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Star Wars: Battlefront Trailer

There’s an official trailer for the new Star Wars: Battlefront game, and it looks pretty amazing. We’re seeing a lot of what we expected: classic battles from the original trilogy as well as a few landscapes we don’t recognize. We know that the game will include a downloadable level from the new film, The Force Awakens, but otherwise we’re not entirely sure how much of the game will take place during the new era. What we do know is that the game will be released in November.

All Roads Lead to Deviation

It’s been about fifteen years since the incarnation of DeviantArt. DA’s very own spyed takes you back to the beginning and gives you a look at where we’re heading.

Super Sculpey Art

Meet Tiamatus, an artist from the US who is doing incredible things with Super Sculpey!

Look At This Photo of the Moon and the International Space Station

This was taken by photographer Thierry Legault, who specializes in photographing astrological events, and has taken a great deal of ISS transits (including one across the sun). This is one of those holy-cow-this-can’t-be-real photos, but we assure you, it is.

Meet Paul Cezanne

Cezanne’s work inspired some of art’s most important and well-known movements, and helped found modernism as an artistic school. Get to know the man himself, in our birthday tribute to Cezanne from earlier this year.

Wine Glass Beakers

These wine glasses from Periodic Tableware are a fusion of beakers and wine glasses that are classy enough for a dinner party but still super unique. We can’t guarantee that this shape is the best for experiencing all the floral notes of a vintage pinot noir, but they’re certifiably cool-looking.

Site Update

We’ve got the scoop on the recent outage and issues around the site. Get more information here.

Belgium Sees United States’ Runaway Llamas, Raises Them Three Zebras

The runaway animal madness is continuing on strong and we are not one bit unhappy about it. Apparently some rascally Zebras got loose in Brussels this week and went romping about the streets for a few hours before they were contained by authorities. What kind of exotic animal is going to get loose next? And in what quantity? Let’s speculate about this in the comments below.

Forum Feature

Kimopoleis would like to know what video game you’ve spent the most time playing. Discuss your gaming obsessions here.

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