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‘Terminator Genisys’ Trailer


The new Terminator trailer tells us all sorts of things about the upcoming film, so viewer discretion is advised but here’s the main takeaway: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s still got it.

Improve Your Practice

We’ve all heard that ‘practice makes perfect’ but leiyue has some additional tips for improving your drawing beyond that, read them here.

Russia Bans Memes

According to a report from The Washington Post, the Russian government has recently issued a clarification of its policies regarding images of public figures on the internet. The statement says that it is illegal to post images of public figures that depict them in ways not related to their personalities. In other words, no memes with celebrities. Especially no Vladmir Putin memes. It remains unclear whether Scumbag Steve or Old Economy Steve or Scumbag Steve count as public figures.

Mystery Gift

Endorell-Taelos would like to thank her mysterious gifter! We think you’re pretty cool too.

‘Age of Ultron’ Clip

With under three weeks until the film’s premier, it’s safe to say we’ve crossed into Age of Ultron madness territory. With that in mind, we can expect to see some clips, stills, and other movie appetizers designed to drum up interest in the film over the coming days. We ain’t mad at it. Here’s a clip of Iron Man fighting Hulk from the movie.

Hidden Gems

The fella group posts a monthly feature that showcases 10 images with under 10 favorites. Check out the amazing selections in their latest edition here.

Let The Troll Hunt Begin

After years of abuse and countless YouTube comment thread hijackings, scientists have finally decided to do something about internet trolls. According to a report from Popular Science, researchers as Cornell University have developed an algorithm that can spot an inflammatory internet commenter within a few posts, with considerable accuracy. What the algorithm will be used for remains very much in question, especially because it isn’t 100% accurate yet. At the very least, we hope it could be used to help administrators track potential trolls on their site, and make an informed decision about whether or not to revoke access. Read more about it here.

Super Fast Fiction

Flash Fiction is like a short story you can keep in your pocket — learn more about it from this article by pwassonne.

Architecture Feature

BokehLight’s feature on Urban and Rural Architecture is simply stunning.

Ant-Man Trailer

We’re finally getting a look at Ant-Man, the tiniest little hero! It looks like a pretty good balance of humor and drama based on the trailer. This has to be one of the unlikeliest superhero films imaginable, but we’re really excited to see it after watching this.

Contest Time

dAKnitters has announced their April contest and the theme is “Video Games.” Find out about the rules, how to enter, and what prizes you can win here.

Hologram Protest

Well this is a first. According to a report from, a protest consisting entirely of holographic marchers was held near Spain’s parliament building over the weekend. The protest was in response to the passage of a series of so-called citizen security laws that seem dubiously aimed at stopping political dissent in spain. One of the restrictions created by the laws makes it illegal to stage a march in front of parliament buildings. As such, protestors decided to send holograms to voice their dissent — as police officers can attest, it is infinitely more difficult to arrest a hologram than a person.

Forum Feature

ArcaneBelleza wants to know what you favorite childhood toy was, share here.

by MadLabs

3D Printing Meets The Human Body

MadLabs, with funding from Autodesk Research, has created an interface that allows designers to create 3D printable blueprints using their own body as an interface. With projections and motion sensors, you can project a design onto your body — a wristwatch, let’s say — and then alter the shape of it using your hands, which are detected by motion sensors. The program, called Tactum, stores the alterations to the data, allowing you to then print the design using a 3D printer. Find out more about the project here.

Birthday Patrol

Wow, okay everyone, we have a few people to say a big happy birthday to: ersi, makepictures, and SGonzalez! We hope all three of you have an amazing day.

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