The DeviantArt Hotel: Possible Reality?

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Hotel for DeviantDreamers?

Ever wondered what a hotel designed by the artists of DevianArt might look like?  Probably something like the new Sunrise Kempinski Hotel, one of Beijing, China’s many newly constructed state-of-the-art luxury lodgings.

Imagine this: Spanning 18,075 square meters, the exterior glass surface is covered by more than 10,000 glass panels. The panels are angled so that the top portion of the building reflects the color of the sky, the middle reflects nearby Yanshan Mountain and the bottom section reflects the lake. At night, the hotel is lit up by hydroelectric-powered LED lights.

Glass panels on the Kempinski Sunrise Hotel reflect the nearby mountains, sky and lake.

The question is whether all these fancy new hotels, in and of themselves, will be tourist attractions enough to bring in visitors from all over the world. The repressive Chinese government is gambling that the world’s travelers will be so dazzled by these beautiful gateways into China that they won’t bother so much with venturing too far within the country’s troubled interior, where the depredations of high velocity modernization are taking a toll on the citizenry.

Your Thoughts

Most importantly, what would your DeviantArt Hotel look like?

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It would look like the Shire. All the rooms would be earth-sheltered and covered in lush greenery. You wouldn't even be able to tell it was a hotel until you looked closer. The interiors would be wood-paneled and have big fireplaces around round doors. There would be plenty of fresh food and drink, and there would be a pub where you could listen to live music. There would be no televisions, no internet access, and no phones in the rooms. Of course, there would be space and plenty of light for artists to work on their creations without distraction.
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that would be cool :D
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There would be monitors on every wall displaying a constant stream of deviant artists work with their name and signature.
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Thank you very much for been included in this gallery!
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The hotel would be massive, obviously. It'd be luxurious, and the walls would be covered in the artwork of millions and even billions of deviants who post increadible artwork every day. Each room would be customized to the deviant that owned it, with their name's ingraved in golden scrip scrip the door. There'd be meeting halls to discuss artwork and such, like the chatrooms and forums here, and places to show off your cosplays. There'd be group rooms for every group on dA, and then many fun and exciting activities for everyone to enjoy. That is my dream deviantART hotel.
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Ooooh I'd go to your hotel in a heartbeat as long as there's lots of beautiful nature surrounding it, awesome pools, places to hike, and spas to relax in! Also good food too, cannot skimp on the food, and theaters to watch movies in, stages with plays and shows, and banquets now and then with a wine bar for those who like their drink. XD Also a place to bring the kids to leave them to have fun with other kids and for the adults to have fun with their partner and not have to worry about their kids so much. xD And multi-room suites for each deviant.~
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Yes, food is important. Food is life. :stare:
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Aaaaa! Something went wrong with the css and I can't read the article D:
The white slash of the background covers up all of the text.
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The hotel would probably be this chaotic Alice in Wonderland type place where nothing matches because everyone designs a little bit in ther own style. In short, it's be a sensory overload of awesomness. Sort of like in Mask of the Red Death I think it'd be cool to have every room a different color with tinted windows. Oh and random passage ways and doors. I like chaos so a very confusing floor plan is my kind of hotel. Keeps it adventurous.
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I would live there forever. I would totally be like, that old guy who's rumoured to have lived there forever, who everyone comes to for stories on the secrets of the building lol.

I totally wanna make something up in Google SketchUp now. Damn you. This' going to take me forever.

Ps. If people want me to consider their ideas in my design please reply-comment. 
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That would be hectic. Especially if it was big open-plan floors so instead of closed-off rooms everyone could just go look at each different area. Kinda like a massive luxury art bunk-house. 
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I guess that makes more sense
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I was wondering if I would be able to afford to stay at the hotel.  Discount rates????
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You can pay your rent with Deviousness.
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Amazing photos and hotels :wow: Although I still don't know if I would travel to China... 

Anyway, I think my ideal deviantART hotel would have a "Mixed Media Main Lobby" with examples of art across most artistic mediums and parts of the world. Each floor would then be host to a specific art medium. And if I had unlimited technology, each hotel room would have one wall projected to display different artwork on a loop, illuminating your whole room in art :dance:

The pool (because every great hotel has an even greater pool) would be in the shape of a painter's pallet. Around the pallet would be hot tubs that illuminate different colors. Paint-brush and pencil shaped pool noodles, camera lens styled tubes, and film strip towels would accompany this area.

The dining area would be cafeteria style to promote interaction between the guests because one of the great things about deviantART is the community aspect! The tables would be round to make it easier to talk to people and might be colored in the pale pastels of a watercolor painting. Napkins would be hand embroidered and perhaps there would even be a workshop at the hotel where guests can design napkins to be used by the guests. Food would represent all areas of the world and be very diverse. Utensils might be shaped like artistic tools.

I need to head out or I would totally keep going on this. Maybe someone can design this hotel for me? Just be sure to save me a room ;)
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I would stay in your hotel.  I stayed in a Hotel in Toronto in which every room had a different style and feel and was "produced" by a different designer and architect team who essentially signed the room.
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That's awesome! That would be a place I would love to visit.

As I was writing that response I was debating on whether or not I should open up The Sims and design my idea, haha
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A :dalogo: hotel? How could you possibly make one to account for the diversity of personality and talents on this site?
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Another commenter suggested dedicated each floor to a particular style or discipline. So there'd undoubtedly be a floor (or many) that you feel comfortable on, and would find like-minded people and good discussion. 
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