Je Suis Charlie Hebdo

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Je suis Charlie by Kyovan

In Paris, France, 13 people were murdered, and among them 5 cartoon artists.

Murdered for being artists and journalists of a humor and satirical newspaper, “Charlie Hebdo.”  The newspaper was under police protection and at least one of the police guards, unarmed, was killed as he begged for mercy lying in the street.

We are at a loss for words. The five artists, Charb, Cabu, Wolinski, Tignous and Honoré, included the editor in chief of the newspaper, Stephane Charbonnier, who uses the signature “Charb” on his drawings. They took on a wide range of issues, social, cultural and political and it seems these murders occurred as a response to their satirical approach to religious extremist. They are now dead for being artists.

“Morts pour la Liberté”

The right to swing your fist ends at the tip of my nose. The general agreement to abide by this basic principle is what makes civilized life possible — even if we break the rule. There can be no support in any culture for the notion that the drawing of a cartoon, no matter how offensive, should result in providing the basis for an execution. The lack of justification goes well beyond political or religious arguments.  These murderers killed others just because they were “there” in front of their weapons. There is no moral stand to be found in this.  It is supremely depressing.

In this community we are especially aware of the support and love artists need and deserve. These murders offend on every possible level the mission and kinship of this community. Here within the DeviantArt staff we are in shock and dented. Our hearts go out to the friends, acquaintances and relatives of the dead; our solidarity is with the people of France, all free and open societies worldwide and all those in any culture who work to reflect it and shine light on its wonders and its defects.

Artists cannot stop being artists. Artist will not stop at being artists. Murder can only stop a body in action and can never silence the art it made.

Many of us express ourselves visually. If this is your way of dealing with this tragedy, please use #charliehebdo / #jesuischarlie so we can all share in our thoughts.

Artwork by yuumei

Here is more from Buzzfeed on the Cartoonists, Writers and Editors killed in the attack today.

Your Thoughts

  1. These four cartoon artists were totally dedicated to using art for social commentary if not to force social change. Can we gain inspiration and a new commitment to the arts out of this deeply tragic event?
  2. Do you believe in the power of the arts to catapult forward the expressions of support coming from around the world?
  3. Do you believe in free, open expression at any cost?

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I, for ome, have had all I can take, of bearded men in turbans. 
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Maybe I already commented here, BUT I am NOT going to wade through 2573 or so comments to find out. 

The cartoonists were WARNED, but chose to disregard such.
Looking at the "art" of the martyred cartoonists , I conclude that the art was crude and often obscene.Even a mainstream reader would be repulsed, let alone a Moslem whose religion was being jeered at.

Apparently in France, puritan standards do not hold like they do here. Lately we had almost daily mass shootings. Have we crossed a tipping point due to uncontrolled population growth. ?  
1. Yes.
2. Yes.
3. Yes.
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To all three, yes.
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1. Yes 
2. Yes, again!
3. Yes
Amazing :')
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1. Yes. Some of our greatest works of art are inspired by great tragedies.
2. Of course!
3. Absolutely! Freedom of expression is a basic human right.

"I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death for your right to say it." -Voltaire
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1. Yes. I think humanity shines brightest when it uses tragedy to bring about positive change. [like when the Titanic sunk.. What happened was TERRIBLE, but at the very least, it led to much-needed changes in the laws of maritime safety at the time..]

2. Yes. And I also think that the more you believe in whatever you're trying to illustrate, the more powerful the message behind it will be. 

3. Yes.
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You said it best: "The right to swing your fist ends at the tip of my nose." Figure out what that means for the other party as well. You stir up shit, you should be conscious of the risk of getting flies in your eyes. 
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I made some stamps, partially inspired by this event...

There's Nothing Wrong With Apostasy or Blasphemy. by TheArtFrog  Free Speech and Criticism of Religion by TheArtFrog  Religious belief doesn't equal morality (Stamp) by TheArtFrog
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Thank you for those.
MadKingFroggy's avatar
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The funeral procession was slightly modified from The Funeral of Superman, a major storyline . I have since walked away from DC due to all the history reboots they are doing, as well as defaming, corrupting and messing up characters

Ditto for Marvel.

Ditto for Sonic.
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 I won't miss that bearded man with the turban. Also some of those cartoons were obscene, and I wish France would adopt our moral and taste standards in their cartoons.
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So what? South Park's obscene. Family Guy's obscene.
Many cartoons, whether paper or animated, are obscene.

Does that mean that the authors, artists or creators shouldn't be allowed to make them? Of course not! They can make what they want.

Just because someone makes cartoons that offend you, it doesn't give you justification to kill them.
Sorry, AAM0319, but why assuming they're both stupid ? ?

It's not like we have two foolish kids who can't seem to get along... Terrorists don't act like silly kids, they are totally mad, sadistic, fool of anger, refusing other people to speak... Why putting those humorist (and humanist) journalists and talented caricaturists on the same level ? !

"Charlie"'s not a bloody psychopath ! "Charlie" just used the lirty we had in France since maybye 1905 (and secularism) by drawing the representation of a dead man who symbolises his religion, in order to react to actuallity.

Do you really consider "Charlie" stupid ? Are you really familiar with his work, his ideas, his principles, what his paper express ? ! ?

There was a time in europe when we could'nt say anything and catholic people would feel offended about nothing. We evolved. French (or other) muslims should'nt feel offended so easely. And feeling is not always being !

There are some countries where there is no particular interdiction to represent mahomet. In a free country, bla sphemy (or not) only concerns oneself and once conscious. The laws and the culture of a country applies and gouverns. In a place like France, islam (as the bible or any personnal belief) has no law to impose. Not a single one. And that's not because we don't obey some of them that we don't respect muslims. But we won't.
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To anyone who plan to attack the journal concerning their "racist" pictures, I suggest you to read this article:…
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Neden Charlie Hebdo şeyi savunmak devam ???? Charlie böyle bir kaybeden ne onun için geldi hak !! O diğer dinlerden alay ve onun hakkında üzgün ölü olmak hissediyorum ??? O Charlie Hebdo, fuck JE SEIUS CHARLIE karşı, bütün kemikleri kırık olsun da iam sadece yandı değil, yanarak ama edilmelidir

why you keep defending the charlie hebdo thing???? , charlie deserve what has come for him he is such a loser!! , he mock from other religions and you feel sorry about him to be dead??? , he should be burned to death , not only burned but also get all his bones broken , iam against charlie hebdo , FUCK JE SEIUS CHARLIE
cyborgothnoodle's avatar
Why do we keep defending them?
Well if you're ready to burn someone because they draw a shit on your face, you've got some serious issues.
Because that was as far as Charlie's mockery would go.

Oh and second thing: Charlie isn't a person.
It was the name of a satical journal.

Each cartoon of them is also tied to a specific social context and must not be taken appart
from it. I highly encourage you to read this post:…

I really hope you find love and acceptance in your life because someone must have done something really wrong for you to even consider that much of violence.
AmericanGirl211's avatar
i must be the one who asking you that , defending on him while he clearly insulted group of people because they follow their religion , thats not great at all , if someone insulted the path you're going on you will feel miserable , that's why people respect other people religions. if you saw how cruely this drawings he draw you will understand , i bet you didn't seen it yet .
and who wrote that journal , is a person , not a computer , thats why i send this haterd message to him because people defending on him while he clearly insulting muslims.
iam good hun , i never happened to me experience the rape or harass or bullying etc , so no am fine thank you Nod

(exuse my english am turkish and using google translate)

Birisi mutsuz hissedersiniz size gidiyoruz yolu hakaret eğer onlar dinlerini izleyin çünkü açıkça insan grubunu hakaret ederken, büyük değil tüm şu ona savunan, sana o soran biri olmalıdır, bu yüzden insanlar var diğer insanların dinlere saygı. Eğer bu o anlayacaksınız çizmek çizimleri nasıl cruely gördüm, ben henüz görmedim vermedi bahse girerim.
o açıkça Müslümanları hakaret ederken insanlar ona savunmak çünkü ben ona bu haterd mesajı göndermek ve neden dergi, bir kişi değil, bir bilgisayar olduğunu kimin yazdığını, bu.
nod: iam iyi hun, ben, bu yüzden hayır teşekkür ederim iyiyim tecavüz tecrübe veya taciz veya zorbalık vb başıma asla:

(Türkçe benim İngilizce am exuse ve google translate kullanarak)
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If someone insult my path, I won't listen because they haven't lived the life I lived.
So why bother?

I understand that drawing the prophet is forbidden, but why even watch the cartoon then?
As an example, if you see a drawing of a cow and there is "cat" written under it,
will you believe it? I won't.
Then why accepting those pictures as pictures of your prophet?
Simple drawings shouldn't make you doubt your faith! Even more if they are drawn by non-muslims.

Also are you french or do you know a french person? Because it's part of their culture
and they might be in a better position to evaluate if it was offensive or not...
Also religion isn't violence... So writting: "he should be burned to death , not only burned but also get all his bones broken"
if you just have seen (and not read) Charlie Hebdo is as much insulting because they were a journal, not a simple
collection of drawings.

You're giving a bad image to the muslims by saying this.
There was a muslim responsible in france who spoken about the event and he said:
"Maybe those were insulting drawings but reacting in violence isn't the solution,
it should have been drawing against drawing, not drawings against guns."

When people said: "Je suis Charlie" it mean:
"I am freedom of speech"
it doesn't mean people validate the journal's drawings but it mean "I have the right to say I don't agree/agree with something"
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