Jurassic World: Recapture The Raptor
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Published: November 28, 2014
Jurassic World Ends by Art-Light-Magic

Excuse me, are there going to be any dinosaurs on your dinosaur tour?”

— Dr. Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) in Jurassic Park

Having birthed the summer blockbuster phenomenon with Jaws in 1975, Steven Spielberg delivered the last of his true summer blockbusters, Jurassic Park, almost 20 years later in the summer of 1993. Based on a Michael Crichton novel’s killer premise (that supplied just enough real science to fully suspend our disbelief) and with all of that magical Spielberg Saturday Matinee DNA intact (encased in amber, actually), Steven thrilled us all one last time with an action adventure tour de force that would end up not only breaking attendance records globally but would, more significantly, inspire an entire new generation of up and coming filmmakers to embrace CGI as a truly legitimate storytelling tool. It’s not that Steven Spielberg stopped making films of course, it’s just that he has been making serious films for adults for the most part and has never fully embraced the high concept summer thrill ride ever again. Peter Pan gives way to Peter Banning. Everyone has to grow up.

The second and third installments of the Jurassic Park adventure never really got the formula quite right and Universal has wisely given the dinosaurs a rest for quite a while. But we now have our first look at a brand new starting point for the Jurassic Park franchise.

Just a few seconds of being back in the control room on Isla Nublar with a very worried Chris Pratt seems to have struck a chord with audiences. There’s an immediate sense that all of the lawyer-eating first kill magic is back again. It’s way too early to tell, and maybe we have to embrace a little of Dr. Ian Malcolm‘s chaos theory here, but Jurassic World might just have all of the right elements to bring our most hopeful dinosaur dreams back to life.

Summer is over this time around, but let’s all grab the last of the ice cream before it melts (and maybe put some in the hot chocolate?) and re-watch the original “Jurassic” this weekend. John Hammond would want it that way.

Your Thoughts

  1. If you were to decide on the Dinosaur DNA mash up in Jurassic World what would your Dinosaur creation mash up look like?
  2. Do you want the dinosaurs to be more realistic and have feathers?
  3. Please post your favorite dinosaur deviation in the comments.

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If Steven Spielberg reads these posts, I'd say, "Give us more thrills, chills and spills". Jurassic Park was released in 1993, it's 2016, now. It's been 23-years since Mr. Spielberg had a bona-fide blockbuster. We want to be entertained again.
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1. would never mash up dinosaurs. they are awesome enough the way they are/were.
2. i like they idea of some feathery dinos, but i think that pterosauria had fur and the rest of the dinos had just a very thick skin or something...
3. how could i? there are so many T.T
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Dino I'd create? I mix T-Rex + Raptor + Stegosaurus + Crocodile + a little bit of spider DNA to make a Godzillasaurus.
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KovoWolfProfessional Digital Artist
Can I just say..... Best.Article.Ever.

  1. If you were to decide on the Dinosaur DNA mash up in Jurassic World what would your Dinosaur creation mash up look like?
    Allosaurus with a Utaraptor ostrommayasorum!     

  2. Do you want the dinosaurs to be more realistic and have feathers?
    Yes!  Velociraptors where a bipedal, feathered carnivores and they did have feathers.

  3. Please post your favorite dinosaur deviation in the comments.
    turkey-rex XD by nebezial The Velociraptor Hunting Dance by EWilloughby

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TraheripteryxHobbyist General Artist
About 3. : I'm a big fan of the works by Cheung Chung Tat, Joschua Knüppe, John Conway, Matthew Martyniuk and Mark Witton.
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TraheripteryxHobbyist General Artist
1. I would make it look like this: traheripteryx.deviantart.com/a…

2. Absolutely, but thats not the biggest problem about Jurassic World. In fact, the whole film will be full of plagiarized works by independant artists: dinogoss.blogspot.de/2014/11/i…, www.jplegacy.org/board/showthr…
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That's gonna be big and exciting! :D (Big Grin) 
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-excerpt from level 1 intro of the lost world: chaos island-
Eddie: that's me, that's you I'm, the one waving my arms.  With the help from this little number well be able to communicate with each other, tap into the internet, and hopefully get off this island...
Nick:hey that's custom, I can even play back any video footage I've shot!
Ian:well I'm thrilled now can we set up a base camp and find Sarah? -a parasurolohous roams nearby- wow!  I really though there wouldn't be no dinosaurs left here...Life Will Find a Way
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IronBrony1981Professional Digital Artist
Dinosaurs are quite awesome!:icongrin--plz:
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It's an honor getting that old group shot of mines in the same place with such amazing works of paleo-art!

That said... the JP dinos are one of the embodiment of my childood, and I love them. But feathered dinosaurs are amazing as well, and while maybe a Jurassic Park sequel wouldn't be a good place where spotlight them, I would look forward to any movie with them!

As for a genetic mashup, either something pterosaur-related (not a dinosaur I know, obviously, but still...) or some armored dinosaur pumped-up to the extreme (think of Armadon from Primal Rage, or of the mutated Ankylosaur boss in Dino Crisis 3).

Favorite dino-fanart... eh, too hard to pick just ONE xD
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1: No Comment
2: let's keep it in the style of the past movies and games and MAYBE just a LITTLE bit of current realism integrated into the design
3: the raptors of course!
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Badtothebone28Student Interface Designer
1: Lets see.. maybe a Scutosaurus(8ft) and a Proceratosaurs(16ft) or a Pterodaustro(4ft) and an Alioramus(20ft)
or probably a Shonisaurus(49ft) and an Armored dinosaur maybe a Nodosaurus(18ft)
2: Yes!!! You know how Bad-Ass they'll look!!!!!
3: Dilophosaurus, Deinosuchus, Allosaurus and Lesothosaurus or Scutellosaurus
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SerganeHobbyist Writer
1/ Not a fan of the DNA mash up idea. If I had to do it, I would probably go with pachycephalosaurus, for the big headbutt, and the tricératops, for the horns, and the T-Rex, for the jaws, and finally something with large hands to top it all up, like therizinosaurus.
2/I don't know, some feathers are ok, it's not when they look like big chickens, even if it's more realistic... 
3/ Spinosaurus aegeptycus ! So scary, and he eats fish, and I eat fish too ! So much in common ^^
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ohhh cleavar girl
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oh and rex and teridacle my as well make a dragon             or raptor tryceritops  hunting plants in packs
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the dinasours skin was the way they were in the movies cause they spliced the dinosousrs dna with frog dna as stated in the vid before they see the raptor hatch   making every dinasour hybrids not sure if anyopne else has mentioned havent read all the posts but that statement about the 1st hybyd is the only thing tha urks me about the new movie however still gonna love it hope yall will too
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Forgive me for I may geek out a bit.

1:I Think I would mash up several and take the best features and abilities of each dinosaur, t-rex (jaws, sight, smell) , troodon (brain power, speed), ankylosaurus (armor), Spinosaures (Its recently discovered aquatic characteristics) some kind of prehistoric bird (flight), basically try to make the perfect predator. Probably a bad idea though in to make it first place.

2: I would prefer them to be more realistic.

3: I haveto  go with Brothers In Blood, its very realistic and well done paleoart. 
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TraheripteryxHobbyist General Artist
You've just made a more ultimate Ultimasaurus! ;)
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SeraphimWolf49Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ooooh boy. OOOOOOOOH BOI!!!
Can I just say finally? Were those raptors running WITH that bike? Not hunting it, but hunting WITH it? Velociraptor dino-security??
1. I have to agree with an earlier comment; Troodon with just about any other carnivore, particularly a nice, mid-sized one like Utahraptor. The idea of a raptor with the Troodon's theoretical intelligence is downright bone-chilling.
2. I wouldn't mind it, but they do have to keep continuity with the other films, other than just scientific reality. Feathers be awesome, but not nessecary. While we're on realism though, if they DARE call that Leopleaurodon or whatever it is a dinosaur, instead of a marine reptile, I may desert the following. Same goes for any serious comments about the 100% fake brontosaurus.
3. Gee, I don't have a fave dino deviation. I do have fave dinos~
Diplodocus and Heterodontosaurus

Who else can't wait until June 12th?
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1 the D-rex is ok with me, is an interesting and powerful mix

2 I would like to see more realistic dinos  in JP or other media, but i'ts ok, I like all desings and looks

3 too many XD, but here's an awesome gallery atrox1.deviantart.com/gallery/…
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Peaceblossom262Hobbyist General Artist
I am SO excited for this movie, it looks amazing so far and I can't wait to see it. I'm so glad most of the old gang are coming back. And I love the idea of a Raptor "Gang", haha. They were super smart after all.t. The trailer that started with the Grandfathers funeral made me cry. I love the original movie and know they'll try their best to make the fourth one just as good. The updated theme is really cool. Go Steven Spielberg! I'll be at the theater with my JP tee on of course.
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CrynosurStudent Digital Artist
Dinosaurs... 'squeal with excitment'
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1.Never gave much thought on this one..I think a Dracorex Hopgwartsia splice with a Utahraptor would be cool.Just imagine a Dromaeosaur with horns like a Dragon!

2.Feathers are unnecessaryNo, I disagree! ,Paleontologist don't all agree on the matter as it is.Besides they have unearthed Dinosaurs with hard\rough indention(Indentation)of scales;so we do know for fact that(at the very least some) Dinosaurs did indeed have "Saurian scales".Also Dinosaurs being or belonging to  ornithomimids (ornithomimosaurs)
 alvarezsaurids (a sister group)etc and possibly Dromaeosaurids possesed fathers or downy proto-feathers,other Dinosaurs likely lacked feathers..Can you imagine an Ankylosaurs,Stegosaurus or a Amargasaurus with feathers? I should say absolutely not.

3.Please don't make me chose only one! :squee: This is a really difficult choice,my top favorites are:
Dracorex Hogwartsia
 but my top two favorite are,Daspletosaurus and Acrocanthosaurus.
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PristichampsusProfessional General Artist
Dromaeosaurs, Alveresaurids, Ornithomimids, Therizinosaurs, Tyrannosauroidea, Small Ornithopods and Heterodontosaurs, Psittacosaurus, Oviraptorosaurs, Troodontids, all of these groups have members that have been discovered with feathers or feather-related filaments. Doesn't really sound at all like "don't all agree on the matter as it is" which you said. Most large dinosaur skin impressions consist of scales or bare skin, but almost all impressions from small dinosaurs contain some feathers or filaments.

Large dinosaurs had scales, but they are preserved as relief impressions only, whereas feathers are preserved as a remnant of carbon, so there is no definitive proof that big dinosaurs lacked feathers, only that they HAD scales. Chickens can grow leg feathers between their foot scales, so perhaps larger dinosaurs had fine, bristle-like feathers growing between scales, like the bristles of a pig, we just don't know.

I thought I had replied to this comment before, but I dunno. If you deleted my reply, please don't do that again.
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