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Vututho and Floala - Bestest buds by Techn0Gecko Vututho and Floala - Bestest buds :icontechn0gecko:Techn0Gecko 5 5
Xotiathon Round 3 - High expectations - Part 8 FIN
Head low, Floala left the infirmary dosed up to the eyeballs on painkillers.
She’d, by some miracle, avoided any broken bones. However, she definitely hadn’t emerged from the arena unscathed. In addition to all her sore muscles, bruises and a split lip (she wasn’t sure when that had happened), the base of her tail was wrapped tightly in bandages and hurt to move. To say she was feeling a little worse for wear was an understatement. Especially since she had a beautiful purple black eye blooming on the right side of her face, ruining her looks.
Floala sighed as she limped down the corridor. The medical staff had issued her with strict instructions to rest but she had a job to do first. She couldn’t avoid the waiting crowd any longer.
As she approached the door to the public area of the arena, she felt a wave of panic. Doing her best to silence her fears, she tried to collect her thoughts.
‘Keep it simple, don’t take questions and, whatever you do, d
:icontechn0gecko:Techn0Gecko 1 1
Mature content
Xotiathon Round 3 - High Expectations - Part 7 :icontechn0gecko:Techn0Gecko 0 2
Xotiathon Round 3 - High Expectations - Part 6
Feeling satisfied after his delicious breakfast of tea and crepes, Caster walked with Ryso towards the arena. Wandering at a leisurely pace down the corridor, they happily chatted away about their lives and families. However, this all fell away as they approached the arena door and nerves took hold of both of them.
Taking a deep breath, Caster moved to push through the arena door. However, to his surprise, it wouldn’t budge.
‘That’s weird,’ Ryso mused, ‘We’re on time.’
Caster frowned. This was really weird. Normally the competition ran like clockwork.
‘There must have been a hold up, I guess,’ he responded, voice quivering.
Ryso looked as unsettled as he felt.
‘I suppose we’ll just have to wait then,’ Ryso said with a frown.
They both looked at each other. After all the anticipation and build up, they both felt at a loose end.
‘I think there a competitor-only lounge close by,’ Ryso said after a f
:icontechn0gecko:Techn0Gecko 2 1
Xotiathon Round 3 - High Expectations - Part 5
As she approached the metallic door to the judges’ office, Floala drew to a halt. Her nerves threatened to overwhelm her and, for the briefest of moments, she considered running away.
‘It’s ok,’ Slica’s voice floated through the door, ‘We’ll find her, don’t worry. She can’t have gone far.’
Floala sighed. No, she couldn’t get away from this, even if she wanted to. Slica was right, they’d find her eventually.
Steeling herself, Floala pressed the button to open the door and stepped through it.
The huge room stretched out in front of her, its domed glass ceiling showing an awe-inspiring view of the stars above. In addition to the desks scattered around the room, a huge wooden conference table dominated the space, making it feel excessively formal.
Slica and Suls stood with their backs to her, bent over a screen in the far corner of the room. As she entered, they spun around, clearly surprised by her sudden presence.
:icontechn0gecko:Techn0Gecko 2 2
Xotiathon Round 3 - High Expectations - Part 4
Ryso smiled at him warmly as him approached, welcoming him with a friendly wave.
‘Hey Caster!’ he shouted, beckoning him over to the table he had already found.
‘Hey!’ Caster said, doing his best to return the mimic shifter’s smile before carefully maneuvering himself onto the high stool the mimic shifter had reserved for him.
‘Are Terry and Vivi joining us?’ Caster asked curiously as he finally found enough balance to start comfortably reading the menu.
‘Not this time,’ Ryso said with a shake of his head, ‘Terry said he’s eaten already and wants to get some training in before the next round and Vi said she has ‘stuff’ to do. Although your guess is as good as mine as to what that means.’
Caster nodded, feeling guilty about his relief. He loved the paridon and the kinjomin but he wasn’t sure he could manage their high energy levels right now.
They both lapsed into silence, both trying to figure out
:icontechn0gecko:Techn0Gecko 1 1
Xotiathon Round 3 - High Expectations - Part 3
‘Hey guys! I hope you’re all doing well. Thanks for all your video messages. I just wanted to let you all know I’m fine! You don’t need to worry about me. Promise! I got a bit stressed under pressure of everything yesterday, but I’m better for a good night of sleep. Sorry, I can’t chat to you right now, I’m busy preparing for the next round. Not sure what the challenge is, or who I’m up against, but the competition is definitely getting tougher. I’ll do my best for all of you. Make sure you watch me and cheer me on, ok? I love you all. See you soon. Miss you.’
Grinning widely, Caster motioned to Ralph to end his video message. He waited several moments to make sure the camera was off and then collapsed back onto the plush bed behind him. He let out a large sigh.
I really hope that was convincing.
He sighed again, rubbing his forehead with the back of his paw. He felt terrible about lying to them but he didn’t know
:icontechn0gecko:Techn0Gecko 3 4
Xotiathon Round 3 - High expectations - Part 2
Relieved to be free of the stress of being at everyone’s beck and call, Floala made her way into the catering hall. Ignoring everyone else in the room, she grabbed her food from the outlet and hotfooted away.
After wandering around for a moment, Floala opted to return to the lounge she had eaten in the day before. To her relief, it was completely empty and fairly quiet, save for the television which showed three glamourous aliens chatting away on some sort of innocuous daytime TV show.
Soothed by her isolation, Floala took a seat in a booth and began to shovel food robotically into her mouth.
As she chewed, she tried to figure out her thoughts. However, despite her best efforts, they remained jumbled inside her head.
Floala blinked.
Did the television j
:icontechn0gecko:Techn0Gecko 3 3
Xotiathon Round 3 - High Expectations - Part 1
Floala sighed as her alarm beeped loudly, the room automatically lighting up with artificial light.
For a moment, the glibby lay there feeling sorry for herself. Then, she blinked her tired eyes and peeled herself off the sheets, groaning as she did so. She sat back against the headboard and hugged herself with her tailpaws.
Just like yesterday, every muscle in her body ached. She stretched her sore neck gently in an effort to ease the pain. As she did so, she could feel an uncomfortable tension in her muscles. Her restless night of sleep had done a number on her body.
‘Good morning, Floala,’ Her ICH booped, ‘You have 7 new messages. Message one of-’
‘Shut up,’ Floala bluntly, stopping the little robot mid-sentence.
She clutched her aching head. No doubt it was her family, trying to get hold of her. Although whether they were calling to congratulate her on her win or berate her for delivering the worst television interview in history was anyone
:icontechn0gecko:Techn0Gecko 3 3
Xotiathon Round 2 - Glamour is Blind - P9
Exhausted and miserable, Vututho ignored the crowds of paparazzi as he exited the arena. Normally he’d pose and stop for a chat but he didn’t feel like it now.
He’d lost. He’d failed.
The concept bought fresh tears to his eye. He’d never felt so miserable.
‘Hey, swirl-brain! Over here!’
Vututho heard his brother’s unmistakable voice and looked up. His brother dashed over, his eye was etched with concern.
‘I’m sorry! I’m so so sorry, ok?!’ Vututho spluttered, unable to contain himself any longer, ‘I really really am!’
To his surprise, Momo put a hand on his back.
‘It’s ok, Vu,’ he said calmly.
Vututho put his head in his hands.
‘Oh, stop being such a sqwooshee!’ Lormomo said, giving him a nudge, ‘That’s not true.
:icontechn0gecko:Techn0Gecko 2 3
Xotiathon Round 2 - Glamour is Blind - P8
Buzzing with determination, Floala leapt forward in the direction she’d seen Vututho go. Intent on her task, she darted back and forth in the darkness, checking behind walls as she went. However, no matter how hard she looked, she couldn’t find the krokoko anywhere.
The glibby groaned, feeling a pang of frustration. This was ridiculous. Couldn’t he just shoot her already?!
‘Vututho?’ Floala shouted, stopping in the middle of a clearing and scanning the room for any sign of movement, ‘Where are you?’
For a moment, all was still. Then, out of the corner of her eye, Vututho’s face appeared out of a pool of water some way away. His ICH was cleverly submerged under the water.  
‘Hey friend!’ Vututho said, ‘We’re opponents, huh? Crazy right!’
Floala balked at the krokoko’s words. She hadn’t expected a conversation.
‘Um, yeah,’ Floala squeaked loudly, unsure what to say.
‘I don
:icontechn0gecko:Techn0Gecko 1 2
Xotiathon Round 2 - Glamour is Blind - P7
I need a plan.
Floala sighed, shaking the moisture from her still-wet fur.
She wanted nothing more than to hide away and avoid injury and death. To surrender, leave this nightmare behind and head home to the safety and warmth of her room.
However, she was distinctly aware she could not. Not only were all the glibbys on Xanta tracking her success, her every move was being televised for all the world to see. If she gave up, everyone in the universe would know she was a failure. Her people would be ashamed of her and everyone would hate her forever.
Floala looked at the world below. It was starting to quieten down and she could see far fewer lasers flying across the room. She could only assume that several competitors had already murdered their opponents.
Floala sighed. She just wanted to go home and not die. Was that too much to ask?
A groaned quietly, letting her head fall onto the rock below her. Then, she froze as she felt a new set of unusual vibrations travel through the rock
:icontechn0gecko:Techn0Gecko 3 2
Xotiathon Round 2 - Glamour is Blind - P6
‘Your opponent is Floala Vi Trh, a glibby of Xanta.’
Vututho clasped his hands to his face.
Nooo! Not my friend! You have to be kidding!
The krokoko’s felt his spirits sink as his ICH, now glowing pink, attached itself to his chest. For a moment, he wavered, daunted by the prospect of fighting his friend. However, he quickly shook his feelings off.
I can’t give up now. Tuplevis is counting on me.
Focusing on the task at hand, Vututho tried to mentally prepare for the battle ahead. He was almost immediately distracted by the music that rang out across the arena. Carried along by the lights and excitement, he felt his heart begin to race as the countdown rang out.
The gates flew open and Vututho dashed out, eye sparkling. The world around him was pulsing with colour. The lights flashed rhythmically with every thump of the techno style music, making the arena seem more like a rave
:icontechn0gecko:Techn0Gecko 2 2
Xotiathon Round 2 - Glamour is Blind - P5
Floala stood in the starting gate, breathless with terror. The world around her was enveloped with inky blackness and it felt as if the air itself was full of anticipation.
Why is it so dark?
Floala shivered. If she hadn’t been stressed before, she was certainly was now.
‘Good evening, everyone!’
Floala jumped as Silca’s voice suddenly boomed amidst pitch blackness.
The judge appeared in the darkness, lit up by the fluorescent blue jewellery that adorned her body.
‘It’s laser tag time!’ she shouted, waving her hands in the air.
The crowd went wild, making the ground vibrate under Floala’s feet.
Laser tag? What in Xanta’s name is laser tag?
Floala felt a wave of nausea. This didn’t sound good.
‘Now,’ said Silca as the audience began to calm, ‘This round IS paired. Your robots will give you the identity of your opponent when we’re done speaking!’
As soon as Silca’s speech was d
:icontechn0gecko:Techn0Gecko 2 1
Xotiathon Round 2 - Glamour is Blind - P4
‘Oh finally! It’s here.’
Vututho opened his eye to see his brother heading to the door. Swinging the door open tentatively, Lormomo took a package from the delivery ICH and thanked it. The little robot booped in response and floated off.
‘About time! That was cutting it close,’ his brother mumbled grumpily as he closed the dorm room door.
‘It’s here?’ Vututho asked weakly.
‘Oh, you’re awake,’ Lormomo said as he fumbled to open the package, ‘How do you feel?’
Vututho let his head drop back onto the bed.
‘Owww,’ he whimpered, ‘It still hurts! And I can’t see very well. How will I ever compete?!’
‘Stop being such a sqwooshee,’ Lormomo said, getting frustrated and ripping the package open, ‘Of course it still hurts! You busted your eye open! But since I patched it up, the blurriness should be gone in time for this evening.’
Vututho was hurt by his brother
:icontechn0gecko:Techn0Gecko 4 2
Xotiathon Round 2 - Glamour is Blind - P3
There was one person she could call.
Why didn’t I think of him before?!
Floala felt her spirits rise as she pulled herself back into the seat. Stopping briefly to dry her eyes and neaten up her fur, she haphazardly managed to instruct her ICH to call the right person.
‘Tazan!’ Floala found herself shouting as the call finally connected and a familiar figure appeared on the screen.
For a moment, the staticy screen was filled with unkempt blue fur. Then, her brother’s face appeared in frame, shaking slightly as he positioned the camera.
‘Floala? Is it really you?’ he asked, his one eye glittering with excitement, ‘Wow, this technology Xotiathon gave us is really cool.’
Floala felt relief flood through her.
‘Oh, Tazan,’ she said, ‘It’s so good to see you.’
‘I bet!’ Tazan said cheekily, ‘I’d be surprised if you weren’t. Look at you, doing all these sporty things, competing fo
:icontechn0gecko:Techn0Gecko 2 2


Xotiathon: GLAMOUR MAGAZINE by Madcupotea Xotiathon: GLAMOUR MAGAZINE :iconmadcupotea:Madcupotea 13 8 [Xotiathon OCT][R1] Pg09 by kiwipeach [Xotiathon OCT][R1] Pg09 :iconkiwipeach:kiwipeach 7 1 Xotiathon: Back and Forth (page 20) by sojustme Xotiathon: Back and Forth (page 20) :iconsojustme:sojustme 4 2 Xotiathon: Back and Forth (read description) by sojustme Xotiathon: Back and Forth (read description) :iconsojustme:sojustme 3 2 Don't Forget by Madcupotea Don't Forget :iconmadcupotea:Madcupotea 10 4 Fur Shading Tutorial by Satoga Fur Shading Tutorial :iconsatoga:Satoga 266 15 Xotiathon Round 2, Page 1 by KebaWoolfeOCT Xotiathon Round 2, Page 1 :iconkebawoolfeoct:KebaWoolfeOCT 5 1
Xotiathon Round 2 Molten Core - Part 2

Ryso had never even been in a shopping area that was half the size of Xotiathon's retail wing, but here he was. His eyes were filled with wonder as he walked the strip of stores, looking in between each and every one. He had no idea where to even begin. 
He looked down at his list yet again and began to weave in and out of stores, looking for little trinkets and gifts that he could bring home.  It was not too hard to find gifts for Als, Elsie, and Illia: a beaded necklace made of some sort of polished green rock, a pot full of a variety of alien flowers, and a plushie of a strange four-legged creature respectively. 
When it came to Lepido, however, he had a bit more difficulty. He wanted to get them something they could wear that would look incredibly beautiful on them (since they had a particular liking for well-made accessories,) but could not figure out a place to start. He found a place to sit down and think as he looked at a smal
:iconmoonmarbles:moonmarbles 8 8
Aliens for Christmas by ChimericMachinations Aliens for Christmas :iconchimericmachinations:ChimericMachinations 3 6 Xotiathon Chibis! by Madcupotea Xotiathon Chibis! :iconmadcupotea:Madcupotea 17 14 the Secret Santa: Guide to Troubled Borises by kiwipeach the Secret Santa: Guide to Troubled Borises :iconkiwipeach:kiwipeach 12 3
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Ho- shit, Rolo isn't completely neglecting her profile?! WHAATTTT!

I know. Insanity. But I got tagged more times than I can count, so I'm about to jump on the character meme bandwagon (about 3 months after I was first tagged... this has sat half-finished in my for longer than I'd like to admit).

So, here's my 8 facts about the only two characters I have, Floala and Karl.


1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other people along with the characters you want them to write about (which leads to rule 4).
4. Post their avatars and write the character names next to them.

Floala vi Trh of Xanta, entrant for Xotiathon

I'm going to cheat a bit and make some of these facts about her species because Xotiathon is still going on and I don't want to spoil anything too much.

1. Floala is a complete brat. There's a multitude of different reasons for this but it generally boils down to the fact that she has had very little social contact outside 'official visits' to other high-status glibbys. These were always very formal and Floala never really had to relate to others or make small talk in any way. Sadly, this means she has never had any real friends (not that she thought she needed any) and she spent most of her time alone inside the castle. As their only daughter, her parents have also spoilt her rotten, giving her a serious superiority complex.

2. The only real friendship Floala has is with her brother, Tazan. Although they didn't grow up together (Tazan is significantly older), Tazan is (surprisingly) fond of Floala and has always provided advice and guidance to her whenever she asked for it (which wasn't often!). However, Tazan is very well aware how socially inept and silly Floala is and he will always call her out on it in a good-humoured way. 

3. The glibby species have only very recently formed civilized society. They have only had technology and 'society' for the last 20 odd years. Previous to this, they were essentially wild species with no social order, customs or culture. This life is still in the memory of many glibbys. Floala's father revolutionised Glibby life, introducing jobs (all mining related) and social order.

4. The divide between rich and poor glibbys is incredibly pronounced. Glibbys part of the 'Succession' (royal family) or high society live in large abodes which, while they are shoddily made and filled with past-it second-hand goods and technology, are considered very luxurious. They have developed a multitude of customs and cultures (many modeled on those of planets) that would be completely alien to most glibbys.

The vast majority of glibbys live a semi-feral lifestyle, hunting their own food while working to buy technology and materials to build their homes in slum-like villages. Mining and working as a merchant to sell goods are the only two jobs currently available in civil society (and there are still an amount of glibbys who do neither). 

4. Male glibbys in the Succession (i.e Floala's brothers) work to improve their father's empire. Depending on their role, they might run the mines to ensure the glibbys have enough to sell, buy items for glibby-kind from merchants or, most importantly, go off-planet to negotiate new business relationships. This last role is the most respected but dangerous, with many glibbys risking their health and life to do so. This is the role Tazan held before he retired to start the Second Succession (start a family) and is how he lost his eye. 

5. The only goal Floala has in life is to have children. Not even kidding. 

6. Floala is an avid fan of soaps, chat shows and gossip magazines. This is kind of hilarious as she basically doesn't understand what is going on in any of them. All of the media she consumes comes from other planets and features aliens and she has no awareness of cultures outside her own. 

7. Floala does not understand the concept of clothes and she believes these are a part of all the aliens she meets. She's really not very bright. 

8. Floala is EXTREMELY proud of being overweight. In glibby culture, being flabby is associated with health and good status, as it means you are well-off enough to eat a lot. Extra weight is extremely attractive to male glibbys also. 

Karl Gecko, winner of Spiral Down Films OCT

Astonishingly, I actually have 101 facts about Karl that never made it in to my SDF stuff. I pretty much had a whole backstory for him in my head, none of which ever got mentioned because other plot stuff took precedent. 

1. Karl was one of the prototypes built of a new kind of realistic robotic toys. He was never meant to be sentient. His siblings were all just complex clockwork toys, in effect. This was extremely depressing for Karl, as he was 'alone' from the moment he was born. 

2. When it was decided that the 'experimental toys' would not go to market, the company decided to destroy all evidence of the product in case anyone decided to steal the idea. Consequently, Karl's 'siblings' were essentially burnt to death. Karl only just managed to escape the incinerator with his life. This was a very scarring event for him. 

3. When he first escaped the facility in which he was created, Karl was a very naive and trusting soul. Unfortunately, without any family or friends to help him grow, this meant his early life was very bleak. Several different groups of people took advantage of him and his abilities, meaning he grew to have an extremely negative impression of life and others. This led him to become the very insulting and anti-social being he was in SDF.

4. Depressed by the civilised world, at one point Karl tried living as a wild gecko in the desert. While he found temporary happiness living alongside his 'own kind', his dreams came to a grinding halt when he realised that he could never reproduce (and could, consequently, never attract a mate). Feeling there was 'no point' to anything he was doing, he returned to the city and led a very empty life. His only kicks came from being nasty to others (which gave him a sense of control and satisfaction) and cheating at games and gambling. In short, he was a very sad gecko. 

5. The only joy in Karl's life came from his 'upgrades' which gave him a temporary purpose. A little like a thrill seeker or drug addict, he enjoyed pushing his body to the limit and experiencing new things. His upgrades included colour vision, better hearing and a quicker and more powerful CPU (which made him more intelligent). This culminated in the installation of a sense of smell at the beginning of his audition for SDF and we all know how that went. 

6. Karl could not feel pain. This, combined with his very negative view of the world, meant he had an issue empathizing with others. This is what led to his psychopathic tendencies. However, his assholeishness was not an 'innate' trait and, with the right circumstances, he could have/could still become a far nicer person. However, being honest, this would be really friggin unlikely by this point. 

7. Karl's biggest goal in life was to impress the internet trolls and hackers he met on online forums. Sad, right? Consequently, his story was intended to be circular. He started out as an internet troll, browsing the internet. After he transferred his consciousness to the online world, he essentially became a sentient computer virus - the ultimate troll. While he might have lost his body, ultimately this turned out to be the best thing for him and he is very happy in his new state. 

8. Originally, Karl was going to use normal swears. However, the SDF judges advised me that excessive swearing was against the rules and I decided to use British euphemisms instead. Thank gawd for that because his friggin language became a feckin huge part of his character. 

9. Bonus fact - Karl betraying everyone and working with Winston was always a real possibility. In an alternate universe, it is very possible (even probable) that he could have taken Winston up on his deal or betrayed him and decided to run the studio himself. His ultimate end was chosen depending on the experiences and interactions he had in the course of the story. In particular, his interactions with astridtjejen's Martin ended up being one of the deciding factors in what I chose as an ending. 

I think everyone I watch/am friends with have done this by this point so... uhhh. If you haven't yet and you fancy it, knock yourself out! 


United Kingdom
I'm a 26 year old who loves writing.

Winner of Spiral Down Films OCT.
Currently in third round for Xotiathon OCT.


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