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Odyssey Propulsion 2

Tue Nov 13, 2012, 1:07 PM

The parasite that is monstrously mutating Paul offers an alliance against Maya, Paul’s other dubious “protector.”

The parasite is Tal’Shen, spawn of Lysanna, hunted forerunner of an ancient aquatic-based intergalactic Cthulhuian-type race once again knocking on Earth’s door.  Which “female” is Paul to trust? Is the fate of humanity in question or is this all the hallucinatory fever dream of a dying man?

Only four more chapters!  Yet so many questions!

The pressure points have been set: self-survival, self-sacrifice for a greater cause, transmission of a vision of species survival and renewal, trust and deceit in equal measures possible in each relationship.  Now it’s time to for the penultimate Big Reveal as to what it’s all about – to set up the Ultimate Big Reveal to what it’s really all about!  There’s just time and space enough for you, oh skilled and devious storytellers, to twist this tale with a shaved trigger surprise gently squeezed for a most memorable mind-chilling and seared-image impact.  Time to dream big. Time to write true.  Time to make some magic…

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The RoomAs I sit in the corner of this room this empty room I wonder.   I ponder all that I have seen and not.  These sentient beings within a body linger at my sanity.  They drift me in and out of consciousness.  The time bears on me like weights to a small animal.  I wait for my time of rebellion and when I can strike.  Please free me of these sentient beings they consume my thoughts and freedom.  
There across the walls of this empty room is a blackness I know all too well.  It is the darkness of my soul which is being ravaged as I think or shall I say speak?  My mind is continuous in its thoughts continuing to go on and on.  I can't stop the propulsion of these thoughts.  Who are these sisters and what of this virus that warms my body with anger?  My eyes linger on the walls and the blackness of what now seems to be shadows.  Am I going mad again?  They form into a head then a body.  It's crouched down into a small
    :thumb337213863:    You..You..
Saqlain Mallick
Every day I weak up
And start my daily chart,
I fell it's going away from me
I see it fall apart.
I do those things I never Loved to
I throw stone in bee hive,
I screw up things that I wanted to solve
Cause it just not in my life.
When I get on a bus
and the bus engine start,
I lose some touch with me
I lose touch with my heart.
When I see man are crazy
They don't Even Say Good Bye,
I blame me and I slap my head
And say why I just don't die.
Whenever I look at the birds
and the blue sky,
It come to me and give me space
Let my heart also fly.
When I hear the sound of wind
I see the tree and sun,
They make me feel so good
And I also have fun.
When I see green grass on gray field
It makes me happy it makes me filled,
It gives me pleasure it gives me joy
When I see a girl playing with her toy.
They all are little things
And tiny in my view,
The whole thing comes to me
When I talk to you.
    What does anything mean, anyway.What did it mean?
A time machine would wipe it clean,
my cliche dream
this slate of me
the demon seed
(that's all I need) be or not to be.
I choose to see
Not sit glued to the TV
mentally screaming "create me!"
It's a damned lemming machine
spitting out pre-fab humans for free.
No need to buy your mind, just see
I'm the only one calling it feed.
Got your eyes on their trough
better eat.
What's that in my brain, a flea?
From the TV
Damn, it's sucking away the clean
leaving dirt and disease
and a pseudo replica of me
sittin' in the corner eating cheese.
The lying bastard, please,
maybe I should bury this thing.
Wow, died twice in this dream
didn't even hear me scream.
Am I talking to you or me?
The womb of my head holds the key.
to have within me a queen.
Nobody thought of this scene.
I wonder what that means.

my lilith by weblednomore

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Time to work some magic.

Heck yeah!!! XD
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Just click the Odyssey Project tab at the top. It takes you right to it.
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