The Stock Market - No. 4

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About Stock Market

The inspirational magic of one image awakening the creative muse of hundreds of artists.

This issue's stock image

Faballa 4 by liam-stock

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ceeek-stock's avatar
Fantastic series!
WallachianBard's avatar
Wow!Now that is just amazing.
I'm glad there's still people that are creative.
Yes, yes, "Imagination", "reinterpretation", let's pretend that no one came here because of her t|ts.

Some nice pictures though
Sarah-BK's avatar
I really enjoyed seeing this :) Must make such stock creators really pleased ^^
blackrebeu's avatar
It's really very beautiful ! I am surprised to see it. I love it.
FREAKY20001's avatar
Love it!! amazingly beautiful...
tascity's avatar
some really bad stuff there!
Marsupi88's avatar
It's beautiful, really very beautiful.
twowolves2's avatar
I love it . from one comes many.. so many . a Great start to so much and It stands alone all by it self. great model great Photographer.
Azelf2010's avatar
It's so interesting to see how so many people can reinterpret an image in such a variety of ways using so many different kinds of mediums. i can't wait for the next installment!
KhaosTheory455's avatar
Loook so many things you can do with one model.There are no limits in art.You put the limits :)
EsselPratt's avatar
What I love about this is that one single image has inspired multiple people to reach deep into their imaginations to create something so different. Much like the Odyssey II project, we were given one prompt, all of us saw the same thing, interpreted it differently and created the masterpiece that evolved from it.
Lintu47's avatar
    Great usage of the stock, those are beautiful :heart:
vanmall's avatar
I am honestly blown away by your code and design every time. :lol:

Awesome article as well. :nod:
Astrikos's avatar
So much inspiration! :love:
Well done article!
TheGalleryOfEve's avatar
Very inspirational!!! :clap::clap::clap:
RainyBlacksmith's avatar
That is pretty cool formatting.
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