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Liquid Water On Mars

Multiple sources are reporting that the Curiosity Rover has discovered evidence of water beneath the surface of Mars. Due to the presence of a specific kind of salt that greatly reduces the freezing point of water, combined with the porousness of Mars’s soil, researchers believe there is good reason to believe that water is forming and then seeping down below the surface of the Red Planet.

Monday Is Over

Hey, we got through Monday, let’s celebrate with this delicious cake! GinkgoWerkstatt even shared the recipe!

Bill Paxton To Star In ‘Grand Theft Auto’ Movie

But before you start picturing him running around stealing cars and causing chaos, you should know that the film is actually about the game’s development and the controversy caused by its release, rather than being a story set in the world of the game. Deadline reports that Paxton will be playing Jack Thompson, a lawyer who earned his reputation railing against the games.

Writing Tips

Breath-of-Nefertari has posted these six tips for writers.

GoPro footage from US EVA 30

The Astronauts on US EVA 30 uploaded about an hour of pretty stunning GoPro footage of themselves working outside the craft, bein’ astronauts. It’s kind of amazing to watch.


This bubble feature by Urus-28 is really fun!

Alan Turing’s Notebook Nets Over $1 Million

A notebook that Alan Turing used to work out the basis of computer science (no big deal or anything) was sold at auction for $1,025,000 earlier this week. The notebook was one that Turing used when he was working at Bletchley Park during WWII, known to modern moviegoers as his Imitation Game era. The notebook is 56 pages long, and a part of the proceeds from the sale will be donated to charity.

Commission Some Art

cpalamara is offering commissions to help pay for printing his portfolio for university applications! Check out what he’s offering here.

155th Anniversary
Pony Express

Pony Express

155 years ago today the Pony Express was founded, and Google is celebrating with a distracting but super adorable game.

Friends Forever

Friendships formed on DeviantArt can be amazing. Check out this great story by hosagu. Do you have a DA friendship story? Share it with us in the comments below.

Cheer Up

Cheer Someone Up

We all have days where we’re feeling a little down but if you’re one of those people that has an abundance of happiness, there’s an app that will help you find people on Twitter that need a little cheering up.

by MultiCurious

Forum Feature

Misheard lyrics can be the funniest things and melody1720 wants to know the funniest ones you know about. Share them here.

Brighten Up Your Week

Here’s a little bit of light to make your week brighter. This beautiful animated short, called One Bright Dot, was done by animator Clément Morin, with music by Etienne Forget, and sound design by Hugo Thouin. Isn’t it mesmerizing? We can’t stop watching this.

Birthday Patrol

Guess who’s got a birthday today? It’s LadyFromEast! Help us wish her a happy one.

Olivia Munn To Play Psylocke

Brian Singer, director of the forthcoming X-Men: Apocalypse, announced via his Instragram account yesterday that Olivia Munn has been cast to play the popular mutant Psylocke in the film. Anyone who watched HBO’s The Newsroom will recognize Munn as probably being the show’s most likable character, and she’s also been in Magic Mike and Iron Man 2.

Daily Inspiration

Some inspiring words from Telltale Games artist IMAGINeye.

Wonder Woman Loses Its Director

The Hollywood Reporter obtained a statement that the Emmy Award winning director Michelle MacLaren will not be directing the upcoming Wonder Woman film. Michelle MacLaren has directed episodes of Breaking Bad, its spinoff series Better Call Saul, as well as Game of Thrones. Her feature directoral debut has been hotly anticipated, but it looks like we’re all going to have to wait a little longer. According to the statement, MacLaren decided to leave the project because of “creative differences,” which is one of Hollywood’s most time-honored reasons for quitting a film.

Photography Debate

CRPhotography has introduced this month’s photography debate and the topic is DSLR’s vs Bridge Cameras — which do you think is better? Discuss here.

‘Scream’ Trailer

The self-awareness level in this trailer for Scream the TV show is dangerously high, as the opening line addresses the difficulties faced by trying to turn a slasher film into a television series. It’s hard not to agree with the voiceover assessment that it simply can’t work, but we’ll at least wait until the premiere to make that decision for sure. Check out the trailer and let us know what you think in the comments.

Better Know A Deviant

After lurking around DeviantArt for 5 years, Oddersnude has posted his first ever journal! Go say hello and take a look at his amazing gallery.

Katee Sackhoff To Create New Series

Deadline is reporting that a series called Rain, created by Sackhoff and being developed by Sackhoff’s company Fly Free Productions, is a futuristic sci-fi story that explores the deterioration of earth’s climate as well as evolutionary changes that may occur. Sounds pretty good to us! Sackhoff is known for her iconic character Starbuck in Battlestar Galactica, and as “Vic” in the hit series Longmire.

by imaginism

Art Education For All

imaginism is trying to make art education affordable.

Destiny Expansion Trailer

Here is the trailer for Destiny Expansion II: House of Wolves. We can say firsthand that if you’re unfamiliar with the series, more than a few of the terms in this trailer aren’t going to make sense to you. But that doesn’t stop this from looking like a reasonably cool game.


The early bird gets the worm, but everyone knows that owls hunt better at night. So which are you? Share your habits with Denece-the-sylcoe here.

No, Yo Soy Tu Padre

Here is a one minute and 30 seconds of Darth Vader saying his most famous line, “No, I am your father,” in more languages than you can shake a stick at. Thank us later.

Project Porkchop Artist To Watch

Andrew McIntosh is an artist living in Australia. He creates some really amazing creatures like flying frogs, crabs, and snowmen. Go look at his gallery, and find out about other Project Porkchop artists here.

Interview + Training Videos

Here is an interview with Photography expert Mike Browne, whose website hosts incredible tutorials and an immense archive of free training videos that you can use and learn from.

Birthday Patrol

Today is jayfabs’s birthday! Go and wish him a happy one.

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