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2012: Year of the Dragon

According to the Chinese zodiac, 2012 has ushered in the year of the dragon upon the world stage.

In addition to occupying an ages old position in our cultural consciousness, legend and folklore surrounding
the dragon mythology has long been firing the kiln of our dreams with fright and menace. When we are speaking of
Dragons, we are speaking from ancient texts gathered form the beginnings of kept records of any kind and from all
points of the Earth Sphere.

In a time before modern science and anthropology, farmers tilling their fields and
fishermen drawing their nets would find amazements that struck them with fear and awe: fanged serpentine skulls
larger than the tallest man, along with other bones indicating powerfully-taloned creatures taller than the treetops.
All creation itself was assumed to be no more than several dozen human generations’ lifetimes’ long, so the idea
of dinosaur remains from 200 million years ago was beyond the most educated human comprehension of the time. The
mind of ancient man must have been reeling.

What were these creatures? Monsters? Gods?! And more pressing: Did they still walk the earth? (Or fly above the clouds?)  
In what remote lairs could they be found?  Mountaintop keeps?  Inside volcanoes?  Living deep beneath the oceans?

Believable stories, legends, mythos had to be created to help humans
calm their fears and place these terrifying beings within some kind of manageable
context in their lives and societies.

The dragon mythos was born.

Although ancient Europeans imagined their dragons to be originated from the seas (like the terrifying “sea serpents” and
giant octopuses and squids that haunted the seafaring Europeans’ nightmares) and the Chinese and Far Easterners imagined their
dragons to have flown forth from volcanoes, spewing the volcanic fire that was their birthright – what is remarkable about
dragons is their ubiquitous presence in the myths and legends and historic consciousnesses of peoples and societies all over
the world. "Dragon” is an instantly understood idea and image held in common by every person currently alive. Dragons have continued
to evolve as frightful symbols of nature’s overwhelming destructive forces, far beyond the defenses of humankind, on down through the millennia.

Of course, in our warp-speed modern times, just when science might be thought powerful enough to finally “explain away” the “dragon”
skulls and forever vanish the monsters from our fitful dreams – we, being the fun humans that we are, have decided to embrace The Dragon
in our pop consciousness like never before, even transforming him (and her) from a force of destruction into a friend and protector (as in
Anne McCaffrey, George R. R. Martin, and Harry Potter novels and many highly-grossing films and video games). It would seem that while we
as intelligent beings value our scientific discoveries, we value just as much our marvelously crafted and generationally passed-down stories, myths and legends.

Thus: Our Dragons will live forever!

Grimbelly by kerembeyit:thumb99595873: Quetzalcoatl by GENZOMAN Hydra 2 by elgrimlock

Questions for the Reader


What aspect of the “dragon” most fascinates you personally? The mystery of their possible actual reality (now or long ago)?
The amazing worldwide span of the “dragon story” and belief as well as the millennial timespan of the legends? Or simply the
the incredible fun that fills the dragon stories and artful depictions?


Do you think science ruins wonderful myths like “dragons”?  Or can science and mythic consciousness exist side by side if both are respected, appreciated and given their due?


Which dragon story or depiction most influenced your childhood?


What is your first impression of a person you see wearing dragon jewelry?

:thumb201999787: Spirit of the Dragon by KellyMorgenJewelry Chinese dragon pendant by ukapala Ice Dragon Necklace by MonsterBrandCrafts


If a living dragon were discovered to be living in an Icelandic volcano, what impact do you think this would make on our world?  What if because they emerged in Iceland, Bjork and Robbie Rotten were designated as our human ambassadors to the upper echelon of an emerging dragon society?


If we ever needed to, who, in your opinion do you think we should assign this most important of positions, specific and depending of course on which Volcano in what part of the world they were to emerge from?  And why would they be best for the job?

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1. I dunno, maybe it's just that they can fly and breath fire. Or that they look so awesome. Or just that they are a myth. I have no idea.
2. I think science and myths can coexist. I prefer scientific thinking in everyday life, but I love myths. They are interesting. There needs to be imagination in this world too, not just rationality.
3. I don't know. I remember the dragon from Shrek, but that's pretty much all I can recall atm.
4. "Wow, that's some awesome/other verb jewelry! 8D"
5. People would go mad; some would fear and want the dragon exterminated, some would simply do anything to see it.
6. I don't know, we need someone who wants to get the job done well, can do that and has good intentions.
ToaMissingno's avatar
I came here from the poll and I think we should send Hiccup from How to Train Your Dragon.
firebirdsanddragons's avatar
Who would be sent to make first contact with dragons? Chris D'lacey and Christopher Paolini
Because they know more than anyone else about them
TheDragonOfDeath's avatar
I came here because of the poll.
Who would be sent to make first contact with a dragon?
If it's brutal, i'll tame it
If it's wise and majestic, i'll talk to it.
If it's huge, i'll ride/fly it home
If it's a medium size (like a large dog), i'll walk by its side home.
If it's small, i'll carry it on my shoulder home
If it doesn't want to go, i'll live with the dragon the rest of my immortal life.
If it won't let me stay, i'll pat it, say goodbye, then be its shadow the rest of its life without him/her/it knowing it. OwO
thetenthdoctor9's avatar
My thoughts exactly. Clap 
TheDragonOfDeath's avatar
Staying forever... :iconmakaraepplz:
Katrinava's avatar
(the pool brought me here) I would choose either Laura Dreiže (latvian) or Kristofer Paolini (wrote Eragon)
10000playboy's avatar
here is a question for all the people who loves dragons.

If dragons does not exist how can multiple cultures come up with the same kind of creature without any relationship!?

did it just so happen by coincident or is there actually some truth hidden behind all the myths and legends!?

enjoy your pondering.
portraitfee's avatar
Take away "dragon", insert "god". Now go consider your question.
10000playboy's avatar
same thing i dont believe in god but i do hope there is something of interest out there and god is more the trouble of understanding the creation of everything out of nothing and so on but all the same also god is not a myth creature but a belief
portraitfee's avatar
What else is a myth than a belief no longer believed?
10000playboy's avatar
i have to agree on that but it all depends on perspective

if a hundred people get the same message and 99 dont believe it then the 100th has to consider it less nothing would ever be learned

but i think we should just agree to differ aswell and take it no further
defhermann's avatar
They'll talk about soccer with Christiano, and theyu will even create their own soccer team The Dragons from outer space(Jk)
I know I'm way late with commenting, but if you send anyone, it would have to be Fairy Tail's Dragon Slayers!
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Phoenix-FireMage's avatar
I definitely think that dragon stories and science can go together. Just this past year, my science teacher showed us some documentary that pretended like scientists had found the remains of a very well preserved dragon, and were now explaining it. Pretty cool, if I dare say so myself.
ab1indassassin's avatar
Eragon, or Brom, Or BOTH Eragon AND Brom. ok, so I'm stuck in the Inheritance cycle. but seriously, why not send someone who already knows how to deal with a type of dragon? the new dragons may not be as nice as the ones in the Inheritance cycle, but we should send the best people we've got right?
LeafOfTheRogues's avatar
Natallie-Alcantara's avatar
Just. Amazing. Love it.
Natallie-Alcantara's avatar
Just. Amazing. Love it.
deviantART muro drawing Comment Drawing
Kaiidumb's avatar
i know exactly who we must send.....fluttershy.....
Kaiidumb's avatar
pfft heck yes
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