Pay Equity Scandal Rocks Superhero World

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Catwoman Leaks Justice League Contract Details to deviantART


Robin Tops Wonder Woman

Catwoman Leaks Justice League Contract Details to deviantART


Robin Tops Wonder Woman

This morning the Today Page Editorial Team was reading through Mike Fleeman’s coverage on The Wrap discussing Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsugihara’s press conference this week where he revealed the DC Comics movie schedule. As we were sharing our thoughts (placing our bets) we received our first major exclusive from our tip email address. It turns out it was from Catwoman.

The Miss–Chief maker, Catwoman, leaked all of the Justice League movie contracts for the new Warner Brothers slate. While we were reviewing the contracts we quickly understood why she decided to leak them to the press.

WONDER WOMAN is being paid less per film than ROBIN, THE BOY WONDER!

Warner Bros. and the Justice League have thus far refused to comment on this article.

Questions for the Reader

  1. Are you fed up with the gender pay gap?

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Wait a second... Robin isn't part of the justice league. Either this article is crap... Or the wage gap is a lot worse then I thought. 
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Wait- but wasn't it announced that the next Robin would be female, I think it was Carrie Kelly...?
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Cool, I always wanted a little dead girl in my room but my parents got me a puppy instead.
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Seems that it didn't work for her seeing as her account's been terminated.
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The little dead girl must have got her.
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I am confused! Are we talking people portraying heroes in movies or sups in comics? 
In first case - it's very serious and shouldn't be happening. in second case - quite sarcastic.
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Equal  p a y  for Equal  w o r k !
RigelKentaurus's avatar
i am fed up with the 'pay gap'

we should all call the White House, where the gap in salaries between men and women is actually greater than the so called national average 'pay gap', and tell them to pay men and women the same
matthew-lane's avatar
Except that as with the pay gap in the civilian population the pay gap is derived from an aggregate of all men working full time, versus all women working full time & then expressed as an average. It has no bearing on how much an individual earns, let alone a comparative number between 2 individuals working the same job, with the same educational & experience background, working the same amount of hours, hired for the same position at the same time, etc etc.

The pay gap is nothing more than an example of the average person not understanding how mathematics work.
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Well for movies a more important factor is the popularity of the main actor/actress and also how much popular is the character, in this case Wonder Woman. We do know there's disparity but I don't think the main difference is because of the gender. I mean in the Avengers 2 Scarlet Johanson was paid between 4- 6 m like Loki...but the other main cast members (excep Robert Downer Jr of course) less.
Hello dear,

Be part of our community. VFX, GFX, CODING, ANIMATING, GAMING and much more.…

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As for the actual social issue, I believe that people, male or female, should be paid based on what they do for work, not what social stereotypes say they can do. If man A is better than woman B at job X, then he should be paid more. But if woman B is superior, then she should definitely be paid more, no matter what the job is. And if they are equal, the same should be true of their paychecks. :nod:
The EMPLOYEE - EMPLOYER relationship is a non-coercive voluntary thing. Therefor if an Employee doesn't like his/her ...(insert complaint here) he/she should find a new one, and if the Employer doesn't like his/her ...(insert complaint here) he/she should find a new one. I'm not worried about how sexist Warner Bros. is... I'm worried about the force and aggression people are willing to use to pursue what they think is equality.
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DC IS SEXIST- we already knew this- Though if you except the terms then that's your idiocy. So don't.
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What's the production budget? If more people would be interested in Robin, they'd allow a higher budget to it. Seriously, no one can say what the reason is without being involved in the projects themselves. Who knows? 

I come to the creative industry to get away from all these politics... But it seems there's no escape. It's depressing this is the most talked about topic on here, over some of the more creative/art related topics. 

But hey, these stories get the most publicity... :/
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Pay gap is a myth, it's been proven HUNDREDS of times, so author, stop spreading lies and misinformation, it's sickening, there are children on this site.
On average men make more money merely because of different choices of work. And it is illegal to pay a woman less just because she is a woman. There are plenty of other legal reasons to pay someone less than someone else. 
There are obviously more factors at play with this contract than just " evil meeeen" business. 
Like, I don't' know, maybe the male actor fought harder for a raise in money than the female actor did? Happens all the time male or female in the business world, he had a better agent than her, or negotiated better, perhaps he's performing his own stunts and needs more money for insurance. 
We aren't even hearing from the actress herself. Is she even angry about this? If she isn't I see no reason why I should be. There is always another side to the story. Y'all need to sit down and shut up up until you have reasonable proof of gender sexism. 
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+infinity ups!

When dealing with movies, the popularity of the actor greatly determines the amount he or she is paid. Why is Techgnotic stirring the pot with his ignorance, especially in the US there is a law against what he is assuming to be true with the DC movies contracts.
NaberruryAh's avatar
I can't actually tell if this is some kind of joke or if it's serious. 
Either way it's a huge fail. 
abellius's avatar
Huge fail, yes imo!

You know what would be nice, if dA actually did more posts that actually talked about art and artists and promote them!! You would think that would make more sense on dA than this tripe. Maybe I'm talking crazy here.
NaberruryAh's avatar
I know right. 
Maybe get some writers who care about art and don't just talk about this nonsense or try to stir up trouble. 
Maybe post about art shows or big names in comic books?? I could write a better and more relevant article in my sleep. 
abellius's avatar
Now, you are talking crazy like I am!  ;)
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