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The Batman v Superman Trailer Has Been Release

In the wake of yesterday’s...anticlimactic teaser-of-the-teaser trailer debut, the actual first look at Batman v Superman has been released. The trailer does a pretty good job setting up the film’s premise, and gives us some hope for Ben Affleck as Batman — just listen to that classic one-liner at the end.

Matthew McConaughey’s Reacts To Star Wars Trailer

Did your eyes get a little misty while you watched yesterday’s Star Wars trailer debut? We’re willing to bet you weren’t feeling half as sentimental as Matthew McConaughey in this reaction video.

Twinkles and the Fox

y2jenn illustrated an adorable children’s book called Twinkles and the Fox, which you can find here.

Archie vs Sharknado

That’s right everybody, per a report from Bleeding Cool, this summer will see the release of an Archie vs. Sharknado comic, which might be the most inspired crossover of all time. We can’t wait to pick up a copy of this.

Jewelry Commission

Wolf-of-Samhain has opened up jewelry commissions to help pay for school. All the information you need is here.

‘Messenger’ Will Hit Mercury April 30th

NASA announced yesterday via a press release that its faithful Mercury probe, Messenger, which has been orbiting the first planet from the sun for about a decade now, will run out of propellant and crash into Mercury’s surface on April 30.

5 Year Anniversary

by DulcetFancy

Happy 5 Years!

Today is DulcetFancy’s 5 year DA anniversary! Head on over to help her celebrate. How long have you been a part of DeviantArt? Tell us in the comments below!

Meet BB-8

BB-8 is threatening to steal the hearts of audiences the world over this Christmas when The Force Awakens is released, but in the mean time audiences at Star Wars Celebration got to meet the actual droid used while filming the movie. Take a look for yourself. Does R2D2 have some competition?

Forum Feature

Starfiyah wants to know what you hated when you were a kid? Brussels sprouts? Bath time? Share your childhood bugaboos here.

David Lynch Hates Graffiti

So this story kind of flew under our radar, but apparently back in March David Lynch spoke at a gallery exhibition in Australia that featured his work, and, among other things, made the casual and not at all overblown statement that “Graffiti to me has pretty much ruined the world.” To give Lynch the benefit of context, he was speaking in terms of the street art form sullying architecture and making it difficult to film in certain locations, but even then, this statement caused us to raise our eyebrows. What’s your opinion? Do you see graffiti as a valid artform or nothing more than vandalism?

Birthday Patrol

We want to wish the happiest of birthdays to Hyung86!

Ryan Gosling Could Star In ‘Blade Runner’ Sequel

Deadline is reporting that Ryan Gosling, star of Drive, is in negotiations to star in the upcoming Blade Runner sequel. We’ve got mixed feelings about the idea of this classic and near-perfect film getting a sequel, but Gosling’s involvement, along with director Denis Villeneuve and Harrison Ford — reprising his role from the first film — all give us reason to be optimistic.

Sketch Madness Champ

Please help us give a heartfelt congratulations to pikajane, who was crowned Sketch Madness Champion today!

First Donut (almost) In Space

People love donuts, people love space — this was bound to happen sooner or later. We’re both proud of this donut and also strangely jealous of it. Do you think donuts taste better after having been to space? Let us know in the comments below.


by Bucky2K

East Coast Meet-Up

The EastCoastDA group has announced a DevMeet in Boston on August 15th. Check this out for more info.

David Freaking Hasselhoff

There’s nothing we can say about this video that can describe the magic of watching it. Enjoy.

Keep This In Mind

When you don’t feel like posting to DA, or you are looking for a reason to keep making work, remember that people like mkaye610 are inspired by the things that you do!

Cover for Milo Talon

by Louis L'Amour

Fantasy Art Technique

Muddy Colors is a Fantasy Art Collective that posts regular blogs and their latest entry lists out the aspects of painting in order of priority.

Draw Better

MachinesBleedToo has posted this no-BS guide to improving your drawing.

Forum Feature

DamaiMikaz wants to know how deep your addiction to DA runs. Open up here, we won’t judge.

How To Make The Game Of Thrones Theme Song With Cubase

Well this is pretty cool. Doctor Mix has created a video showing how you can recreate the Game of Thrones theme song using the Cubase program. How do you think they did?

Project Porkchop Artist To Watch

AtelierKunz is an artist living in Germany. We’re having a hard time putting her work into words, which we consider a good thing. See her gallery here, and find out about more Project Porkchop artists here.

Attack On Titan Game Trailer

This new trailer for the Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains game, which is coming to 3DS later this year, highlights specific game features.

Freedom Planet

by GalaxyTrail Games

Play This Game

Freedom Planet is an anthro-based game created by SpaceyStrife and TysonTan. Check it out right here.

Birthday Patrol

Put on your party hats everyone, because today is MarcBrunet’s birthday!

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One of the best things about the Star Wars trailers? It doesn't use the same damn music as all the other trailers that are being released lately. If I hear that mechanical humming of doom one more time I am going to lose my shit :stare:

Also I couldn't hear the music of the Hasselhoff video cos my own laughter was too loud and just covered it entirely :B