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Watch 8 Minutes Of Behind The Scenes Footage From ‘Avengers’

We have no idea where this footage came from or what it’s doing online, but what we do know is that this video contains 8, almost 9 minutes of completely out of context behind-the-scenes clips from Avengers: Age of Ultron. Is this a tease meant to drum up interest in the film? It doesn’t seem likely. The unaffiliated YouTube account name and low view count gives this all the markings of a leaked video, so with that in mind, watch it while it’s still up.

Film Industry Life
by Regan MacStravic

Life As A PA

Cinestress has shared a behind-the-scenes look at her life as a Production Assistant.

Florida Man Lands Gyrocopter on US Capitol Lawn

If you’re intimately familiar with Florida’s reputation, that headline may not be surprising. Either way, Doug Hughes, a Florida resident, flew his gyrocopter onto the US Capitol building’s front lawn in protest of campaign finance laws and political corruption. When detailing his planned protest to the Tampa Bay Times, hughes said he did not think “that the authorities are going to shoot down a 61-year-old mailman in a flying bicycle.” No one suspected that this was a national security threat, but President Obama was briefed on the incident due to its notability. We offer a hearty “keep on rockin’ in the free world” to Mr. Hughes, and hope that he makes it back to Florida safely.

Discover New Artists

MicahJGunnell has started a new feature that highlights artists he feels deserve your attention and we think it’s great! Discover a new artist now.

Joss Whedon Is Getting Sued

Whedon and Lionsgate face a $10 Million Dollar Copyright lawsuit, as an author is claiming they stole the premise of Cabin in the Woods from him. Peter Gallagher wrote a book called The Little White Trip: A Night in the Pines. While Gallagher self-published the books, he apparently registered the title with the Writers Guild of America in 2006. Cabin in the Woods was released in 2012.

On a rather dubious note, Gallagher claims to have sold copies of the book on the Venice Beach boardwalk and the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The book’s relatively unknown status seemingly decreases the chances that Whedon ever actually encountered it, and yet it also makes us wonder if we’re living in the alternate universe in which the Firefly creator is an evil genius who stole the premise from a self-published book because he knew he’d get away with it — we certainly hope that isn’t the case!

Here Is A Pie

In order to restore the balance in the Cake vs Pie universe, we present this delicious Banoffee Pie by Nimmxx. Are you a pie person or a cake person? Represent your side in the comments section.

Look How Good This Animation Is

Hayao Miyazaki fans, and fans of quality work in general are going wild for this animation created by Goo00.

Morning Warm-Up

nebezial’s morning warm-up looks a lot better than ours (awkwardly attempting to do squats, in case you’re wondering). Be sure to check out the process video in the description.

Pluto In Color
by Ralph’s Camera

Pluto In Color

Pluto, which is a planet again, in case you’ve lost track, has been photographed in color for the first time by NASA spacecraft New Horizons. So the photo is a little small, and maybe slightly blurry, but it’s more about the achievement that it represents here. We hope to see more photos in the future.

Forum Feature

BlissClouds has a sweet tooth and wants to know what your favorite sweet is.  Share your sugary cravings here.

Robin Williams Tribute

Comedian Jamie Costa posted a compilation tribute video to Robin Williams, in which he does some pretty spot-on impersonations of his favorite Williams characters from films throughout the years.

Birthday Patrol

It’s SeizureDemon’s birthday! Help us wish him a very happy one.

Kimmel Shows ‘The Avengers’ Cast Fan Art

The cast of The Avengers stopped by The Jimmy Kimmel Show ahead of the film’s premiere last night in Hollywood, and Kimmel had a special treat waiting for them. During the interview, Kimmel showed cast members some fan art, much of which was taken right here from DeviantArt — Kimmel focused especially on pieces that featured Tony Stark and Bruce Banner together as a couple. Pieces from CABARETdelDIAVOLO, Turtletamer42, and ichigomarshmallow were featured on the show.

Writer Seeks Advice

Diggerman is looking for some writing advice. Can you help him out?

SpaceX Launch A Success, Mostly

SpaceX launched its Falcon 9 rocket today in a mission that had two objectives: launch a supply vehicle en route to the International Space Station, and recover the stage one booster rocket. The first objective was completed successfully. The Dragon unit carrying food, equipment, and an espresso machine is well on its way. The second part, which was a crucial test for SpaceX’s technology, fell just inches short of completion. SpaceX wants its booster rockets to be reusable; traditional booster rockets can be used only one time, making them prohibitively expensive. If SpaceX can successfully engineer a reusable booster, they can afford to do more launches more often, which they believe will eventually make interplanetary exploration missions economically viable. According to a tweet from Elon Musk, the booster rocket found its way to the robotically controlled floating landing pad — the ship is named Just Read The Instructions — and landed successfully, but tipped over after landing due to “excess lateral velocity.” Even though it wasn’t a total success, today’s launch is a step forward, and shows just how close SpaceX is to meeting its goal. See photos and video of the launch here.

Illustrating Westeros

lovelessdevotions posts a fantastic interview series called ‘Illustrating Westeros.’ The latest edition is up, and it features ProKriK.

Game of Thrones Breaks Records For Viewers

Despite being certified as the most pirated TV show of all time, and on top of that having four episodes leaked online ahead of schedule, Game of Thrones still managed to make headlines with an audience of about 7.9 million people catching the series premiere, plus another .7 million tuning in for the 11PM repeat. If you haven’t already, check out our recap of the series premiere, and let us know what you thought of the episode!

Fearless Fiber Arts

We’ve just discovered FearlessFibreArts and you should too! She spins her own yarn and then turns it into remarkable creations.

Netflix Will Make Its Content More Accessible

Original content on Netflix will soon be updated with audio description, a format that allows people with vision impairments to follow along with TV shows by describing actions, costumes, and settings via voiceover narration. Some critics aptly pointed out the irony of Daredevil, a show about a blind superhero, not being available in that format, and it appears Netflix was listening. All its original content, including Daredevil, will be updated to include audio description options in the coming weeks.

We’ve Got Your Back

Hunching over a desk or piece of artwork for periods of time isn’t nice to your back and SirKoday is looking for some suggestions for stretches that may help with back pain. Share your tips and tricks here.

Cuba Removed From Terrorism Sponsor List

Out of context it sounds like kind of a no-brainer, but Barack Obama’s decision to remove Cuba from a US-kept list of states that sponsor terrorism was a historic one. This move comes in the wake of strategic moves by the Obama administration to defrost US-Cuban relations, which have been shaky at best since The Cold War. Last week Obama and Cuba’s President, Raul Castro, sat down together. It marked the first meeting between US and Cuban Presidents since 1958.

Forum Features

LumiereDarling wants to know about the best concert you’ve ever been to. Head over to the forums and share your stories.

Celebrity Deathmatch
by PawsNFurs

‘Celebrity Deathmatch’ Will Return

If you ever tuned in to MTV in the late 90s or early 2000s, you might remember a certain show in which claymation celebrities stepped into a wrestling ring to settle their grudges. We’ll all have a chance to experience the magic of Celebrity Deathmatch once again as MTV2 has ordered a season of the series. According to a report from AV Club, the show will also take into account the real-life Twitter wars celebrities often get in to. The show’s creator, Eric Fogel, will be overseeing the new season. This ought to be good.

Project Porkchop Artist To Watch

Himenyuu is a digital artist with living in Indonesia. Check out her gallery here, and find out about more Project Porkchop artists here.

Cat Sledding

With a title like Cat Sledding, what more incentive could we possibly offer you to click on this? Seriously, if you do nothing else today, watch this video.

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