This Just In From Outer Space: We Are Star Stuff!

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Colors Of Space by Jessica-Art

Why so much excitement in the halls of deep space science?

Because the complex branched structure of the detected cyanide molecules confirms everything Carl Sagan has told us, that the building blocks of life are widespread in our galaxy. These types of molecules are the pre-cursers to the next step toward life: the creation of amino acids. And if amino acids are this widespread throughout the universe—then there’s probably some forms of life out there waiting to greet us.

Until then, first introductions with our alien neighbors will have to remain under the purview of our deviant painters’ and modelers’ imaginations.

So rejoice with the artists who fill DeviantArt with so many illustrations of beautiful and mind-blowing alternative galaxies and imaginative planetscapes—iso-propyl cyanide has been detected in a star-forming cloud 27,000 light-years from Earth!

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  1. Do you believe we are not alone in the universe?

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I do not believe we are alone in this vast vast universe. I also believe there are other universes, with like creatures of ourselves. I believe there's already a place where humanlike creatures have met the aliens, and are now studying the human world Earth in a numbered universe to which they have discovered thousands of years ago. I think they're much more evolved, and they study us humans as we grow, interfering with the usual weird world excitement..

I should write a book. 
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Thanks for using my drawing!


I do not believe that we are alone in this universe.
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I certainly do believe we're not alone in the Universe.
We've confirmed a dozen or so habitable worlds within 2,000 lightyears of our Solar System already, and the Milky Way has around 200 million stars.
And there are hundreds of millions of galaxies in the visible Universe, each with millions and millions of stars.
Even if the odds are such that only one planet in each galaxy ever sires life at a time, that means hundreds of millions of habitable worlds on average in the Universe.
Even if the odds are such that only one planet in a hundred galaxies ever sires life at a time, that still means millions of habitable worlds like ours.
Even if the odds are such that only one planet in a million galaxies ever sires life at a time, that still means hundreds of habitable worlds out there.
But I don't think any of that is the case.  It's proven fact now that Mars once looked like the (primordial) Earth, billions of years ago, complete with liquid water and primordial atmosphere of CO2 and CH4 and N2.  Even Venus was thought to look like the Earth with its oceans and primordial atmosphere.  But Venus was too close to the Sun hold its liquid water, and Mars was too small.  On top of that, Europa is certain to have liquid water underneath its thick ice sheet, and same goes likely for Ganymede and Enceladus.  Even Titan could harbour life, with its organic-compound-rich atmosphere.
And that's just within our own Solar System!  Life certainly is quite common in the Universe.  Intelligent life, however...
*Yes, I'm totally into this sort of stuff!
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Not sure, but if we were alone it would be awesome in certain ways if we were,(i.e. it's much easier to conquer an alien-less universe than one with aliens.)  
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Carl Sagan. WORD UP! And i think thay we are definitely not alone in the universe.
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I believe that there are other beings in the universe. There are thousands of galaxies and stars, chances are that there are other living beings with us, no matter how similar or different to us they may be.
It's scary if you think about it too long.. Especially if you believe we're all alone in the universe.
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1. We are not alone in the universe. Life will find a way! However - life is just a process. I love the Carl Sagan quote, which to paraphrase says - we the the universe witnessing itself. :-)
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Very lovely art work  all. I beleve we arr not alone in the universe." Life finds a way"quoting from  Jurrissic Park. I beleve that also is true in the universe too
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Yes.  It is statistically impossible that there in no other life in the remainder of the universe.  It's not even a matter of belief.  The percentage of life spontaneously coming into being might be infinitesimal, or it might be shockingly large.
But there is a percentage, no matter how big or small, and the universe is entirely too large for other life to be impossible.
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I believe that it is not possible we are alone, I mean, think of the billions and billions of stars and billions of universes! We cant be the only ones to survive. Maybe life can be different for different habitats, like how animals have adapted to the desert and trees breath carbon dioxide. Life can adapt.
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i want to to believe
I hope we aren't alone in the universe. I mean probability alone should state that.
This doesn't sit right with me. It feels too "offhand".

The individual artworks are nice to look at though.
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You are not alone
in the universe.
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Awesome space art and science fiction feature :clap:
I believe we are not alone :nod:
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I love outer space art! Great article.

I believe we are not alone. Believing otherwise would be depressing and terrifying.
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I still believe in unicorns. :stare: 
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I think the universe is much too large to be intended for just us humans. The Bible hints numerous times that we have and will interact with non-human sentients besides demons, though it's not possible to say for sure if they're from another planet (the typical definition of "alien") or from another plane or realm (e.g. the angels are technically from the third heaven).

The two biggest hints are in Genesis, where the Bible says the Nephilim were half-human, half something else, and in Revelation, where it talks about strange creatures from the deep, and (believing) humans ruling over others. The other humans and fallen angels/demons are in Hell, what are we ruling over? It at least opens up the possibility of aliens.

I also think a few UFO sightings are genuine, though most are simply Government tests and hoaxes.

On top of that is the odd consistency of monsters and gods across the planet. I believe many of these are descriptions of the possessed, incarnated demons, and possibly alien species.

In short, yes, I think there is a real possibility that we are not the only natural beings in the universe.
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yes we are not alone in the universe ! of course !!!
and I meet some space creature see picture (is a joke)…
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From ET to Wally there's definitely something else out there ... Has to be.
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Lovely article! Needs more space art! :P

I believe that the universe itself is alive, therefore we are not alone. It is in a state of evolution, as all things which are alive do.  It grows, it consumes, part of it die off and are recreated like cells.  Just because its not "life as we know it" or that there is no measurable "intelligence" (Lets be honest some of the human race has this issue too >.> ) doesn't mean that it is not, as a whole, alive as far as I am concerned.

As for little green/grey men... well, that remains to be seen, but to quote one of my favorite movies (and probably a lot of other sciency type people), it would be an awful big waste of space!
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universe, the first piece up there.. so amazing. i love space art and da is filled to the brim with it which is awesome!!

anyway, universe to me is great because its just a great summary of it all. the whole life
experience really.
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"We are star stuff" is what Delenn from Babylon 5 used to say :)
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So did the awesome Carl Sagan! :D
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