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Tim Burton’s “Dumbo” Imminent

Dumbo got some big news today. Director Tim Burton will be directing a live-action adaptation of the 1940s Disney classic. Burton has plenty of experience turning animated narratives into live-action films, and we’re excited to see how he manages to transform Johnny Depp into an elephant.

Top Ten List

Everyone go congratulate philbourassa for making Variety’s top 10 animators to watch list!

by odysseyart

Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion Launch Indiegogo Campaign

Tudyk and Fillion, whom fans may recognize from Firefly, are looking to raise money to fund a new series about former TV stars who travel to sci-fi conventions. You can help fund the series via Indiegogo now.

Thanks, Science!

A new study has revealed the secret behind the chameleon’s ability to camouflage itself. Apparently, the creatures craft their unique disguises by quickly rearranging light-reflecting cells on their skin. The question we want answered next: how soon can we use this discovery to develop chameleon suits for consumers? Your move, science.

Improve Your Adoptables

Are you looking to elevate your game? Look no further. Not sure what adoptables are? Check out the article we did here.

The Habits of Highly Creative People

If you need some help structuring your daily routines, has compiled a chart detailing the daily routines of some of history’s finest creators. Each one has very specific details — see which one lines up with your own schedule here.

Face Off

We love ACivicDilemma. We love CliveBarker. And now we love SyFy’s show Face Off!

That Sailor Moon Look

We Heart It has an easy how-to diagram for anyone looking to get perfect Sailor Moon hair, which, let’s face it, is all of us.

Photography Debate

Add your opinion to the newest photography debate. What’s your stance on flash vs natural light?

Wikimedia Sues the NSA

Citing violations of laws governing freedom of speech, Wikimedia has filed a lawsuit against the NSA along with other organizations including Amnesty International USA and the Global Fund for Women.

Good Advice in Four Words

DeviantArt represent! The twitterverse is sharing their #GoodAdvicein4Words and we would love to hear yours! Leave it in the comments below or join the conversation on Twitter. Be sure to use #DeviantArt, so we can read you words of wisdom :)

New Gameplay Footage From Adr1ft

You can now preview the first nine minutes of this new sci-fi space adventure here.

PS Mobile Shutting Down

Playstation is discontinuing support for its Playstation Mobile app, which allowed users to download Playstation content on their mobile devices. In related news, Playstation had a mobile app! Who knew?


We let you know about RavensQuill’s birthday today and in true DAcommunity fashion, she responded by telling us about these awesome people celebrating today too! TereseNielsen, inka-inka, Kanizo, EmpireFX, Inuyasha-no-e, Emotikonz, Lizzy-K, kuraikitsune13, Iloveyoukisshu, winfieId, Coral-Melodia, hetaliais, DoctorFabulous, JasmineM18, Hikari-Kara, kriterijus. Curious as to which deviants share your birthday? Head over to birthdays and find your birthday buddy :cake:

Robin Thicke and Pharrell Finally Brought To Justice

In case you were wondering when the always-off-putting Robin Thicke and usually-great Pharrell would finally get a comeuppance for writing the worst, possibly most offensive song of all time — Blurred Lines — the answer is today. A jury has decided the duo must pay $7.3 million for their sins (oh yeah, and for stealing the song from Marvin Gaye).

#WIP Wednesday

You still have time! Sketches. Doodles. Process shots. Whatever stage you're at, we want to see your work in progress! Share your #WIP in the comments below!

Tron 3 Is Coming

Are you ready to step back on the grid? Ready or not, we’re getting a Tron sequel. Don’t get derezzed before this movie hits theaters.

Bring Back evanhwong

A longtime member of DeviantArt has made a wager: if twenty senior members who remember him comment on this thread, he will come back to DA. What are you waiting for? Let’s bring Evan home!

Feeling It

Has a video game ever made you cry? Nichrysalis invites you to share your top three most emotional video game moments. Bring on the nostalgia!

Billionaire Donates Art Collection

The art market is a weird, troubling place at times, but today is not one of those times. French billionaire William Louis-Dreyfus is selling his art collection to benefit the Harlem Children’s Zone, which provides support for disadvantaged youth. The collection is valued somewhere between ten and fifty million dollars. This is just one of those situations where everyone wins (we hope).

Gordon Ramsay Makes a Pancake

Ever wonder how a culinary legend makes a pancake? In this video Gordon Ramsay shows us how it’s done...or something like that. (Will we ever stop dreaming about pancakes?)

Because We’re a Community

Everyone needs a little help once in a while. Take a moment from your day and check out this post explaining how you can help rainylake, one of your fellow Deviants!

The Hulkbuster

Hot Toys is releasing a new Iron Man figure that stands at an astounding fifty-five centimeters tall—they’re calling it the Hulkbuster. The figure stands at 1:6 scale, and features some extraordinary details including lots of bright, shiny LED lights. Pre-order begins soon, but fair warning: it’ll cost an arm and a leg.

How To Win Friends and Influence People

This deviant could use some advice on the first part, anyway. We get it! Making friends can be tricky. We’ll be watching this thread closely for pointers.

Modern Master Directs Kanye West Vid

Kanye West revealed that the forthcoming music video for his new single “All Day,” was directed by Steve Mcqueen, whose filmography includes Oscar-winning 12 Years a Slave. We present this news without comment.

Daily Inspiration

If you need to steel your resolve today, check out this poem by ArtsyAmbassadorArt. I for one am feeling more resilient already.


RavensQuill has a birthday today! Go wish her a happy year with more to come.

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Loved the indiegogo video Fillian and Tudyk made. I can only imagine the series will be brilliantly hysterical.

On the natural vs flash photography article I'll have to check that out tomorrow. Last year I bought an Einstein strobe lighting kit and it has been amazing. I use it for documenting my fiber arts and 3d printing projects. With its perfect color balance the photos look naturally lit without any gross color balance so kinds and the umbrella set up keeps the lighting soft.