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Pokemon : Triple Charizards by Sa-Dui

Foreword by techgnotic

Kay (aka damphyr) is DeviantArt’s go-to expert on everything “Pokémon.”  She also occupies the adventurous position of being one of DeviantArt's main enforcers of standards and practices.  We thank her for being a guardian of artistic erotica and especially, for being able to answer every question we get asked about Pokémon and just about anything else for that matter. Supreme Keeper of all pop culture knowledge, Kay must be protected in case of global disaster.

An incongruous collection of people lined the sidewalk outside the local video game retailer just before opening on March 6th, 2011. The first in line were a pair of teenage boys in baggy jeans and band shirts, skateboards tucked under their arms. Next was a 9-year-old boy and his mother, followed by a 20-something female with spiky purple hair, a skull and crossbones on her belt. Then there was a young teenage girl, dressed all in yellow, red circles painted on her cheeks and a stuffed Pikachu tied to the handlebars of her scooter. Then a pair of young twins, a boy and a girl, with their mother, and three preorder tickets between them.  Two college boys waited impatiently while talking too loudly about their strategy for the upcoming game.  There was the 20-something couple, arms tangled about each other, their female friend eyeing the mid-thirties man behind her, who typed a business email on his cellphone.

The line continued to grow…

This is the magic of Pokémon

There is no one demographic, no one type of Pokémon player. The 12-year-old who started playing “Red” and “Blue” is now the nostalgic 30-year-old who still has his original Red and refuses to let his collection fall behind. At the same time, the magic of the world of Pokémon has not been lost on the new generation, as wireless gameplay, charming mini games and tantalizing secrets draw in new players.

Fans around the globe are once again eagerly awaiting the release of the newest Pokémon games, “Alpha Sapphire” and “Omega Ruby.” Nintendo has been gearing up fans for the new releases and encouraging preorders for months, offering players who make the trek to a local gaming store the codes that can be redeemed for rare Pokémon and game items, including the new “Megastones” and the previously unreleased legendary Pokémon Diancie. The promotions appear to have been effective, with over one million copies preordered in Japan alone. Pokémaniacs are clearly eager to return to the Hoenn Region once again.

Eighteen years after the release of Pokémon “Red” and “Green” in Japan, the franchise is still going strong, thanks largely to easy yet addictive gameplay, storytelling and adaptability. While “Alpha Sapphire” and “Omega Ruby” are not, strictly speaking, new games (the original games were titled “Pokémon Ruby” and “Pokémon Sapphire” and were released in 2002 and 2003) these remakes offer players a much more immersive world, with radically different graphics, more monsters to catch, more items to collect, easier social interaction with other Pokémon players, as well as minigames and activities to lose themselves in. Pokémon, like its monsters, continues to evolve, and in so doing, has deftly managed to keep the interest of veteran players and attracted a whole new generation of gamers.

Ever embracing of pop culture, Pokémon is combining the cosplay trend with their most famous monster.

“Alpha Sapphire” and “Omega Ruby” will be the first games to offer the Cosplay Pikachu! This adorable Pikachu is sure to be the star of the returning Talent Show, and will have a variety of outfits. Cosplay Pikachu will acquire special moves based upon which costumes they wear, and, like any truly dedicated cosplayer, will appear in costume even in battle.


Pokémon could not have chosen a better slogan to promote their game, as there is no question that the obsessive desire to catch them all is a major drive for many players. Pokémon games are released in paired versions, and some Pokémon are version exclusives, found in one version of the game, but not the other.

Some Pokémon have forms which cannot be found naturally in game and can only be unlocked if they are traded from one player to another.

Some Pokémon have unique appearances which change depending on the season, sometimes the same Pokémon will have a different appearance depending on its gender, while still other Pokémon have a different appearance depending on the region your game originates from.

Some Pokémon will only evolve if the player has raised the friendship of their monster, by traveling with it in their team, or spending time in the Amie mini-game, where players pet their Pokémon and hand-feed them Poke Puff pastries.

Legendary Pokémon

Then there are the legendary Pokémon, which are rare and difficult to find, often version exclusive with only one monster found per game. Some Pokémon are event exclusives, where gamers must bring their 3DS and Pokémon game to a certain real-world location within the correct time frame order to download a special Pokémon. Some Pokémon are distributed via the Wireless feature on the Nintendo 3DS and are offered in celebration of a holiday or special event.  For the hardcore collectors, the game does not end when the credits roll, not even when the Pokedex is complete, and all 719 Pokémon have been recorded. For the truly dedicated, the game is not over until every Pokémon, every color variation, every gender variation, every shiny variation and every special event Pokémon has been acquired.

While Pokémon may be a one-player game, the game play is anything but isolating. Through the wireless connection of the 3DS, players can, at any time, see the icons of their friends and random online passersby, battle or trade with just a few clicks, or even offer a player a stat boost to help them in their game. Voice chat enables friends to connect over long distances, groups of players can trade unhatched eggs, and even those who are offline can still impact those actively playing by offering to trade a Pokémon via the Global Trade Station.

Across the Internet, Pokémon communities have become common, from groups here on DeviantArt, to Reddit and Tumblr and dedicated Pokémon fan sites. Players swap friend codes in order to explore Friend Safaris, where rare Pokémon with boosted stats wait to be found. Trades for Pokémon, both legendary and common are negotiated and breeding extras are given away to help out future breeders. The days of needing a link cable, a wish and a prayer in order to trade are long gone.  It has never been easier to interact and trade with other Pokémon players.

Even battle is a social event in Pokémon.

Wireless competitions are held regularly, with different rules dictating which Pokémon and which Pokémon teams can be entered. Gaming stores and individual groups often organize in-person Pokémon tournaments so gamers can see how their Pokémon teams stand up against other local trainers. The annual Pokémon World Championship is a televised, narrated global competition where Pokémon awards over $100,000 in scholarships to video gamers and card players. The 2014 tournament featured over 500 players from 30 countries, and the tournament winner, Se Jun Park, won a surprising victory with his Pachirisu, spawning a flurry of art featuring the adorable electric rodent.

Even if you are not inclined to catch them all, Pokémon has worked hard to offer something of interest to every kind of player. Pokémon has a whole host of games, features, minigames, strategies and events beyond those featured in this article.  Whether you are picking out your very first starter or if you are a master with a completed Pokedex, join us in a return to the world of Pokémon!

A new adventure and new evolutions await us all in Hoenn, and it looks like Team Magma and Team Aqua are up to no good once more, so let's go defend the world once more!

This article was edited for space considerations. If you would like to read the full text of Kay’s original extended submission, click here.

Questions for The Reader

  1. What is your favorite Pokémon?
  2. What attributes of either the Pokemon Universe or Game Play draw you in the most to keep you playing Pokémon games?
  3. If you battle, is this due to a competitive urge, or is it more about the social bonding with your teammates?
  4. Do you have any strong years-ago memories tied to Pokémon?
  5. Can you think of any more improvements or options that would make the Pokémon experience even better?
  6. Someday will you encourage your children to play Pokémon?  Do you think you will be able to explain your passion for this massively time-consuming “hobby?”

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Yeah, Pokémon are Eternal and Infinite.

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1. i have like twenty pokemon I sorta gravitate to, so I don't really have a favorite. I do usually like using dark/fairy/ghost/physic types.

2. I like the sense of adventure.
3. Probably a competitive urge, I usually don't battle rl people just mpcs
4. Fist video game I ever played was PKMN yellow
5. Bring back the option to have your Pokémon follow you.
6. NO ONE CAN USE WORDS TO EXPLAIN THE MAGIC OF THESE GAMES. I will personally force a child to play, they need it in their life.

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damm, that's some real nice Pokemon art
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This is a great Article! I love the featured Art! I love Pokemon and Right now I'm working on an Artwork involving my Alter Ego Self as a Pokemon Trainer. For this interested you can view it here: moonlight-fox.deviantart.com/a…

Now for the Question and Answer Portion

1 What is your favorite Pokémon?

I can’t really tell one favorite Pokemon of mine since they are all special in their own unique way. I always choose Charizard/ Charmeleon as my starting Pokemon though. I’ve finished Pokemon Red :)

2 What attributes of either the Pokemon Universe or Game Play draw you in the most to keep you playing Pokémon games?

The cute character designs of the Pokemon definitely! and the concept itself of having pets that loves you and will fight for you

3 If you battle, is this due to a competitive urge, or is it more about the social bonding with your teammates?

I think it’s a little bit of both. I have a competitive side at the same time I like bonding and interacting with people of the same interest.

4 Do you have any strong years-ago memories tied to Pokémon?

Well, In truth I probably have more memories with trying to finish a Digimon game but as a teenager I remember finishing Pokemon Red with the help of my younger neighbor. He’s quite big now and a teenager while I’ve become an adult in my 20s hahahah! He actually told me /or rather he led me to where all the legendary birds are in Pokemon Red and we caught them all, then I used a Legendary Pokemon team to finish the game.

5 Can you think of any more improvements or options that would make the Pokémon experience even better?

Nothing really, I think the game is already quite innovative with the coming out of Pokemon Go. Only time and technology can tell if it’ll get better.

6 Someday will you encourage your children to play Pokémon?  Do you think you will be able to explain your passion for this massively time-consuming “hobby?”

Maybe when they turn 8 or something like that. If they become interested at any age I’ll actually encourage them to be involved with Pokemon as long as they don’t ditch their studies and as long as their disciplined enough to balance life and Pokemon

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1. Charmander and Vaporeon
2. It's simple. Everyone wants to be something more than just a man. And to become a trainer, to seek adventure and new friends (Pokémon) to help them to become stronger and to become stronger - a very inspiring and attracts people
4. Yes, and there are associated with collecting chips. we have, in Ukraine, in the schools a real boom in the popularity of chips with Pokemon and I had the largest collection! I had all the legendary Pokémon, and even chips with-men heroes. we have fought each other, beat playing chips, wanting to increase the collection, exchange ... it was so much fun!)
I still have my collection of chips) I did the beach and with a smile I remember
5. Enough to punch a new generation!!! better come up with more interesting stories! more drama, more traffic) and it would be great if there was a online-
game  about Pokemon at computers
6. I do not have children but I think when there will be - I will be able to explain to them what it is and its propensity to infect. in the end it all began with the cartoons. cartoons, chips, games for children ... it was fun and a little bit, step by step, they also will be a part of  Pokemon world))
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1.) Can't decide between Blaziken, Gallade, Gardevoir, Scizor and Absol. But there are still so many others that I like as well...

2.) Exploring every last inch of the game world, finding every secret, looting and leveling, collecting all there is to collect and mastering any in-game challenge.

3.) Actually... neither of them. I do it to make my team grow and get stronger. (and because it's a key element of the game, duh.)

4.) Oh yeah, quite many of them. Most of them are tied to my early days of pokemon playing, especially from when I played Pokemon Gold. I'd have quite a few little stories to tell.

5.) I'd really like to have a main series game (so no spin-offs like Ranger or PMD) where it's possible to catch ALL pokemon without the need to trade with other editions or special events for certain legendary pokemon. And I hope they will be a bit more creative with creating the next-gen pokemon. the Gen 5 and 6 lineups were a bit... disappointing to me.

But beside that... the Pokemon games already have improved so much that there is only little left for me to wish for. A little dream of mine came true in ORAS, when I got the possibility to FLY FREELY OVER THE ENTIRE REGION!!! (I imagined/wanted this since Gen 2)

6.) I won't have kids, but if I had them, I would neither engourage nor advise them against playing Pokemon; I'd let them decide for themselves what to play. If the question came up, I would explain how I got into (playing) pokemon in a few words. (not sure if that would be a good explanation tho)
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1. Probably a 3 way tie between Swampert, Feraligatr, and Samurott.

2. The Pokemon themselves, and the battling.

3. Both.

4. Yes. My beloved Pokemon "Isaac" Swampert (nicknamed off my second favorite game series ever, Golden Sun's protagonist) I've had since Gen 3, transferred all the way up to current gen.
Shout out to some of my OG gen 3 Pokemon I still use to this day.

5. Honestly, take off the training wheels in terms of allowing players to see weakness/type-advantages to moves.

6. Yes, and I think I could.
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The National Holocaust Museum's attempt to remove it's 3 PokeStops must never succeed. Their seemingly innocent request is a threat to the ideological neutrality and free speech of a public resource, namely Niantic maps.
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You're more than welcome to comment and invite others to comment. My opinion about a Pokémon Go issue in the media.
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"20 something female" killed the piece. A "twenty year old woman with spiky hair" is more professional.

Here's a tribute fan art for Pokemon's latest success! I can't forget my childhood coz of things like this.
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1. Ponyta, followed closely by Lapras.
2. Collection
3. Competitive urge.
4. Some, not as many as lot my age as my parents said -when pokemon trading cards were first coming out that we weren't allowed to play that game. Whether it was because they actually believed it was wrong or they just didn't have the money for it I don't know.
5. Stop overpowering pokemon. More importantly, stop overpowering popular pokemon. Especially legendaries.
6. I don't desire children. If I did I might show them the game as most parents did with old tv shows saying - look what I watched. If the kid is interested from there I'd be happy to do everything I could to support that interest.
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It's amazing how much we've changed the world, honestly. The fact that Pokemon is classified as popular culture is truly astounding. 
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1. Eevee, Zoroark, Tyflosion and the recently announced Mimikkyu

2. All of it ^^

3. Definitely social bonding, I'm not a competitive player.

4. When I was little I would play pokemon Blue with my uncle on his old laptop. I remember my whole team. Blastoise, Alakzam, Gengar, Pigeot, a Kingler named Clamps, and Mewtwo. The Alakazam Gengar and Pigeot were all hacked into the game, but I was really young (I couldn't even play the game on my own) and had no bad intent, I just wanted cool pokemon and to me they were as legit as any other pokemon. Sense my uncle moved to Georgia and only came visit once every couple months, I would write him cards and I would draw my pokemon team on the card for him always, saying we were waiting and that we missed him (we being me and the team)

5. Stopping the gts trolls who give out a level one Fletchling asking for a Meloetta

6. I'm not having children but if I did they would be the greatest pokemon masters in the fucking world.
K-a-n-i's avatar
1. Roserade, Sylveon, Chandelure, Steelix, and Hydreigon.

2. I dunno, I just play.

3. Does praying that the opponent doesn't use a Mega Rayquaza count?

4. When I fierst played Sapphire Version, I caught a Roselia, originally hating it. I thought I'd use it just to see how much it sucked. Or so I thought. Every battle, Roselia always pulled through for me. On top of that, when I found out Roselia was getting an evolution, I was so happy. Since then, Roselia is to me what Pikachu is to other people.

5. Stop overpowering pokemon. More importantly, stop overpowering popular pokemon. Especially legendaries.

6. It's up to them.
RehQuQ's avatar
1: Salandit <3

2: Catching them all and becomming the very best!

3: Social bonding <3

4: I played with my big sister and my classmates pokemon whole day :D we even drew our own pokedex <3

5: Thats tough! Maybe a co-op mode or something :D or maybe that you have your team walking behind you! like in pearl <3 I loved it!

6: I'm not sure.. i will of course, show them the anime and games, but i think you need to grow up WITH it, to be so hyped about it <3

thanks for making this awesome journal! and adding so many outstanding paintings!
JamesDaPanda's avatar
My favorite Pokemon:
celebi#251 Celebi 
,bannette ,meloetta648 Meloetta Dance form #648 Meloetta banette 
darkrai, zoroark and Mimikkyu. 491 Darkrai  pokemon gif Zoroark Mimikkyu :PI: 
Yes i will play all the pokemon games in my lifetime.

I battle to make new and see old friends.

My first pokemon i ever saw was celebi in the movie pokemon 4ever hes been my favorite ever since.

maybe more idea's for pokemon or some new games.

If i have children then YES i will teach them about pokemon.
Sora-Tan1999's avatar
What is your favorite Pokemon?
-> Riolu and zorua i can´t decid XD
What attributes of any of the Pokemon universe or the game is drawn most to keep playing Pokémon games?
-> Collection and train my pokemon.
If the battle, this is due to a competitive drive, or is it more about social bonding with their teammates?
-> Having fun with my teammates but also likes competition
Do you have any strong memories-year linked to Pokémon?
-> Yes ... in my childhood I have original poke-balls at home. And I was a crazy Pokemon Collector. Right now I'm still the same
Can you think of more improvements or options that can make the experience even better Pokémon?
-> A more realistic design and perhaps be able to do more in a little human history.
Someday will encourage their children to play Pokémon? Do you think you will be able to explain their passion for massively time "hobby?"
-> Why it is not .... a great game. I will encourage him / her to play if he / she wants. But with a limit, I want to see his / having fun with real friends ... and play a sport. Not only games .... must always balance things
GeorgeXVII's avatar
What is your favorite Pokémon?
->Picachu :love:
What attributes of either the Pokemon Universe or Game Play draw you in the most to keep you playing Pokémon games?
->Collecting and training my pokemon.
If you battle, is this due to a competitive urge, or is it more about the social bonding with your teammates?
->Having fun with my teammates.
Do you have any strong years-ago memories tied to Pokémon?
->Yes ...in my childhood i have original Poke-Balls in my home . And I was a crazy Pokemon Collector . Right now I have other hobbies :giggle:
Can you think of any more improvements or options that would make the Pokémon experience even better?
->A more realistic design .
Someday will you encourage your children to play Pokémon?  Do you think you will be able to explain your passion for this massively time-consuming “hobby?”
->Why not .... it's a great game . I will encourage him/her to play if HE/she want. But with a limit , i want to see her/he having fun with real friends ...and play a sport . Not only ...games.
Assassinendergirl's avatar
I disagree, I feel a more realistic design will take away from the novelty of the games.
PhantomzArt's avatar
1. my favorite ones must be yveltal, noivern, zoroark, zorua, hydreigon, sceptile and giratina ^^ 

2. i'd say the different pokemon that you can see! there are so many of them, and each of them has their pro's and con's in battles, their designs are all different as well, and all of them has their unique quirks ^^ the ones i listed as favorites as a few quirks i just love <3 

3. i don't fight to enter competitions, so i guess to bond with the pokemon i like so far (getting to like them even more) or to see positive things in pokemon i usually wouldn't pick or use along the way ^^ 

4. hmmh, well, i think me meeting new friends so far as well as the time where i just enjoyed watching the movies in the theaters :3 and the times when it helped me get my mind of things, either by drawing the pokemon or playing the games ^^ 

5. in the games, just something that has been done once so far: walking with your pokemon. first one in the party gets to walk behind the player, like in soulsilver/heartgold. for merchandise, more different pokemon that are favorites, such as noirvern and hydreigon, done as plushies. as for getting merchandise, i think that they should consider an pokemoncenter online store for europe. it's really hard to get anything in europe, it's often also the last place where the games get released, and as a fan, it's kinda frustrating. so i think that should be something that could be improved.

6. i refuse to have kids, so not my own kids... but i'm already trying to get my half-brother, who's 2 years old, interested in the series XD
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