinth-oct:


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