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In this season of deceits deceptions & witcheries

I am wary of my following message not being received with the full gravity it deserves. It is not my intention to unduly alarm the deviantART community, but... TheLaurenVerse is at this time unaccounted for. All attempts on our part to contact her have failed. It is my hope that she has simply taken a much deserved unscheduled pre-Halloween “vacation” and will be back in online communication soon.

Before going dark, TheLaurenVerse was good enough to write and transmit a report on the Slender Man phenomenon sweeping the Internet. That report is published here for readers’ perusal and commentary.

by Metysis-Kamelot-Vian


As TheLaurenVerse’s article was being set up for depthRADIUS publication, a so far unexplainable glitch occurred and an alien series of e-mail communications “infected” the e-copy, melding itself at intervals throughout the document. Our technicians have been unable to separate out this “corruptive parasite.”

And so we have no choice but to present LaurenKitsune’s article, with appended corruption intact, and we ask that anyone out there with any ideas on what exactly is going on to please send their comments post haste. A life—or lives—may depend upon it.

A New Fan-Created Character for The Transmedia Generation

You might think being at the very conception of a horror story, watching a terror meme being born, and witnessing writers, artists, and gamemasters contribute to the lore and world-building of the Slender Man mythos would leave you impervious to the dread it inspires in your very soul. You would be wrong.

In June 2009, I was lucky enough to witness firsthand the "Create Paranormal Images" Thread in the Something Awful Forums where the "Slender Man" was born.

A PhotoShop challenge after deviantART's own heart, forum dwellers were encouraged to digitally manipulate innocuous photographs into something much more creepy and sinister. As the thread lit up with popularity, those who participated began creating elaborate backstories for these images, which ranged from hasty cut-and-paste layers at 50% opacity to truly spine-tingling works of artistic mastery. Then Something Awful goon "Victor Surge" created the original images with the following backstories:

“We didn't want to go, we didn't want to kill them, but its persistent silence and outstretched arms horrified and comforted us at the same time...”

—1983, photographer unknown, presumed dead.

“One of two recovered photographs from the Stirling City Library blaze. Notable for being taken the day which fourteen children vanished and for what is referred to as The Slender Man. Deformities cited as film defects by officials. Fire at library occurred one week later. Actual photograph confiscated as evidence.”

—1986, photographer: Mary Thomas, missing since June 13th, 1986.

Something about that sinister being hidden in the shadows, innocent victims in the foreground seemingly unable to see it, and the suggestion that those who came in contact with the photographic evidence met an untimely end lit a creative spark through the online community that shows no sign of extinguishing anytime soon. DeviantART users immediately latched onto the primal fear his visage elicited, uploading terrifying and sometimes hilarious images to add to the growing lore. Users headed to 4chan to creep out anonymous strangers with sightings.

Then, possibly the most well-known piece of Slender media to date was produced: the YouTube film series "Marble Hornets."

Members of Something Awful themselves, "Ce gars" and "KicksYouInHalf," also known as Troy Wagner and Joseph DeLage, created a channel of mockumentary style videos that reported their amateur findings and slowly unveiled a layered and horrifying narrative. News and updates were provided by supplementary Twitter reports run by the main character, which were sometimes taken "hacked" by a mysterious source. This source also occasionally replied to the YouTube entries with...

...terrifying, glitchy, and coded video responses.

Slender Man:A New Fan-Created Character for the Transmedia Generation

Inspired by Slender Man—and the "Marble Hornets" series specifically — several other filmmakers followed suit, creating more YouTube channels with our slender friend hiding in the backgrounds of seemingly unrelated health videos and school projects. Video games were spawned, including the very popular free-to-play indie title "Slender: The Eight Pages," its sequel "Slender: The Arrival" (worked on by the Marble Hornets producers themselves), and a full-length movie was Kickstarted.

Why are these projects so important and inspirational?

A big buzzword in Hollywood right now is "transmedia," and those Suits—equally terrifying as the well-dressed Slender Man, but in a different way—are forever chasing the dragon of cross-platform storytelling with varying levels of success. There are a few who have made waves without looking cold, corporate, and like they were trying too hard.

Forget watching three full films, true die-hard fans of "The Matrix" are treated to a much deeper understanding of the universe by cobbling together information contained in two comic book collections, an animated series, and a handful of video games. J.K. Rowling continues to release snippets of the "Harry Potter" universe by way of her wildly successful website, enabling millions of fans to participate in the magical world long after the last movie left theaters. The Alternate Reality Game "i love bees" used puzzles and codes on a fake-hacked website to reveal clues, and it was all viral marketing for the "Halo 2" release in 2004. Those who cracked the code were treated to the chance of playing the game at a theater before its release and taking home a commemorative DVD.

Sadly, these examples of transmedia successes are much more rare than the ubiquitous cringe-worthy ones. Now you can learn more about your favorite superhero by following its movie's production company on Facebook. You can tweet a joke to your favorite fast food restaurant for the chance to win free food. This is what the big-wigs have come up with after hours of brainstorming on how to engage users and communicate stories and brands across platforms.

Slender Man:A New Fan-Created Character for the Transmedia Generation

And in the midst of it all, a few college kids uploaded a few hours of low-budget creepypasta on their own dime and for fun, tweeted it out and posted in a few forums, and they became Internet Superstars and Masters of Storytelling.


You're at work, scrolling past Instagrams of your friends' dogs, and suddenly you stumble upon a tweet from a fictional YouTube character saying he's finally going to check out the terrifying red tower in the middle of the woods. But there's a code he received via text that he doesn't understand—is it GPS coordinates? Time of day?

You can tweet back at him or just watch the tale unfold as he live-tweets his creepy approach to the red tower. The Twitter feed is hacked and starts spouting glitchy nonsense a few minutes later—is our hero in danger?

You'll have to wait until tonight, when a new entry will be uploaded with video footage from the excursion. You truly feel, scrolling past these updates in your feed, that you're a part of this brilliant and engaging story as it happens.

Slender Man:A New Fan-Created Character for the Transmedia Generation

This is no "Paranormal Activity," and it's not even "The Blair Witch Project."

It's genuine, it's effective, and it's entertaining. Hollywood and beyond should take notice.

Storytellers and content creators are changing the way people consume media, and not just for horror stories, although they're sure a tasty horrifying treat. New possibilities for narrative flows are revealing themselves all the time, and the world is about to become a much more interactive and awesome place.

Slender Man:

Timeline of Events


June 2009

Slender Man’s first appearance in the Something Awful “Create Paranormal Images” Thread by user “Victor Surge.”


June 2009

In the days that followed, several other users added to the lore with additional images and stories being spawned.


June 2009

YouTube user “MarbleHornets” uploaded its first video.


June 2009

Images of Slender Man began appearing on deviantART.


June 2009

Images of Slender Man began appearing on 4chan.


Sept 2009

An homage video is released suggesting Slender Man only chases people because he wants 20 dollars. (Writer's note: It is still funny.)


Mar 2010

EverymanHYBRID” uploads its first video.


June 2010

TribeTwelve” uploads its first video.

Oct 2011

Launch of the first video game, “Slenderman,” by Green Meteor Team.


June 2012

The “Slender: The Eight Pages” Game by Parsec Productions is launched.


July 2012

“The Slender Man” full-length movie Kickstarter is launched and subsequently funded.


March 2013

The “Slender: The Arrival” Game by Parsec Productions is launched.


For The Reader

  1. Has anything supernatural or other worldly shown up unexpectedly in a photograph that you have taken?
  2. Do you believe that other "energies" can manifest themselves in audio recordings or photographic imagery? If so. can you share your experience?
  3. If Slender Man had a poem associated with his existence, what might it be?
  4. Innocent souls for the taking. Is it really that simple? Why do you think Slender Man manifested himself in our dimension?

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I would love to create a character like slender
TheDubstepAddict's avatar
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1-I have spent many paranormal things but i couldnt take pictures or record
2-Yes,once he was with friends in an abandoned house alone cuanod decided to record, after hearing what we recorded idmos we realize that voices were heard…
4-because he is alone he wnt be our friends jajja
TheSkyPack's avatar
Very excellent work M8! This is very intriguing... I find it answering a lot of my early questions, and it makes some sense as well! Good Work!
Lullabythewriter's avatar
Man, this Slenderman thing is still going??
As for the
  1. Has anything supernatural or other worldly shown up unexpectedly in a photograph that you have taken? was after a death in the family happened though.
  2. Do you believe that other "energies" can manifest themselves in audio recordings or photographic imagery? If so. can you share your experience? It really depends...
  3. If Slender Man had a poem associated with his existence, what might it be? Umm...Something similar to the Slenderman song I presume.
  4. Innocent souls for the taking. Is it really that simple? Why do you think Slender Man manifested himself in our dimension? Maybe, who knows.
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Gotta love the overused bastard known as slenderman the overused and outdated bastard that no one gives a shit about. 
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It is all in their head's, and they can't let it go. It consumes them, that's all they even freakin think about! Why R they so intrigued in this whole Slender thing? I'll tell U Y, because the world is changing every second of every day of every life spam... I am only 15 at this moment I'm typing this, but I DO NOT BELIEVE IN HIM!I only adore his story it's like reality... My life can sure suck sometimes, but... BUT I love my family, and Slender Man imaginary loves us as well... So, tell us what do (or did) think of him, what would U think of him if U were young? Ignore if U don't care reply if U "mean" to.
                                                                 Slender Man Slender man icon Slenderman Icon Slender Korra is Watching 
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I just checked her DeviantArt page, and she hasn't uploaded anything since last time I checked.
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here is something i managed to write after seeing this: 
english is not my native language so bear with me:P

"there is no sound , there is no voice ...
 but i feel it in my gut
 something is wrong and turn my head
 there it is behind the fence
 just an out of this world presence
 in the woods behind the trees
 very tall dressed in a suit
 rests a man but yet again
 its not a man ... i see no mouth , no eyes
 in my mind i stop and wonder
 how can it be ... it looks straight at me
 fear crawls inside my brain
 makes me numb ... i pinched my arm
 to make sure , to feel the pain
 legend is true ... with no face
 there it rest the ghostly figure
 of Slender Man ! "
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4- he take children to heaven if life is not worth living in their eyes or his-he kills those who are corrupt doing things with out consideration and hurting "innocents" (none of you are innocent in my eyes) in the process with any of the 7 sins as purpose intent. as for leaders/"proxies" we are too old to be considered innocent for what we do but the 7 sins do not motivate any of us we just have a "need" to do what we do i cant explain in words what we feel but its always nagging occurring not even hours after an event id almost like to call it hunger but i don't normally eat what i kill some do and some don't it's personal preference they said makes them feel better about what they did.
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Response to the questions.

1. If you think the flash reflecting off dust and creating spirit orbs is supernatural?  Then yes.  Yes I have had supernatural things showing up unexpectedly.

2. Not really.   But even with all the footage I haven't seen anything that convincing.  Thinking about asking a paranormal society to explore my building under the pretense of there being a ghost dog.

Would they find something because I said there was something or would it be incidental?

3. Oh god what is that thing on my front porch?
Will it get me?

Yes.  It got me.  Shit.

4. Because people like to scare the shit out of themselves.
AnichkaTheTrueBrony's avatar
3: Yes. There is a poem/song/chant that you need to sing in the forest at night to call him. This is the chant:


Slender Man Slender Man all the children try to run,

Slender Man Slender Man to him it's part of the fun.

Slender Man Slender Man dressed in darkest suit and tie,

Slender Man Slender Man you most certainly will die.

Slender Man Slender Man his branching arms are for collecting,

Slender Man Slender Man his face is empty of expressing.

Slender Man Slender Man he won't let you say goodbye,

Slender Man Slender Man you most certainly will die.

You most certainly will die! (x4)

Slender Man Slender Man sometimes hums a lonely drone,

Slender Man Slender Man he will wander around your home.

Slender Man Slender Man blends in well within the trees,

Slender Man Slender Man in the fog he's hard to see.

Slender Man Slender Man dressed in darkest suit and tie,

Slender Man Slender Man you most certainly will die.

" To call Slender Man, you are required to visit a forest at midnight and carve his symbol on a tree trunk. Whatever you do, DO NOT TURN to looks behind you, even if there is noise. Sing this song. This can be found on Youtube on this link:…
Or can be found under the name of 'The Slender Man Song'. "                    

-Posted By: ???

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The more you know the more he follows. Don't make the same mistake
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that video blew my mind.
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Answer the questionzzz:

1. Well, some stuff... Photomanipulation can't handle that, but... I dont think so, just some...

2. Yes, some energies were like crazy scary but my exp:
I was just browsing the internet, saw another image appeared, it... was like the most disturbing thing of all, but I managed to sleep, you know why? Cuz I tried surviving Slender Man in my dreams...

3. Umm.. no really... havent seen any poems of him lately...

4. Well... IDK? Maybe confused?

I think I can become his proxy...
But srsly, :)
PonyPainter18's avatar
Scary... ...but... ... AWESOME!!!
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This is beyond awesome...
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wowz that is a long post...scary too
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