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Today we would like you to dance like no one is watching.

Writing Tips

In this piece, DesdemonaDeBlake shares his 5 tips for revolutionary writers. This is just one of many pieces of writing advice that he's shared, so be sure to check out his gallery for other topics that may be of interest to you. Thanks for being an awesome deviant, DesdemonaDeBlake!

The Robot Hotel

On Friday a new hotel will be opened to the public and it's unlike anything else you've seen. The 'staff' at Henn na Hotel include a dinosaur-shaped receptionist robot that speaks in English, and the one that speaks Japanese, shaped like a woman with blinking lashes. There's even a porter that’s an automated trolley taking luggage up to the room. Hideo Sawada, is the Japanese businessman behind this robot hotel and he insists that it's not a gimmick but a real attempt to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Once again, thank you Japan.

Comic-Con Cosplay

If you didn't make it to San Diego Comic-Con this year, don't fret because IreneAdler has shared some great photos and some of her experiences in this journal. If you did happen to make it to Comic-Con and posted a recap of your own, share a link with us in the comments below.

Constantine Rumors

Constantine fans may have a reason to celebrate as rumors are circulating that the character may find a new home on the set of Arrow. Executive Producer Wendy Mericle, teased that she would love to have the character join the show and that there were some "political things to work out" but she is "really optimistic". What do you think of this news?


Dino Bird

The largest known dinosaur with feathers and wing-like limbs has been discovered in China! Roughly four feet long and weighing around 44 pounds, the short wings and weight of the Zhenyuanlong suni means that it was likely unable to fly, yet its wings have the complex structure as well as the quilled feathers of modern birds. While Scientists puzzle over the purpose of these wings, you can check out the fossils yourself and share your thoughts and theories in the comments!

Discover a New Deviant

These regular showcases by MicahJGunnell always result in us finding someone new to watch! Did you find a new deviant in this edition? Let us know in the comments.

Apocalypse's Storm is Hair-Raising

Fans rejoice, Storm's mohawk will be making the big screen! New photos of the upcoming X-Men Apocalypse movie reveal an in-costume glimpse of Psylocke, a rather Power Rangers looking Apocalypse, and our new Storm, played by Alexandra Shipp. There is great excitement about this new casting and design, due to Halle Berry's previous performance as Storm, which many fans considered lackluster. Is there a particular X-Men character you would like to see reinvented for the movies?

Life After Disney

eledoremassis02 created a project that involved him destroying iconic Disney landmarks through a series of photomanpulations. The project called Life After Disney was inspired by the History channel series "Life After People" and recently, Huffington Post covered it. Congrats!

The Science of Screams

Researchers at University of Austria have turned their attention to the human scream, and are uncovering what makes this vocalization so scary. They found that screams have qualities unlike any other human vocalization. In fact, the screams that were considered the scariest by study participants were found to be very similar in range and 'roughness' to the sounds used in car alarms! Read more about their studies into the science of screams here.

Get to Know a Deviant

@deviantspolight does exactly that — it aims to showcase deviants in our community through interviews and features. In this spotlight, we get to find out more about writer/photographer KWilliamsPhoto.

In the Forums

Using DeviantArt muro, draw a snail and post it in this forum.

Happy Birthday

xbastex's birthday is today! Join us in wishing him the best day.

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