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ast week we published the video of Josh Wattles, makepictures Fan Art Law panel from Comic-Con. An educative, passionate and very enlightening conversation soon followed in the comments section. You can participate in that conversation here.

This week the superstars of deviantART panel will provide unique insight and advice for artists on the rise in the deviantART community.

Being a member of the deviantART community might be the most important support system a young artists could ever hope to have. That being said, there is also the problem of finding a way to stand out when surrounded by so many fellow talented artists. What are the ways, the secrets, of shining a light on one’s own work? Profile presentation is key. And perhaps no better way of helping deviants achieve the maximum possible impact by creating the very best presentation of their profile and presence on their individual profiles, is to hear from an inspiring group of artists who joined us for a panel discussion on exactly that subject.

The artists who were kind enough to share their thoughts with spyed on this panel may represent divergent currents within the deviantART community, but they share the one imperative of always lending advice and assistance to fellow artists. Whether an artist is a veteran of a lifetime of barely scraping by in the arts, or the hottest thing hanging in galleries, all true artists are of one current forever flowing through the world, all travelers on the same course working toward truth and beauty through creativity.

Something that came to mind when re-watching this discussion during the editing process was the feeling that all of the panelists felt very connected to the deviantART community. They are part of a network of endless support and inspiration that means as much to them now at this point in their career as it did when they were just starting out. I was reminded of this when I came across this deviation from Artgerm last week...

His quote in the comments below the image brought me right back to that thought I was having while watching this panel unfold live at Comic-Con. He said:

"I strongly believe that this is the most inspirational deviation that I ever submitted. So print it out and hang it on your wall and scream "I can do it too!"

Video by: toddgrossman & scottpagano

Featured PanelistsInclude:


Adam Warren


The Dirty Pair (Dark Horse), Empowered (Dark Hourse)

Chris Sanders

:iconalohalilo: alohalilo

Lilo & Stich creator (Disney), How to Train Your Dragon (DreamWorks)

Dave Elliot

:icondeevelliott: DeevElliott

Comic industry veteran, writer and editor of over 10,000 comics projects

Jim Zubkavich

:iconzubby: Zubby

Artist, Writer and Project Manager of Creative Services, Udon Entertainment (UdonCrew),

Kevin Eastman

:iconkevineastman: Kevineastman

Co-creator of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise and Publisher of Heavy Metal Magazine

Mark Brooks

:icondiablo2003: diablo2003

Marvel Comics

Yuumei (Wenqing Yan)

:iconyuumei: yuumei

Digital Artist and Cyber-Activist

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